Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Another Corrupt Mayor

You have to love the balls on this guy. Like this article says, if times were better, it would be funny.

So the mayor of Indiana decided that he needed to ride around in a Hummer when the City of Gary is $34 million in the hole. This is the mentality of those who are in power. It is total corruption. Then, when you account for his reasoning (he saved $5,000), it makes you wonder if this guy is fit to be in office. To me, this should be treated as a crime and this low life ought to be tossed in jail.

We are now seeing this all across the country. Political corruption is nothing new. Neither is the concept that politicians act like the taxpayer money is their own. However, with times getting more difficult, and local municipalities running in the red, incidents such as these are more appalling.

Last week I wrote about the mayor of Baltimore and her alleged corruption. (Read article here) Everywhere we turn, we are seeing the same thing. The taxpayer are being screwed. Either there is outright fraud or total incompetence, both resulting in the loss for the taxpayer. Chalk this one up as another step moving us towards the revolution.

By the way, did you notice how one of the banks that was involved in the bailout, Citigroup, is in more trouble. Perhaps throwing money at a problem without changing the fundamentals of that business is not the best approach.

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