Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Politics As Usual

For all the promises of change, we see it is business as usual for the nation's government. 

Obama promised more bi-partisanship.  Unfortunately, according to the vote on the "stimulus" package, there is more partisanship then ever before.  Obama got his spending bill through the House of Representatives by a vote of 244-188.  That is the good news.  The bad is that not a single Republican voted for it.  Not one.  So much for change.

Forgive me if I dwell in my own knowledge but how many times did I mention that this was coming.  There is no change in Washington because those in power are partisans who care little about the average person.  Each of them has an agenda which they are busy pushing through.  At present, we are seeing all liberal ideas passing since it is the Democrats in control.  If it was the other way around, we would see the Republicans putting up "abstinance" education as a stimulus. In the end, it is all bogus.

Obama will get his package.  He has such a majority that anything he desires is his.  And, with the scare job the media put on the public, we are looking at them agreeing with anything.  However, in the end, we need to remember that it was the government's intervention that created this mess.  If you think this stimulus is going to do anything productive, think again. You don't spend your way our of a dire financial situation.

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