Monday, January 12, 2009

Legal Corruption

Can anyone explain to me why Bernard Madoff is not in jail? Instead, he is living in his penthouse apartment while awaiting trial for the bilking of billions of dollars from investors. In what is the largest Ponzi scheme in U.S. history (next to the Social Security scam), Madoff is personally responsible for the ripping off of almost $50 billion. And, as I write this he is a free man.

To make matters worse, he is mailing millions of dollars worth of jewelry to friends and family. This is in direct opposition to a court order forbidding him from unloading his assets. Today, a judged allowed him to remain free. Instead, he requested an accounting of all his assets and assigned a security detail to periodically check that the objects are in Madoff's possession. (Read article here) This is absurd.

Let me ask you this: do you think that you or I would receive the same treatment. Of course not. In fact, you look at other high profile criminals to see they werent treated the same way. OJ Simpson sat in jail for over a year until he was let off the hook. Fortunately for society in general, karma came back to roost with him. The fact that Madoff is being accused of a "white collar" crime should matter little. He is a corrupt man who destroyed a lot of people.

I have no idea what the track record of Judge Ronald Ellis is. He may be a terrific judge. However, I question his decision on this one. Bernard Madoff harmed a lot of families while casting emotions which thus far is tied to 2 deaths. While he might not have pulled the trigger, he is responsible. And for that, he deserves to await trial from within the confines of a cell.

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