Thursday, January 1, 2009

Bailouts: It Keeps Getting Better

The Treasury with Paulson at the helm is at it again. It was bad enough that the Socialist-in-Charge Bush gave billions to the automobile industry out of the $700 billion initially slated for the financial industry. Now, according to a report on Bloomberg, the Treasury can "provide funds to any company they deem important to making or financing cars".

Whoa. Hold on here gunslinger. Did I read that properly? Of course I did. This is "Bailout U.S.A." headed by those who want to be Santa Claus. We are now at the point where I think Starbucks is going to be able to make a point of being bailed out. After all, cars cannot be made, shipped, or sold unless there is plenty off coffee available. Without coffee, the entire industry will collapse, taking the economy along with it.

For weeks pundits were asking "where does this all end?". I am at the same point. Is it too early for us to proclaim the capitalistic system dead? Nowhere in my study of capitalism did I ever encounter the principle where the government decides who survives and who fails. Perhaps I was absent that day in school.

If you are getting tired of my sarcasm here, good!!! This gives you an inkling of the anger and frustration that I feel each time I read this garbage that the government is doing. Do they morons realize this is our money they are playing with? The US taxpayer is on the hook for every dime that is spent. While the executives of companies are having their parties or the Union is supporting their golf course, we are stuck paying a huge bill to fund this insanity. Again, where will it all stop.

The initial $700 billion was sold to Congress as a way to save the nation's financial system. Now, the money is going elsewhere. A few weeks back I wrote that Paulson should be tried and hung on the White House lawn. Since that time, the list expanded. Bush needs to go up there with him since he deems the US Treasury his own piggy bank. All the members of Congress who voted for this bailout are at fault since they put no stipulations in there to protect the taxpayer. This includes John McCain and the Socialist-Elect Barack Obama. String them up also. Every single one of these people are failing at their task to be good stewards of the American people's money. It is time we start to get serious with the corruption.

Benedict Arnold is known through history for being a traitor to the United States. Sadly, what he did pales in comparison to the damage the above mentioned "leaders" are presently doing. It is to the point where "treason" is not too strong a word.

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