Monday, January 12, 2009

Where are all the Jews?

I will start be telling you all I am not Jewish so I do not have a "dog" in this fight. However, I find it troubling that so few people are speaking up on behalf of Israel. There is a great deal of support for Hamas within the United States. We see protests against Israel occurring on a weekly basis.

Here in Florida, there was a large rally down in Ft. Lauderdale saw the fervor that those people have for Israel. This weekend, in my hometown, I passed about 400 people at a busy intersection supporting Israel. While this was heartening to see, what confused me is how few Jews were in the crowd.

This brings me to the main question: where are all the Jews? Why arent they standing up for Israel in this country? It is easily recognized by anyone but the most extreme ideologue that Hamas bombed Israel for a year before they retaliated. Why arent the Jews in power screaming for our nation to back Israel?

Perhaps it is because they refuse to recognize their Jewish heritage. Food for thought.

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