Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Wacky World of the Senate

Let me see if I got all this correct. The Senator from Illinois who was legally chosen by the sitting governor of that state is being refused seating by Harry Reid and his cronies. At the same time, Minnesota finally chose a Senator, two months after the election took place. Caroline Kennedy, one with no experience whatsoever if the front runner for Hillary's seat. And, going almost unnoticed is the fact that Joe Biden was sworn in today as Senator, a seat he will resign to become VP. By the way, that seat will be filled by a placeholder until 2010 when his son can take over. Did I miss anything?

Am I the only one who sees something wrong with all this garbage? Minnesota is a prime example of how fraud and deceit are part of the election process (committed on both sides I am sure). Those in power feel a sense of entitlement which leads them to only take those actions which protect their power. As an incumbent, it is almost impossible to get unelected. Everything favors the person holding the position. This is how we have Senators who were first elected decades ago.

The only saving grace is that every screw up by these misfits brings us one step closer to the day where there will be an uprising. It is amazing the threshold that the American people have. However, when that line is crossed, it will not be pretty. Personally, I think we are getting closer to it by the day. The government and those in it are running amok. It is time that we do something. I believe this is the year where people will have to decide where they stand. If you are for the present screwing that you are getting, leave things in place. Yet, if you do not like to support that rest of the worthless pieces of garbage who call themselves citizens, then you will need to take a stand. Our country is going to hell very quickly and everything you are hearing is a bunch of lies.

Wake up America.

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