Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Where is Barney Frank Now?

Barney Frank was the self-appointed member of Congress in charge of avoiding deficits. At least that was the appearance when a Republican was in the White House. Now, with his party in control of everything and in the process of setting record deficits, he is as quite as a church mouse. I wonder if this were the case if McCain had won the election. Somehow I highly doubt it.

Obama and his fellow political thieves (called Congress) are going to run trillion dollar deficits. It is bad enough that this will happen in the first year. Nevertheless, Obama is already paving the way for us to get accustomed to many years of them. Here is an article that describes the President-elects view.

This is ridiculous. The government was the creator of this mess. Name any aspect of it and you will find the government somewhere closely tied to it. Subprime mortgages. It was Congress that started that elephant with the idea that everyone should own a home thus legislating that banks lend to unworthy applicants. The housing boom and eventual bust. Again, the government failed to oversee the practices of the banks and other lending institutions. How about the failure to navigate the economy at a pace that would not create a collapse. Opps. The government again; this time in the form of Alan Greenspan and his mismodeling of the economy.

Shall I continue. Fannie and Freddie? Barney Frank sleeping with the head of that company while it was going bust. The automobile industry? Congress imposed tougher fuel standards for a non-existent global warming problem which created cars nobody wanted. Fraud on Wall Street? Chris Cox and the SEC were asleep at the wheel.

And now we are suppose to believe that the government is going to solve these problems? Somehow I doubt that also. We have a better chance of Barney Frank being quite with a Republican spending money. The leaders in Washington are completely corrupt in addition to being incompetant. Just take the situation with Obama's seat. Harry Reid believes it is the Senate who decides who gets in. He ought to be shot in the right knee for thinking such a thing. What the hell is this, Imperail Russia? A person who was elected/nominated in accordance to his/her states' requirements is qualified to serve. It is the individual state who decides it representation, not Harry Reid.

Once again, those in power prove themselves to be incompetant boobs. Hell, this group of misfits cannot even get their members together without screwing up. And we are suppose to trust them to fix the economy. Yeah right.

The revolution is dedicated to moving us closer to a time when power will be restored to the people. I believe we are moving quickly in that direction. The present United States government is going to implode in the future. Of course, isn't that how every great civilization was taken down? We are just repeating history. I for one cannot wait until the day that the proverbial "crap hits the fan".

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