Friday, January 30, 2009

Is this any surprise?

After this week, does anyone really think that Obama has any clue how to fix this economy? He is proving himself to be nothing more than a political operative for the far left lobbyists. If there is a liberal agenda out there, Obama will promote it. Welcome to the age of socialism.

Obama talked about bipartisan decisions. He also campaigned as a centralist. However, it is turning out to be that he truly is a far left zealot. Now, we are seeing how he believes the economy should be run: by the government. The free market system is the enemy in his opinion.

The unions are loving what they are hearing. Sadly, this will be another nail in the productivity of American enterprise. The unions are the very entity which destroys the foundation which built many worldwide powerhouses. They stifle growth and creativity in the name of equality.

It turns out Obama was pandering to the unions. In a speech, he says that he believes the cardcheck bill is a good one. This will increase the strength of unions substantially. They will be able to organize with just 50% of the vote. In addition, ballots no longer are going to be secret. Welcome to the return of the days when people are cornered by three thugs and told how to vote. It seems we already went down this road.

This article provides a wonderful summary of what Obama is promoting.

As this article so aptly points out, I guess President Obama is clueless about how the auto manufacturers got into this situation they are in.  Does bad labor contracts ring a bell?  Is there anyone out there who remembers that GM is being killed by legacy costs fulfilling terms of the contract to members who are no longer working?  Can anyone tell me the three industries which have the most unionized personnel?  Government. Auto manufacturers. Airlines.  While we are at it, which of those three are doing well?  The answer: NONE.

Unions had their place in this country.  They were necessary at the start of the last century since workers were being abused by employers.  Conditions were unsafe in addition to people having to work long hours without breaks.  Child labor was also a problem.  However, over the last 100 years, many of these problems were solved by governmental law.  Child labor is now illegal. There are laws passed limiting that number of hours a week anyone can work.  Thus, the benefits the unions provided is already taken care of by law.

So what do the unions provide?  In my opinion, nothing.  Everywhere I look where unions are involved seems to be wrought with incompetence and laziness.  People are overpaid while companies are being strangled.  The idea of sameness is the antithesis of competition.  We became the world leader through this one concept.  Yet, Obama and his contemporaries seem against this system. 

Welcome to anarchy 2009.

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