Thursday, January 8, 2009

Obama Came From This Environment

Chicago cannot get out of the news. Everyday there is something else coming out of the Windy City shows the corruption. As if the Senate seat fiasco was not enough, it now is shown that the school system spent $67,000 on cappuchino machines. So much for educators always screaming for more books and chalk. It appears that coffee is a requirement for teaching our children. (read article here)

What is most absurd about this is that the machines were never used. The money spent on them went totally to waste. Someone evidently cut a sweetheart deal somewhere along the line. I would surmise there was some form of kickback to the decision maker from the salesperson or company that got the contract. I mean, when you compare this to the "selling" a Senate seat, a small kickback would not raise an eyebrow.

The point is that the present President-elect is from this corrupt environment. To believe that he somehow managed to navigate his way through this mess while maintaining his integrity is a bit hard to swallow. This idea is compounded when you consider that Obama not only navigated but, also, excelled in this environment. He knows where "all the dead bodies are".

It is scary to consider that he now has access to trillions of dollars. We all know that Chicago has the reputation of corruption only matched by Louisiana. And, Obama has a number of Chicago personnel in his administration (can anyone say Rohm Emanual). It is my guess that we will not have to wait to long to see how corrupt this administration is. These yoyos will make the Bush administration look transparent.

Remember the time is nearing when this all will come to a head. Get prepared.

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