Thursday, January 15, 2009

Tax Mistake

When is not paying your taxes a "mistake"? It is that when you are the incoming President's choice to head the Treasury. And, yes, the corruption continues. We are rapidly moving towards the absurd.

Joe Biden considers paying taxes to be patriotic. If that is the case, then the head of the Treasury should not be someone who lacks patriotism. This is an organization that oversees all financial policy for the United States. Yet, we now have a nominee who "forgot" to pay. This seems a bit corny to me.

Of course, we now have Obama showing what type of corrupt person he is. Do you think Obama stood up after the facts were revealed and said "My bad. He doesn't deserve it". Certainly not. Instead he pushed Congress to confirm Geithner in spite of his "innocent mistake". (read here) What the hell. Will I be granted the save tolerance if I "make a mistake" and forget to pay my taxes. Not likely.

This shows how the Obama administration is nothing more than the same corruption we saw the last few decades. The powerful are screwing the American people while doing whatever they want. These public servants are corrupt and most of them belong. If you are not capable of paying your taxes then you certainly have no business running for Treasury. And, if you nominate someone who is unqualified, you have a responsibility to withdraw that person. Yet, Obama is going to follow the same corrupt standards.

So much for change.

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1 comment:

nonuthin said...

Actually, I imagine that if you forget to pay your taxes, you'll be given the same opportunity to pay those back taxes plus interest or other statutory penalty and then seek gainful employment using your memory, making calculations, and following laws that Geithner has been given. Obama may or may not be "corrupt," but this little episode certainly doesn't shed light on the matter.