Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Socialists Are Already At It

What do you get when the present leader of France and Germany and the former leader of Britain together? A socialistic lovefest which would make Karl Marx proud. Today, Sarkozy, Merkel, and Blair all came out to say the United States should join them in the global fight against the economic crisis. (See story here).

These nitwits are proposing a "global set" of rules on how governments across the world interact with their different companies. This is absolutely absurd. Why would we listen to these fruitloops about anything regarding the global financial crisis? When did they become capitalistic experts?

Let me ask you this, what do France, Germany, and Britian all have in common? The answer: their economies were easily surpassed in less than 200 years by a new country even though they were around for thousands of years. We destroyed them economically and now we are suppose to listen to them to solve this crisis. Yeah right.

They reason that no single country can get out of this crisis alone. Wanna bet. The United States could instantly turn it's economy upward in less than 90 days. It is rather simple. We tell the rest of the world to kiss our American ass. Life in America would skyrocket overnight.

How would this work? Instantly, all oil we drill that goes to Japan is used within the states. That allows us to tell the mid-East shieks to screw off. The United States contributes 1/3 of the annual budget to the corrupt United Nations, most of which I am sure is absconded. That would save us hundreds of billions of dollars. At the same time, we stop feeding the rest of the world and keep all our grain and corn here. Over 1 billion people would most likely starve but we would eat well. Finally, all our military support for the nations of the European Union is withdrawn. Let France, Germany, and Britian operate without the veil of protection the United States provides. Someone will run through them like Hitler did in the 1940s. Again, we would save ourselved billions of dollars in wasted money supporting every foreign community where our bases are located.

What would we lose? To start, most of the crap in WalMart will no longer be available. Therefore, the American people would have to learn to live without plastic knick knacks which they do not need to begin with. Other than that, anything that we import could be made here. American manufacturing would blossom. Sorry, no more French wine; we drink only American.

We have a $2 trillion economy. Do not think for one second that we are dependent upon the other nations of the world for our survival. In reality, it is the other way around. There is no nation in Europe who was anywhere close to the power of the United States. To remedy that situation, they created the EU. This ended as a futile attempt to become a "player" against the United States. It failed miserably.

The United States is still the most powerful nation on the planet. We have more ability in this country financially, militarily, and economically than the rest of the world combined. When it comes to determining who is the world leader, there is no dispute. It is not even close. If you doubt this, just look at the current economic crisis. Our housing market caused our economy to tank and we take everyone else in the world down with us. We led them down this hole and it will be the United States that leads everyone out of it.

My message to the three headed monster: thanks but no thanks. We got this one covered.

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Skippy said...

You really have no concept on how our economy works, do you.

therevolution said...

Why dont you enlighten me "Skippy" with all your profound knowledge on this subject. How does our economy work in your pathetic eyes?

therevolution said...

Hmm seems Skippy came by to take a pot shot and left. Typical.