Thursday, January 1, 2009

Bailout It All Out

Where will it end? It seems the political morons that hold elected office feel that the government should bailout every industry. I am amazed how many industries are now to the point where we "cannot live with them". First, we needed to save the banks since the collapse of the banking system would mean economic ruin. Then, it was the automobile companies because the loss of millions of jobs would equal the same. Now, there are those who feel we need to salvage the newspaper industry since it is critical to our survival. (Read article here)

Are you kidding me? Personally, I cannot tell you the last time I read a newspaper yet I am able to survive day-to-day. It is no secret that newspaper circulation was dwindling over the last few decades. This is because of a little acknowledged factor call "competition". The delivery of the news changes substantially with the invention of the 24 hours news program and the Internet. Now, who needs to wait for the news to be printed, just log onto your favorite news website and it is all there.

The newspaper industry followed the model of the Big Three; they did not adapt to the times. Instead of surveying the landscape and altering how they operated, they stuck their head in the sand while progressing in the same direction. That decision would have proved fatal except for intervention by that socialist George W. Bush.

Capitalism is build upon the notion of "survival of the fittest". This is the basic premise behind everything that you see. If a company creates something people want, prices it properly, and markets it to their perspective customer base, they will excel. Failure to do this means ruin. It is simple. Yet the present day mindset is that the government needs to reward bad behavior. They want to remove the possibility of failure which creates the ultimate failure.

Getting bad to the newspapers, under no circumstances should they receive on penny. In addition to the reason just mentioned, there is a danger in having the government "own" the press. As was mentioned in the article, the neutrality will be removed if it is owned by the government. Government press is present in places like Cuba, Russia, and China. Those countries are not "by the people and for the people". They are communist regimes that use the media to brainwash it's citizens. Can you imagine what would happen if the President and Congress was able to decide what is printed in the newspapers? This would be a huge step towards the death of democracy as we know it.

I am urging you to write whomever your elected officials to tell them to stop the crap. If they feel that an industry needs to be bailed out, let them pay for it out of their pocket. The taxpayers of America do not need to do this. Personally, I could give a crap about a newspaper in Bristol, CT and I believe most of America would agree. To go one step further, I do not care about if my local paper goes out of business. These entities certainly are not paramount to the survival of our nation.

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