Saturday, January 17, 2009

Scooters-Bad for the environment

Environmentalists love to tout how awful the SUVs are while offering alternative modes of transportation. However, this article tells us that "scooters" are not the environmentally benefit. At least, this is according to the EPA.

Well, do not get too upset with the "tree huggers". They mean well. Fortunately for us, carbon emissions have nothing to do with climate change so all those zipping around on scooters are not actually harming us. Yet, they are quick to point out that the drivers of SUVs are killing the planet. Actually, the scooters are 8 times worse per mile than the big, gas guzzling SUV.

The fact that scooters aren't as efficient as everyone thinks is not the important factor. What is crucial is to see how little people know about what they are passionate about. The environmental movement is a committed group. And, it is large. However, few actually know what they are talking about when it comes to the facts. They take what the media proposes to them at face value. This is how the "brainwashing" process is done.

Since scooters are actually worse for the environment than an SUV, what other lies are we told by those who are constantly telling us we need to protect the environment. Perhaps the little tidbit about global warming is a total myth also. Considering that the United States is in the middle of a horrific cold spell, it seems there might be some validity for the argument of global cooling. Don't worry, if it gets too bad, all the scooter riders will warm us up with their excessive carbon emissions.

The fact is that the media lies to us on a consistent basis. Everyone is promoting an agenda and it is the general public who is screwed in the process. We cannot trust our political leaders to act in our best interest. At the same time, everything we hear on the "news" is skewed to a particular viewpoint. This man-made climate change crap is a prime example.

Therefore, take the extra time to look into an issue. Note that it is rarely what is being presented. Those with an agenda bank on the fact that most people take things at face value. Look at the coverage of the recent election. Most of what is spewed during an event like that is total garbage. The media was playing an angle and it worked. America now has a leader it knows nothing about.

Now, let us all get on our scooters and warm this place up.

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