Friday, January 9, 2009

Global Warming-The Pacific Might Disagree

My investigation into this interesting topic is revealing how misled we are by those in power. I find it ironic that when one begins to study a particular topic, it seems information (or disinformation) is presented at every turn. This is no exception. I just saw a show on the history channel which goes contrary to much of what is being presented of late. While I will admit not knowing how old the program was, it certainly follows the argument that there is "consensus" over the global warming debate. My research is showing me this is far from true. If anything, the debate is only heating up.

We all remember from our high school science days that the oceans have a lot to do with the weather we experience. These bodies of water cover 75% of the Earth's surface. They have the ability to create, destroy, spawn tornadoes, and have an effect on hurricanes. What I learned is they also release and capture enormous amounts of carbon dioxide. To say that it is an important component in the climate we experience is an understatement.

Recently, Don Easterbrook, professor at Western Washington University, stated that the Pacific Decadal Oscillation shifted from its warm mode to its cool mode, virtually ensuring us of 20-30 years of global cooling. This announcement was made by NASA and is right on schedule with past PDO changes. In addition, this is not an oddity that masks the global warming trend. (read the full article and get the links here)

So, what the heck does this all mean? And how come this announcement was not all over the front page of the major publications? You would think that a shift in climate, considering all the attention it received, would be big news. Yet, nobody is reporting this. Why not?

This tells me we have moved beyond a question of science to one that is now political. Nevertheless, as shown by the NASA research, the largest body of water is now in a cooling mode. I would say this would have a major impact on the climate.

Regardless, there is historical evidence that the PDO establishes the pattern of warming and cooling of the planet. The first part of last century saw a warming until the mid 40s which coincided with a warming of the Pacific. Then, it switched to cool and ended around the time of the Newsweek cover titled "Global Cooling". And, since that time, we were in a warming period until the end of the last century. Again, it should be no surprise that we saw a leveling of the temperature since 1998 with a decrease in the last 2 years.

According to Professor Easterbrook, we will see this trend continue until the middle of this century. This is in opposition to all the global warming theories that exist. Al Gore tells us the consensus is in. Perhaps he ought to check with the Pacific first. It seems that one is going astray.

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