Tuesday, January 6, 2009

How is this so Al Gore?

Where is Al Gore to answer this for us? He is the self-appointed global warming expert and now it seems one of the foundations for that argument is fanishing. The alarmists like to point to the disappearing sea ice as proof that global warming is occurring. Oops. Evidently, nature did not follow the argument deciding to increase the sea ice this year. In fact, it is now at the same level it was in 1979.

This all leads me to believe that we are once again being lied to by those in power. Al Gore, ex of the Senate and the Clinton administration, excelled as a politician. Therefore, he is a professional liar. To compound the issue, my research tells me that he pocketed at least $100 million off this hoax. Obviously, he has incentive to keep it going.

Satellite studies show that the recent expansion during the last quarter of 2008 in the sea ice left it at a comparable level to the end of 1979. (read here for full article). According to the story, sea ice is a better indicator of the warming/cooling trend than the anchored ice sheets since it is transient, thus responds faster to change. Therefore, since the ice grew, this reflects a cooling. That is contrary to Al Gore and his cronies.

Of course, we will hear them proclaim that this is all part of it. Over the last few weeks, I really have studied all I could about this issue. While not being a scientist, I read the works of more than I can recall. At first glance there looks like equally qualified people on both sides of the issues. This statement is in direct contrast to those who support global warming. They claim there is "consensus" among all scientists. Common sense dictates this is a false claim since it is impossible to get more than 5 people to agree what type of coffee pot to buy. Consensus does not exist.

So, why are we being lied to? One word: MONEY. Global warming research is a profitable business. Trillions of dollars were spent on research, funding, and other activities to promote this concept. Sadly, from what I can tell, the science does not back up the hypothesis. Man has nothing to do with global warming.

Getting back to the article, I do find the last line interesting:

In May, concerns over disappearing sea ice led the U.S. to officially list the polar bear a threatened species, over objections from experts who claimed the animal's numbers were increasing.

Here is another example where the government leaders decided to take the will into their hands over the wishes of the experts. I wonder who the people would believe: corrupt politicians or experts on polar bears. Certainly the Senators from Georgia and Florida know what is happening with the polar bear population. Perhaps it is time to delist the polar bears since the sea ice is expanding. Their home is now safe.

What do you say Al Gore?

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