Thursday, January 1, 2009

Maybe We Need To Hang The Judges

As many of you are now aware, today the members of Congress received $4,000+ salary increase. The Congress is given automatic raises without even requiring a vote. That was instilled 20 years ago under "ethics" legislation (someone will have to explain that one to me). Now, it seems that judge's panties are in a ruffle at not receiving a similar increase.

(You will love reading this article)

The disputed increase is under the COLA program that raises federal employee's pay to keep pace with inflation. It seems that Justice Roberts is upset that the judges were overlooked in this matter. He is irked that Congress is allowing the pay of judges to "steadily erode". Is he serious? They make between $169,000-$218,000. And they are concerned about having their income eroded? Maybe they should take a look around at what the average person is experiencing.

Here is a prime example of how detached the people in power really are. A cost of living increase is a total bunch of garbage to start with. Why do these employees deserve more money when the price of things goes up? People in the private sector are not afforded the same benefit? In this economy, people are having to take pay cuts to survive. Yet, those in power feel they are entitled to more money.

As for the judge's argument that they deserve it by comparing themselves to professors or deans, that is also horsecrap. If you dont like it, go become a law professor somewhere. Nobody forced him to become Chief of the Supreme Court. Of course, he will talk about the "sacrifice" he made to be in public service. Let us really look at this: lifetime appointment with no way of being fired and retirement with full pay at 65 if serving 15 years on the bench. How is that a sacrifice?

The only thing I can say is that perhaps we need more rope.

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