Sunday, January 11, 2009

We Are Entering An Ice Age

Are you kidding me? How can this be when the "consensus" is that we are going to be destroyed by global warming? The answer is that obviously the consensus might be lacking a few people. Of course, this means that there is no consensus but that is another dispute.

Plainly, we are being lied to. Those in power are using fear to promote their agenda to eliminate our present way of life while implementing costly solutions where there is no problem. Following this idea is costing us billions, if not trillions.

Researchers are concluding that we are seeing signs that the world is entering a cooling period. Over the last few weeks, I wrote about some of this research. Now, we are seeing claims that we are closing in on another Ice Age. Here is an article that appears in Pravda showing how the climate is involved in a trend that lasts thousands of years.

The problem with the alarmists claims is that they like to take 10 or 20 year spans. When dealing with the Earth, we need to look at things in intervals of 10,000 years or more. This idea that man is causing the warming of the planet is becoming more ridiculous by the day. Each day we see another record low set somewhere in the world. As I write this, parts of Alaska is dealing with -75 degrees. Does this sound like a product of global warming? (I am going to ignore the absurd and illogical claim that record low temperatures are a result of global warming)

We saw the extinction of the dinosaurs during the last Ice Age. Since that time, the planet got warmer. There were fluctuations up and down over different intervals. Nevertheless, the planet is warmer than it was 200,000 years ago. In addition, we are told there is another ice age coming. This means that there will be a time when the planet gets remarkably colder. Hopefully, for those of us here, it won't be for thousands of years.

The bottom line is that another "mini-ice age" similar to what was experienced a couple hundred years ago is very likely. We are now seeing temperatures that date back to the late 1800s. Give this another couple of years, and it is highly possible that we will feel effects similar to the 1700s in terms of the temperature. Remember this the next time one of the political leaders warns of the dangers of global warming. Now, you will know for a fact they are lying through their teeth.

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1 comment:

Danny said...

Ok I lost interest when the author wrote that the dinosaurs died in the last iceage, First we are unclear as to why they died off, second there have been at least ice ages the last big one humans were arround and the dinos were long gone.