Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Hang Paulson

It is time to hang Henry Paulson. Let us not screw around with formalities. We need to hang this nimrod on the White House lawn at high noon. This guy makes Benedict Arnold look like an ally.

We are in the hole for another $800 billion this week. This after he already got the $700 billion from Congress a couple of months ago. What the hell happened to that money? Seems in our elected officials infinite wisdom, they gave him the money without any requirements to account where it went. I think we can officially call the members of Congress "dumbasses". What, are you stupid? You are going to give anyone that kind of money without an accounting of where it is going. And these people think they are capable of making decisions about the banking and the automobile companies by taking over part of them.

The corruption is oozing out of every pore of this situation. All the Wall Street types know each other. They are taking care of each other. Where they are exposed, an ex-Wall Streeter, Paulson, covers for them. It seems the Goldman connection runs deep. And them we have Congress which is the biggest bunch of thieves, liars, and idiots every created. They will stand up to the corrupt until someone dangles a campaign donation in front of them. Then all is forgotten.

It amazes me that the same people who created this economic mess are the ones that are being put in charge of saving it. What the hell kind of logic is this? Have we all lost our mind? The people we elected to watch over our interests are asleep at the wheel. It is time to take this to the next level. The way things are going, we are going to see violence rise in the areas that are most affected. I am going on record in predicting there will be a mass uprising within the next 5 years. America is not going to be able to take the chaos that is coming its way. This is a simple fact.

It is time to take responsibility for yourself. Anyone who puts his or her faith in the government is going to get screwed like all the others who made that mistake. On that note, enjoy your Thanksgiving before the government takes that away for being a holiday that is prejudiced and insensitive.

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The Automaker Bailout II

These nimrods are going to try for the money in the first part of December. Sadly, much of this situation could be avoided if only the union would be flexible. Of course, those greedy bastards will never agree to anything that reduces their power (just like the corrupt people in Congress). Before the government authorizes one cent to the Big Three, they ought to require they set up all plants like this.

Watch this video to get the skinny on what is possible.

Unfortunately, you will never see this happen in the United States. The three headed terror of Pelosi, Reid, and Obama are drooling over the idea of strengthening the unions. I can only presume they are intent on bankrupting the entire industry. Unions show all that is wrong with this country. Talk about a group that advocates no personal responsibility.

Consider the areas that the unions have the most influence: automobile manufacturing, airlines, and government. And what areas are the most screwed up: automobile manufacturing, airlines, and government. This shows they are at the core of much of the failure in this country.

Well, the only thing I can say about the UAW is that they will not have to renegotiate their contracts with these idiots in charge. However, when the manufacturers are out of business, they will be getting a paycheck of a big fat ZERO. I, for one, will applaud that day.

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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Too Stupid To Vote?

This past election showed how stupid people really are. It is sad that the intelligence level of the average voter dropped so low. I guess it is a symbol of how pathetic the election process has gotten in this country.

It is no secret that the mainstream media was in the tank for Obama. We are seeing signs of those biased outlets admitting that perhaps their coverage was slanted towards Obama. Gee that is a major revelation.

Before going any further, this article will not make the claim that all Obama voters are stupid. They are not. There are many who believe in his philosophies while claiming to know what he stands for. Yet, with such slanted coverage, how can anyone be sure they know what he is all about.

John Ziegler of Zogby is putting together a documentary "Media Malpractice... How Obama Got Elected". It is based upon his results of interviews with dozens of Obama voters. He asks a series of questions designed to determine the knowledge level of these people about that campaign. A preview can be see here.

The right to vote is something that is guaranteed to those in this country. However, I must say that there are some who are just too dumb to vote. If you cannot make an informed decision, you ought to stay home. We ensure people can operate a vehicle before we give them a driver's license. Therefore, we should determine if someone has basic political brain function before giving them a voter registration card.

Before getting all up in arms that I am being unfair, notice in the film that they asked tough questions like "What do you think of Nancy Pelosi" or "Do you know who Barney Frank is". These are not exactly obscure people. Also, during the campaign, both of their names came up as major players in some of the recent events. Yet these people cannot even identify who they were.

These people are political morons. They have no ability to decide anything on their own. The only basis for their votes is what the mainstream media tells them. Well, since the major networks and papers were for Obama, with some giving him 80% favorable coverage, it is no wonder these idiots thinks he can walk on water. Again, these people have no business being in a voting booth.

I propose minimum requirements that people need to meet in order to vote in Presidential elections. This is not something that is too much to ask. The lives of the other 300 million people rest upon the knowledge of the rest of the field voting. This election showed one thing: that many people are simply to stupid to vote.

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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Obama's Promises

Here is a list of Obama's campaign promises.  We will check to see how many he actually fulfills.  My bet is that he fails to complete at least 75% of them.

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Paulson Needs To Be Stopped

Our fearless financial leaders are on Capitol Hill testifying before members of Congress about the bailout package. There appears to be some dispute as to what the goal of the bailout was for. Paulson and Bernake are intent on providing all the money to the banking system. They say it is the only way to stem the housing loses-access to cheaper rates. Are they for real?

Click here to see a writeup of their meeting.

I make no bones about ever being a fan of Barney Frank. To me, he is one of the most corrupt people in Washington. Anyone who was sleeping with the head of an organization that cost the taxpayers billions when it was his job to oversee that enterprise deserves to be locked up.

That being said, I will admit to siding with Frank on this one. The only way the housing crash will slow is to stop the absurd foreclosure rate that we are seeing. With more houses coming onto to an already oversupplied market, prices are going to continue to drop as people fire sale them off. Also, each foreclosure that is auctioned off brings down the value of every other house in that neighborhood. This common sense approach evidently bypassed Paulson.

A portion of that $700 billion needs to go to helping the homeowners remain in their homes. If the Feds will take $300-$400 billion of it to secure some of these loans, then a floor on housing will be established. Instead, they are intent on giving the money back to Wall Street which is still desiring their huge bonuses. This is another failed policy which is being followed.

Henry Paulson needs to be stopped. This right winger (I usually abuse the left but the right warrants it here) is going to further destroy this economy. This is no different than giving the automakers billions so that they can continue their same losing ways. It only delays the inevitable.

What is going to happen? I believe we will see a time when there are so many vacant houses that people start squatting in them. We already have millions of homes nationwide that are sitting empty. Without the government setting a floor for them, we are going to see this number rise drastically. In the end, those who are paying their mortgages are going to suffer anyway. The forces that are in play will not be stopped by cash infusions into losing policies. Yet, that is all we are getting.

The Revolution is getting closer. Each day brings news of more destruction to sound ideals. In the end, it is up to the people to put a stop to this madness. The time will come.

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What Drives Economies

Do you think that any of the idiots who we elected to office have any clue what actually drives an economy?  Of course they do not.  Nancy Pelosi, Barack Obama, and Harry Reid are completely clueless when it comes to matters that affect business.  Mark my words, their ideas are going to turn an already terrific situation into a catastrophic one.

As I write this, the panhandlers from the auto industry are on Capital Hill begging for billions to save their asses.  This includes the leaders of the unions.  They want to suck all they can from the taxpayers just like the greedy executives on Wall Street did with the $700 billion bailout money they received a month ago.  Of course, since that crook Paulson is in charge, we have no idea where the money went.

We are going to see an expanding of the mandates the Federal government is going to require.  The Revolution knows it is time to start gearing up.  We are nearing the Great Depression II and these idiots have no clue as to why.

Let me ask you a question:  why did China emerge as a developing nation over the last 10 years?  The answer: cheap labor.  We started to produce things over there since the cost of labor was peanuts compared to here.  History shows that money always flows where labor is cheap.

The auto industry shows this also.  Why are the Japanese manufactures better able to handle this crisis?  Because their labor is cheaper when you take into account the absurd contracts the Big Three agreed to with the UAW.  These companies should be in bankruptcy all because labor wanted more.

We are going to see mandates on healthcare which will raise costs for businesses.  Also, the unions will gain more power with the anticipated passing of the Employee Free Choice Act.  This piece of garbage (I mean legislation) will return us to a 1930s style of labor.  People will be intimidated into signing for union representation when they don't want it.  This will be the nail in many businesses coffin.

How is this all going to play out? It is really simple.  Those businesses which have the opportunity will move more of their services offshore.  We saw this trend emerge over the last 20 years and it will increase.  Markets like India, China, and other Asian nations provide labor at a fraction of the cost.  Why deal with the union when you can eliminate all headaches by heading overseas.

Then there are the companies which do not have this as an option.  What do they do?  They simply go out of business.  The one thing Obama and his cronies missed is that labor is the largest expense most businesses have. Often, when things get tight, the best solution is to lay people off.  Drastic reductions in payroll will allow companies to become more successful in the long term.  They are stronger entities when they "turn the corner".

The policies that will be implemented by the Big Three Morons (Pelosi, Reid, Obama) will give the unions more power.  Thus, the option of getting rid of people will be removed.  Let me ask you, if there is a slowdown in business, do you think that a company can make up for the losses by cutting back on the number of pencils?  Of course not.  Without the option of reducing the payroll, companies are going to be forced to close.

Many are anticipating 8% unemployment over the next few years.  I think this is too low.  There are going to be hundreds of thousands of small businesses forced out by the policies of these three Morons.  I figure we will experince close to double digit unemployment by 2011.  This could be sped up if they have a really active first 100 days.  Then, we might see this wonderful time by the middle of 2010.

History backs up all these arguments against what they are doing.  The defenders of government handouts point to the fact that Reaganomics caused this problem.  Certainly that was a part of it.  The supply siders are just as much at fault.  However, the answer is not overregulating and overmandating the private sector.  This will eliminate jobs not create them.

One final thought:  I find it humerous when the politicians talk about creating jobs.  They have no clue how to create a job other than to expand the government payroll.  Cheap labor is what fuels growth.  Any policies that increase the burdon of business having access to this commodity will lead to the destruction of that system.  Just look at communism to see the fallacy in that belief. 

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Mark Cuban-Corrupt?

Like other blogs, I am not going to turn this into a "Mark Cuban Bashing Session". It seems that many out there are ready to convict him based upon an indictment for insider trading. At this point, nobody can say what happened. As a believer in the foundation our forefathers established, Cuban is innocent until proven guilty. His day in court will come.

The reason I refer to this situation is it, once again, shows the corruption that can occur among the powerful. Naturally, this is a different situation than my writings about politicians since Cuban operates in the private arena. He was not entrusted to represent the public in any position.

We see this a lot in private business. Recently, we had Martha Stewart and Ken Lay who were found guilty of manipulating the markets. This is a corrupt act which needs to be punished. If Cuban is guilty, I hope they punish him to the full extent of the law.

Sadly, we cannot punish our elected officials in the same way. Sure, we can get a Ted Stevens for taking what amounts to bribes. However, there are safeguards in place which immune our leaders from prosecution if they are acting in an official capacity. A CEO can be convicted for providing false information to the public shortly before the stock tanks yet the same is not true for Barney Frank. This occurred with Fannie Mae over the summer. Frank told everyone how sound this organization was. A couple of months later the government had to take them over. This piece of garbage ought to be in court to answer for his actions.

The powerful have always been corruptable. Our form of government provided the best defense against any one person assuming too much control. The three branches of government is designed to ensure "oversight" by each one. Yet, it fails when all three are corrupt. That is the situaiton we have now. It is time to take this in a new direction.

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Monday, November 17, 2008

A Corrupt Treasury Secretary

It seems that some in Congress are getting a bit upset at the lack of accountability over the bailout funds it authorized last month. There is a report that there are grumblings that Secretary Paulson might have given some of the money to his friends. Now there is a shocker. What surprises me is not that this might have taken place but that Congress is upset by it. That seems to be standard business practice for Washington.

Simply, Paulson is corrupt. He wields a lot of power and only abuses it. While I would say that he believes what he is doing is proper, the end result is deceit. America cannot stand for this anymore. These people are sinking this country faster than any enemy forces ever dreamed of.

Obama also mentioned rescuing the economy "no matter what". Well that is a death sentence for us. What that translates to is more government spending which will further weaken our standing in the world. Financially we are teetering on the brink of total collapse yet these morons in Washington will just keep spending more. We can presume there will be a bailout for the Big Three. What a losing proposition that it. At least it is only $25 billion.

The Revolution believes we are getting close to the time when things will get really nasty. History shows that people do not take kindly to massive poverty. That is the road that we are heading towards. Every socialistic/communisitic system created massive poverty. It is no secret that we started moving in that direction decades ago. Well, it is now time to pay up. And we do not have the funds.

What do we need to do to reverse this situation? Hanging Paulson on the front lawn of the White House is a good start. Let's make a statement that corrupt politicians will not be tolerated. Until we get rid of all the dirty, behind-the-scenes tactics, our government will continue on a downward spiral.

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Saturday, November 15, 2008

A Nation Of Dilberts

Most remember the popular cartoon Dilbert that appeared in the papers during the 80s and 90s. This character epitomized the lazy worker who was always trying to get away with doing as little as possible. His entire existence was his cubicle which led to a horrible attitude. Dilbert was pessimistic about all that occurred. Overall, it was a funny cartoon.

Unfortunately, it is not good in reality. People in the United States are looking for handouts. This applies equally to the top corporations who are struggling all the way down to the drunk who would rather drink than work. Welfare is becoming our primary pastime as a country. Of course, the government labels it different terms, bailout, loans, or whatever. In the end, it is all the same thing.

Dire Straights had a hit song in the 80s which said "money for nothing and chicks for free". This line was referring to the experience of the rock star. Sadly, it seems this is the present day dream of most of the people you meet (only half care about the chicks part). Give me! Give me! Give me! This is the mantra.

Married with Children was a popular program for about 10 years. Who can forget the plight of Al Bundy, the shoe salesman who never won. He failed at everything he did. Yet, he got up each morning and went to a job he hated. Somehow, he made ends meet in spite of a low salary and dismal existence. He was never handed a check from the government even though he was struggling.

That is an idea that is far gone. Chalk that concept up there with the white picket fence in the 1950s. These are bygone eras which will never be recaptured. And we have our leaders to thank for this.

Society is in the process of rewarding failure and corruption. Our government always held these values to be pure. It is an entity which is known for stifling creativity and advancement. Now, they are moving to the private sector by their interference with different businesses. The automakers are a prime example. We, the taxpayers, are going to reward the ineptitude of management and greed of the Unions. Those two entities are the primary reason why the Big Three are in so much trouble. Yet, it is now up to us to bail them out. Screw that. Let them suffer.

Every trait that made the United States the world leader is being buried in the name of ineptitude. Those in power want to create a "level playing field". What they really are doing is weakening everyone else while their power grows. Have you noticed how Congress has offered nothing in terms of personal sacrifice during this entire crisis. They want the average person to make sacrifices yet still continue along the same path themselves. This is corruption at it's finest.

Dilbert is becoming the rule instead of the exception. Welcome to America.

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The Automaker Bailout

The discussion is really heating up about this topic. Congress is going to take it up on Monday. Should we or shouldn't we give them the money? It seems there are many people who are undecided about this matter. Here are a number of reasons why bailing the automakers out does not make sense.

1. Management is inept:

They were the ones who totally misread the desires of the buying public. It is true the historic economic crash was not foreseen by anyone. However, the Big Three were getting their clocks cleaned by the Japanese for years. This economy is just the final nail.

They hung their future on big cars. It is identical from the events of the 1970s. The Japanese, meanwhile, moved towards more fuel efficient cars. Toyota is on it's 2nd or 3rd generation Hybrid. The American automakers simply stuck to an old model which no longer works.

Billions of dollars in bailout money will not make management any smarter.

2. The Unions are destructive:

There was a time when unions were necessary. Now, they are a destructive force. The Big Three has been bent over a barrel for years by the UAW. This resulted in outrageous contracts which inevitably will bankrupt a country.

GM is paying billions into retirees pension funds and for medical coverage. It is estimated that $1,200 in each car is simply the money GM pays for medical. This puts them at a big disadvantage. The Japanese built plants in southern states where labor is much cheaper. They enjoy a competitive advantage which the Big Three cannot overcome.

Billions of dollars to the automakers will not make the Union any less greedy. Bet the ranch thei will want their fair share.

3. The 3 million jobs tied to the auto industry will be lost anyway:

It is estimated that 3 million people are employed by industries directly tied to the automobile industry. The idea of bailing these companies out is to save these jobs. Sadly, they will be lost anyway. Billions of dollars given this year will be followed by billions more in the future. They will not turn profitable simply with loans for billions.

People dislike hearing this, but these jobs will be lost. A bailout only delays the inevitable. Instead of realizing this in 2009, the unemployment jump will occur in 2010 or 2011. Communities will be wrecked because of this regardless of what the government does.

4. The Feds know nothing about business:

The proposals suggested include some type of government "ownership" in exchange for the money. Since when did the Feds become adept at picking winners. How do members of Congress believe that they will fare better in the automobile business when the Post Office lost $40 billion. Perhaps they ought to look at their own business model to see where it is broken.

I do not want the government deciding which companies survive and which ones are allowed to go under. This is heresy. Government is there to oversee, not to manage. Get them out of the private sector altogether. Perhaps when the Feds show some ability to budget, manage, and oversee their own affairs effectively, then we can trust them with running a business.

5. It puts a stop to the madness:

Everyone and their brother is knocking at the Treasury's door. Handout nation is in full swing. Initially, the $700 billion bailout was going to be limited to financial institutions. Now, the automakers seem to qualify. Many are suggesting we take some of the money from that package and give it to the automakers. The Big Three do not qualify. Once again the government mislead us.

This insanity has to stop. We need to put a cork in the government money drain. Passing on this bailout will tell the business community that you are responsible for you owned destiny. You succeed or fail based upon your abilities. That is called capitalism.

One final note, I find it interesting that the Democrats suddenly took an interest in the big corporations. Listening to their rhetoric during the campaign, you would believe they think that big business is the anti-Christ. Obama assaulted McCain over tax cuts for the greedy oil companies. Now, the big corporations are not so evil when there are millions of jobs at stake. Perhaps business does some good after all.

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Thursday, November 13, 2008

How Hard Is This?

The government is considering a bailout (handout) plan for the automobile manufacturers. Presently, the numbers being tossed around are $50-$75 billion. This tells me that the final tally would be at least double that. Is this a wise investment? Will the government get a return for it's effort? The idea is that we (the taxpayers) will own a portion of these companies in exchange for the money.

Are you kidding me? Why do we want to own a part of losing enterprises? The Big Three showed themselves to be antiquated companies who's time has went. My vote on this idea is to turn them down.

We all know the automobile industry is in chaos. The Midwest is being hammered with the potential closings of the automobile plants. Nowhere is this sector thriving. Or that is what we are led to believe. There actually is expansion happening presently in the automobile industry.

Toyota and Honda are both building, not closing, new plants in the South. These two companies already had a strong manufacturing presence here. However, since they chose to put their facilities in "right to work" areas, they are not at the mercy of the unions. Their contracts with the workers are reasonable. They are able to compete based upon the present conditions while the Big Three are handcuffed by contracts signed years ago.

So, the unions are at fault. But they are not the only ones responsible. The management at the Big Three is equally at fault. They completely missed the shift in the industry. While the country wanted fuel efficient vehicles, these companies churned out SUVs. Oops.

Where does this leave us now? Do you think that tens of billions of dollars will make these guys any smarter? How will the money help them sell a product which nobody wants? It will not. Also, do you think the Union will suddenly get benevolent with the contract it negotiates? Fat chance. These people will argue, fight, and claw for whatever they can get.

Mark my words: if the government gives the money to these companies, they will burn through it in 12-24 months. We will face the same situation again in a couple of years. The money will serve no purpose but to delay the inevitable.

Our history is filled with companies that were powerful only to disappear as the years went by. That is how capitalism works. When someone builds a better mousetrap, the one with the old technology suffers. At this time, the Big Three are not the ones with the better mousetrap. Time for them to go.

How come solutions are simple except to the government? The politicians who are in office answer to one group: lobbyists. They care little about the American people or their money. It is the lobbyist on Capitol Hill who are in power. And you can be that the automobile industry lobby is very strong. We will see them placated at the expense of the American taxpayer. Remember this when you watch the professional liars on television telling how they are going to save the backbone of America.

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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Absurdity of the Government

This is a cute story but it really does sum up how the government is screwing everything up. It is an analogy of how needed the revolution is.

Check out to read this. It really gets you thinking.

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Government Secrecy

Henry Paulson should be tried for treason and stand in front of the firing squad. This jackass is as crooked as they come. The former head of Goldman Sachs has the key to the chicken roost and he is giving all his friends a piece of the pie. In the process, the American public is being screwed.

It is bad enough that the banks are still going to pay the enormous bonuses to their top people. The rationale: they do not want to lose this fine talent because they go without their compensation. Memo: these are the idiots that got those companies in this mess. They ought to be let go.

The latest, and most offending, of the Paulson tricks is the hiding of the names of who received the $2 trillion in taxpayer money. This is absurd. We are the ones footing the bill yet we are not entitled to know who is getting our funds. He ought to be shot for that on the White House lawn. The American people have a right to know where their funds are being spent. A secretive government creates a gestapo environment. Consider how Hitler came to power without a single bullet being fired. In the end, he created a crap load of damage.

We need to stop lying pieces of crap like this. I applaud the efforts of another politician (read liar in his own right), John Boehner for his move to have Paulson release the names of these people. In this instance, he believes in transparency of government (read the article I wrote on this here). We need to demand this of our leaders.

Here is an excerpt out of a story posted on

Fed Chairman Ben S. Bernanke and Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson said in September they would comply with congressional demands for transparency in a $700 billion bailout of the banking system. Two months later, as the Fed lends far more than that in separate rescue programs that didn't require approval by Congress, there is little disclosure about how the programs are being implemented.

Notice how they agreed to transparency when they were soliciting Congress's approval yet turned when they received it. And, it is interesting to note how Congress gets upset when promises are broken to them. Yet it is perfectly alright for them to go back on their word to the American people. Seems to me that it should work in both instances.

Those who read this site often know I trust nobody in Washington. All of our leaders, whether they are in the White House, Congress, or the Fed, are professional liars. They are corrupt to the core with their only concern being power. The needs of the people they represent are not even considered. It is time to start reversing that trend. If they continue on the path they are following, I surmise there will be an uprising. And, The Revolution Again will be helping to lead the charge.

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The Handout Nation

What is the difference between a "handout" and a "bailout"? In effect they are the same. The only difference is the economic class which the terms are applied. Who gets bailouts? Corporations and perhaps homeowners. Those who own something get a bailout. Handouts go to those who are desolate. The ones who have absolutely nothing get a handout from the government.

I mentioned in past articles that the government is broke. We have no more money other than what we borrow from other countries. The $700 billion bailout package of the financial institutions was done with loaned money. We are going in debt to save those who are going under. This begs to question "who will save us"?

My question is "where will it all stop". Already, the automobile manufacturers are hitting up the Treasury for $50-$75 billion. Who is next? Bet the ranch the airlines are already circling the wagons. American Express is now a bank, thus entitling it to Fed funds. With Starbucks taking a 90% hit on it's profit, surely they will be entitled to assistance. After all, we cannot do without $5 cups of coffee.

This is getting absurd. We were told at the time of the first bailout that the financial institutions were necessary, kind of like a utility. Our country cannot operate without credit. Okay, I buy that one. But can we do without the cars from the American manufacturers. Since they are building stuff that nobody wants, I would think so.

It is time to tell Washington enough. The loss of the automobile manufacturers will cost us roughly 3 million jobs. Well guess what? We are going to lose them anyway. These companies are operating under an old, worn out system. The union is going to strong arm for their share. They are partially responsible for the mess the companies are in.

The United States is a nation of handouts. Nowhere is anyone mentioning personal responsibility in all these messes. Management at the car companies misread the market while the unions forced contracts that were destructive to the overall health of the industry. Both sides were at fault and the taxpayer need not bail them out.

We preach that the revolution is coming. Socialism is already among us. Do you want to live like they do in France? Who here wants the government dictating everything that one is involved in? Certainly no self respecting American. The age of returning to the vision of our forefathers is here. Begin to arm yourself with the knowledge necessary to combat the enemy. And, remember, the enemy is most likely your next door neighbor. That person is most likely buying the bull crap the media is promoting. This is a process that takes you down with it.

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Monday, November 10, 2008

A Promise Of Change

It is less than a week after the United States elected Barack Obama on the platform of change. In that time, he has seen fit to reverse course on that idea and buy into the Washington insider system. It is amazing the speed of this professional liar.

This ought to tell you how Obama promised nothing which he intended on keeping. He is a professional politician who specializes in misleading people to get votes. That is what he does other than voting present when confronted with a decision. These are his true colors.

Obama went through all the effort to set up a website called on which he listed his agenda for change. It was based upon the promises he made on his campaign's website. Suddenly, it is gone but for a paragraph describing some broad ideas. His people say the website is being redone but don't hold your breathe on that. (Click here to read the full story).

As for changing the culture inside Washington, seems that Obama forgot what he campaigned against. Let us remember how he railed Hillary Clinton for being an insider tied to all that was wrong with Washington. When, it appears that Obama felt the need to name these same people as part of his transition team. Search the names of Frederico Pena, Bill Daley, Susan Rice, and Rahm Emanuel to see where their background is. I will bet that you find they all worked in the Clinton Administration. Seems like these people were evil only during the election. Now that the campaign is over, it is business as usual.

Remember everyone who voted for modern day Pinocchio so that you can slap them when things go bad. Mark my words, we are going to see an expansion of government like we never imagined possible. This meathead might make Jimmy Carter look like a good President. All the misleading statements that Obama made during the election are coming to light. The status quo is in safe hands.

The only thing that I can say America is to get the vaseline out because you are going to receive a screwing like you never got before. And, 52% of you voted for him. I hope you get it first.

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Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Taking Down Of A Society

We have turned into a country that rewards ineptitude. At the same time, we are penalizing those who succeed. The issues of the last election cycles show how our political "leaders" are promoting this concept. Each day, we hear more about bailouts for corporations, individuals, and other entities who are in trouble.

The oil companies found themselves in the middle of debates among the two candidates. Obama proposed a windfall profit tax on them. If this does not epitomize the idea of punishing success, I do not know what does. Let us forget that a tax on a corporation is truly passed on to the consumer. The notion that we will penalize success means that we are rewarding failure. This is the beginning of the downward slide.

Our present financial crisis shows how they are going to reward bad decisions. The banks made terrible mistakes investing in mortgage backed securities. When they went bust, the government decided to bail them out. Also, homeowners who willing signed documents on homes they could not afford are going to be bailed out. They will be insulated against the consequences for their actions.

What does this mean to a nation? If you do not know this answer, then you are asleep. For 4 decades we witnessed a movement towards equality. We feel that everyone should be living the same way. If one group of people is lagging, we will "lift them up" by providing government aid to "level the playing field". The result of this is a weaker society.

It is time to get our heads out of our ass. The people who are on the bottom are there because that is where they belong. Simply, that is the position in society that they are deemed to occupy. Somebody has to be there and they are perfect for it. If they belonged anywhere else, they would do what it takes to change their life.

The United States always was the "Land of the Free". We offered people opportunities which did not exist anywhere else. Whether one took advantage of those opportunities was that individual's decision. Nevertheless, they had the chance to improve their life.

What is to follow will piss some people off. My answer is "good". Stop being a wimp and hear what I am saying.

Anyone who complains about their chances in this country need to be slapped. This includes all the race baiters like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. Certain groups seem to feel they are not given an equal chance. These same people want all the government handouts. Yet, when you have problems within their communities, they are quick to blame others. This is how they can protect the absurdity of their existence.

I like to use the American black as an example because they epitomize how the weakening of a society exists when you try to lift the lowest up. Some will want to throw the race card out there while calling me a racist. Well, since I think Political Correctness is a bunch of crap for whiners who cannot look at real issues, go ahead. It is your narrow mindedness that is causing you to be the true racist.

Anyway, our culture is one of immigration. Everyone in America, with the exception of the Native Americans, is a product of immigration. However, our ancestors did it legally (that is another topic altogether) and for solely for the purpose of the opportunity. This is true whether one is Irish, Polish, Chinese, or Hispanic. These people came to the United States with the sole intention of creating a better life for their families. Simply, America was a better deal than wherever they came from.

What happened to these people? The first generation struggled. However, they were persistent in the pursuit. They worked hard becoming skilled at a trade, often opening up their own businesses. At home, they taught their children the importance of education. Slowly, over time, they were able to move up in social and economic standing. The second generation benefited since they were in a position to advance past their parents. Each ensuing group of offspring duplicated this situation.

Now let's go back to the blacks. Their path started with the release from slavery in the mid 1800s. For the past 150 years, they were free to create whatever life they wanted. Certainly, their history is wrought with struggle which led to the civil rights movement. Every step of the way was difficult for this sector of society because of prejudice and hatred. However, remember they are not the only group to suffer this fate.

So where are the blacks now. They are still on the bottom. Why is that? This group of people has received more assistance from the government than any other single group. Yet they still are in a state of dependence. In short, the blacks allow themselves to be kept in a state of slavery. Instead of the plantation owner holding all the cards, it is the government. Today's black is told where to live, where to shop, and what he or she can buy. If you doubt the validity of that statement, research the governmental welfare program and see how many limitations are put on those who live under these constraints.

What is the difference between the groups who arrived as immigrants? Basically, it is the outlook. If you consider the Asians and Hispanics who entered into this country in the last 40 years, you will notice the same trend that occurred 100 years ago with the Irish and Italians. The first generation struggled but was easily surpassed by their better educated offspring. Yet, the blacks are into their 6 or 7th generation with no improvement whatsoever. Many will claim it is the biases that keep the black man down. Nevertheless, many still see their way to being 2nd or 3rd generation welfare recipients. It is not the prejudices but the belief in the government which is destroying this group of people.

Are all black people on welfare and poor? Of course not. There are many black people who have done extremely well. It is this fact which further emphasizes that there is opportunity for those who take advantage of it. However, few do. Even the black "leadership" assists in the social conditioning by always preaching how the black race needs "this handout" or "that law" to excel. Rarely do they promote personal responsibility as a route to success. In fact, those, such as Bill Cosby, are vilified and called "Uncle Toms" when they speak out against the lack of responsibility. Once again, the belief system keeping them down.

How does this all pertain to the taking down of a society? Simple. For all the effort that was undertaken to create an atmosphere of equality, the only that occurred was the weakening of those who are successful. The weak will always be weak because that is what they are. Nature dictates this, not me. Life is survival of the fittest and society is no different. Groups that have the strength to excel will. Those which do not, will not.

We spent a lot of time, effort, and money into "lifting" people up. A few took advantage of the opportunity. I would guess that those who did change their fortunes would have done so regardless of what the government did. The old saying "you cannot keep a good man down" applies. However, it was a waste for the majority since they are exactly where they started.

In capitalism, there will be failure. It is part of the equation. Those who learn from failure will grow and be stronger. The ones who fail to do this will go under. This applies to companies as well as individuals. Presently, we are bailing out banks. If a bank goes under, another one will step in to fill the void. The same goes for automobile manufacturer's. The Big Three can go under and we still will have cars to drive. Another company will fill the void by producing more cars.

The bottom line is that the entire nation is weakened when we allow the strong to be weakened in an effort to create parity among all the people. Again, the people on the bottom will be there no matter what anyone or anything does to help them. The ones who want to change the course of their life will do so regardless of what obstacles are in front of them. So, let us stop this weakening of ourselves by accepting personal responsibility for all that transpires. Our government is screwing everyone by offering handouts. This weakens people as individuals, as a ethnic group, and as a nation.

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Where Have You Gone Adam Smith?

For those who do not know who Adam Smith was, he is called "The Father of Modern Economics". It was his ideas that helped to shape the modern economic models. All economics since his time can be traced in their thinking back to his concepts.

Smith had a simple view of government. He felt that government needed to perform tasks that only it could do. Their responsibility was limited to three areas and anything outside those was best left to the private sector. These three areas are:

1. National Defense
2. Political and Judicial Functions
2. Infrastructure

These are limited and well defined roles. If our government limited itself to these areas, we would have a more efficient system. Instead, we have what Ted Nugent loving calls "Fedzilla". This over bloated entity believes that it needs to put it's hand into everything. Realistically, outside these three areas, it is doomed to fail.

I want the government that Smith referred to. Sadly, I am not going to get it. We now have a bunch of wimps in office who believe in appeasing our enemies (I wrote about this here). Thus, they will not be able to protect our asses from those who want to kill us. We saw an electoral process that was marred by voter registration fraud and a process that took almost two years. The past Congress spent the same two years passing no meaningful legislation. Here again, they fall down on the law and order end of things. Finally, since there are so many billions wasted on stupid government programs which only expand the slavery-type bondage that people live under, our infrastructure went to crap. The third area of responsibility that has failed.

We need a revolution. At this moment, there is still time to have it occur with ideas. However, we are moving towards a time when violence is needed. People are dying because of decisions the government makes. Unless we, as a nation, wake up and tell the corrupt politicians what they are going to do, we are going to be in a world of mess. The time to act is now.

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Dealing With A Terrorist

I often wonder what goes through the mind of some people when they say the stupid things they do. To start, everyone, with the exception of a few nutcases, wants peace. Even those we term "hawks" would prefer to reach an agreement without the use of force. However, we know this is not always possible.

Presently, there is an element in the world which is determined to destroy all that we enjoy. These people hate us. They have taken an aspect of a particular religion while warping it terribly. In the end, they concluded that all "infidels" must die. This belief is ingrained to the point where they will do anything to achieve it's end.

If they are given their chance, they would commit mass genocide. Again, their beliefs tell them that people outside of them are not worthy of living. We are lower than animals on the spectrum of life. We were put here to be eradicated. This group includes Jews, Christians, and Atheists. Even those who worship the devil are included.

There was a man who carried similar beliefs 70 years ago. Adolf Hitler believed in the "master race". Because of this, he felt the need to terminate the lives of an entire group of people. In his case, he felt the Jews were the ones who needed to go first. In the end, he slaughtered somewhere around 6 million.

The world took a soft stance initially with Hitler. Leaders in Europe including Mussolini thought him to be a friend. Sadly, they learned how devious Hitler was when he conquered their countries.

At the same time, there was a force which was willing to stand up to Hitler. The leaders of these countries were willing to do whatever was necessary to eradicate the world of this evil. In the end, Germany was defeated because people dealt with this terrorist force with strength.

Fast forward to this era. We have a segment of people, including those con artist who hold political positions, who feel we ought to be kind to the terrorists of today. The liberal philosophy is what gets innocent people killed. Throughout the 90s, we sat and watched as Al Qaeda attacked us repeatedly. The first World Trade Center bombing and the U.S.S. Cole come to mind. Ultimately, they hit us on 9/11/2001 which resulted in the deaths of over 3,000 innocent people.

Yet these idiots do not learn from history. They repeatedly called for the release of prisoners in Guantanamo. "These people have rights and should be tried in a court of law" is what we heard. This mindset is what results in death. My feeling is someone is going to die. We should be able to choose between the horse's ass spewing this garbage versus a brave Marine. My choice is the idiot with his head up his ass.

Here is it all in a nutshell: there is only one way to deal with someone who is willing to die for their beliefs and that is to kill that person. Put a bullet in his head. There is no negotiating with this person. What do you say to a person who is willing to attach a bomb to his or her body in an effort to blow up a shopping mall? There is nothing to say. You kill that person and move on. It is simple.

We saw a shift to the left in the leadership of the United States. This means that we have a bunch of people who are not willing to engage a dangerous enemy. They feel the U.S. Military is a bad thing which was used to bully the rest of the world. We are now in the age of appeasing those who hate us. Well, mark my words, lunatics like Al Qaeda will not be appeased until we are all dead. It is time for us to quake in our boots.

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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Transparency In Government

It amazes me how backwards our system is. I want to give you a little example of how crazy this situation is with our government. Imagine going into work and being accountable to nobody in the organization. When your boss questions what you are doing, you are free to withhold the answer. As you go through your budget, there is no accountability for the money spent. If you reach the point where you ran through the budget, you simply get a check from the owner. To top it all off, you can give yourself a raise whenever you feel you merit it.

I am certain this is not how things work in your place of employment. The fact is that we in the private sector are accountable to those who are responsible for the money. Washington is a totally different animal. There is no transparency with our government. Leaders do not answer questions as to what they are doing with our money. It is time this was changed.

Technology came a long way in the last 30 years. Computers make it possible to process larges amounts of data quickly. This gives us the ability to monitor every expenditure that the government has. With the improvement in databases, we can now filter it so that we get the proper information that we are seeking. If a Congressman or woman went to lunch with a particular lobbyist, we should be able to find a record of that expense. This also tells us who they are meeting with.

In the sales, one is responsible to his or her sales manager. At any time, that person can ask about a particular account. The schedule is open for the manager to view if desired. Of course, this same authority is granted to the owner of the company if it is a private concern. That power comes from being responsible for signing the payroll checks (or at least funding them).

Why can't we have this same ability with our government? We can if we demand it. These people work for us not the other way around. It is time we stop allowing them to spend our money without recourse. The system allows for too much waste and fraud without the public's eyes on them. Even if they enter Washington with a degree of ethics, they soon become corrupt with power.

There are some who will tell you that all the figures are available. That is technically true. However, in typical Washington fashion, it is a misdirection. Who is going to be able to find the data in a pile of 5 million documents. This is how they keep people uninformed. Power is protected by burying ill advised expenses. Congress does the same thing with pork that is added to spending bills. It buries appropriations deep within a 200 page bill totally billions of dollars. A classic case of misdirection.

I think America is getting close to having had enough. Anyone who is expecting change from the great Savior Barack Obama is a total fool. This is the person who refused public funding which allowed him to keep his donors secret. He raised $650 million. I want any Obama supporter to tell me who the donors were and to assure me that there were no illegal contributions. There is one catch, if you are wrong we will execute on the steps of the courthouse for being stupid. Obama is just as crooked as the rest of them. I am certain there were donations from the same people that exceeded the limits while others came from overseas. Yet, like the government, there is no transparency.

If Obama wants to change the culture of government his first task will be to get Congress to fund the establishing of a database which monitors the expense of ever person in his office, congress, and all lobbyists. That will prove to me that this is a "man for the people". Short of that, he is showing how he is another corrupt politician who is only going to enrich himself and his friends. More of the same will start to move us towards the violence. The revolution is coming one way or another.

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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Will Somebody Please Tell Me The Answer!!!

The election is historic. We are all going to be saved. The Messiah is here and will save us. What a bunch of crap.

Anyway, this post is not about the pukings of the morons on television. What I want is someone to tell me what these politicians mean when they say the "middle class". Who the hell are they talking about? They are already to mention the middle class tax cuts or easing the strain on the middle class. Yet they never specifically mention who they are referring to. What a shock.

I guess it makes it easier to renege on a campaign promise when the population does not know who was promised something. This is what is wrong with the present election process. Our leaders say anything to get elected only to go back on that promise. Remember the first President Bush with "no new taxes". Oops. He got that wrong. Bill Clinton? Same thing. Barack Obama? We shall see but you can guess what I am leaning towards.

The bottom line is that nobody is getting a tax cut. Our country just spent 1.45 trillion dollars. There is no more money to give a tax cut while implenting the massive spending projects that are bound to occur. This is the reality of this economic environment. It will get so bad that I am guessing we will see a deficit of $1 trillion in the next few years. Hell, it is at 1/2 trillion now.

So, who is the "middle class". I can only conclude they are the ones who get screwed because they believed the lies that these worthless politicians promote. America better get it's head out of it's ass. We are going down a road which has no return lane. Beware of a wolf in sheep's clothing. He sometimes comes dressed as the next Messiah.

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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Survival Guide

It is time to develop a survival guide. If you read my words over these past couple of weeks, you know that we are screwed. The government is looking to handout billions of dollars to rescue everybody under the sun. Sadly, the ones who are stuck paying for this mess are the hard working, middle income people. Contrary to what we were promised, the wealthy will not see a tax increase.

So what happens now? Unless some of you are ready to storm Washington and overthrow the government (I am all for it but we are a bit premature), it is time to develop a plan for your own survival. Times are going to get rougher. Again, the candidates all mentioned how rosy things will get after they are elected. Forget those dingbats. Listen to those who have some sense like economists, money managers, business owners, accountants, and financial planners. All these individuals point to the fact that we are in for a rougher time for another 12 months. Therefore, it is time for you to develop a strategy for your own survival.

***You will notice that nowhere in these suggestions does it mention wait for the government to help you out. This is not in keeping with personal responsibility. As I showed many times, depending upon them is a plan to screw yourself. If you fail to believe this, ask the 1,500 people who were killed in Katrina because they waited for the government to help them instead of taking responsibility for their own situation.

*******Here is a suggestion I need to make that might help some going forward. If you find yourself in the situation where there is a hurricane that is a category 3 or higher coming at you, get the hell out of there. You would think this is common sense but obviously it is not.

Here is a plan for you to move forward over the next few years.

1. Attitude

This seems contrary to the general tone of this blog, but maintain a positive attitude. I do not hold great faith in our leadership. However, I am positive that I will make the situations in my life work regardless of what transpires. You need to implement this in your life.

It is easy to fall into the doom and gloom. However, it is important to stay calm while not overreacting. Survival experts teach that the one who will most likely emerge from the wilderness is the one with the positive attitude.

2. Use Your Anger Productively

Many are upset with the results. At the same time, many more will be angered with they realize they were lied to once again. Yet, being angry with the President, Congress, or the voters solves nothing. Punch you pillow a few times and move on.

How can you use your anger? Motivation. It is time for you to take charge of your life. Things are not going easy so persistence is extremely important. Anger can be a terrific motivator if used properly. My best workouts are often on those days where something angered me to no end. This is how we can channel the negative emotion into productivity.

3. Plan

Even in the worst of times, there are lots of opportunities. Over the next few years, we are going to see radical changes in this country. Are you going to be in a position to take advantage of them?

Where is your life going? Your career? Your marriage? Your finances? It is time to sit down and think about these things. Develop investment strategies for the next few years. Resolve to live on a budget. Plan what you are going to do to increase your likelihood of success.

4. Action

Plans are worthless without taking action. Make your action decisive and be correct. Mistakes are costly but no action is usually more costly. Even if you make a mistake, often the proper path is clearer because of the previous decision.

Also, do not try to change the next four years (of the election did not go your way) this week. Break down all that you are doing into manageable steps. Brain Tracy states that you eat an elephant one bite at a time. Divide you plan into the smallest pieces you can.

5. Pat yourself on the back

Celebrate the successes you have along the line. Recognize when you reach your smaller milestones. Weight loss experts proclaim how more effective people are at losing a lot when they reward themselves with small gifts for different barometer levels. This allows you to fulfill the holistic side of yourself while providing future motivation.

6. Stop being a victim

This is the dagger in the heart of personal responsibility. Stop whining and get one with it. Nobody ever pulled him/herself out of a hole by playing the victim. Use the previous steps and ignore what the meat heads do in Washington. While we know what they are capable of, you are the one responsible for the success in your life. Take control of it.

These are 6 steps which can reduce the impact of the turmoil that is going on in the country. The government will screw things up; we can expect that. Use this situation to take care of yourself. Personal responsibility is the answer to what ails your life at the moment. It is also the solution to our countries problems. Unfortunately, the country will take a while to grasp this concept.

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We were promised change

The Democrats gave the Republicans a thorough ass kicking. I am writing this as the election is still going on. It is 9:30 Eastern time so the polls have not closed in many states. However, it seems that Obama won Ohio which gives him the Electoral College unless there is a total upset. At the same time, they won a minimum 4 Senate seats with another 2-5 possible. The House will witness the same type of results.

What does this all tell us? Simple. America wants a change. I agree 100% with them. Where I differ is in that many believe it is coming. Let me be the first to tell everyone: real change will not come. Sure, there will be legislature passed which will move this country further to the left. Nevertheless, in terms of change, there is nothing.

The government is now a giant piggy bank. Those who believe something is coming to them are foolish. I saw a poll that said 70% of the people believe their taxes are not going down under Obama (the number was 54% for McCain). Thus, the majority believed that both candidates were lying when they promised tax cuts. Yet they still had to vote for someone.

Here is my projection: we will see more of the same bull crap that we witnessed for the last few decades. The tax increases on the rich is a fallacy. I was talking with a friend of mine who is an Obama supporter who also happens to be rather wealthy. He retired at 50 with an investment account of well over $1,000,000 cash. Even with the destruction of the markets, he still has enough money to live on for another 4 years without a single dime of income coming in.

So, why did he support Obama? His tax liability in 2007 was less than 3%. This is a person that Obama promised to raise taxes on. Is my friend patriotic like Joe Biden mentioned for wanting to pay more taxes? Not exactly. The reason he voted for Obama is because he knows damn well that his taxes are not going up. All the wealthy know this.

It might be helpful for me to tell you what my friend's career was: he was an accountant. He made a lot of money reducing the tax liability for his wealthy clients. He did it so well that he became one of them.

So where does this leave us? The proverbial middle class is stuck holding the bill again. People like my friend are not going to see a tax increase. We all know the bottom rung are not going to pay more taxes; hell they pay none as it is. Thus, the middle class is going to have to pay for the huge spending that Pelosi and Reid are going to push through Congress.

By the way, we were going to see much the same thing with a McCain victory. This truly is a time where the voters are damned if they do and if they don't. The Federal government is now Santa Claus. Our political leadership is offering handouts at a record pace. We are about to see the largest increase in the debt. It sits now at $11 trillion. By the time Obama leaves office, it will be around $20 Trillion.

It is simple economics: there needs to be a huge increase in revenues to make up for the mamoth expenditures which will be implemented. Without that, there must be big deficits or the Fed will need to print massive amounts of money. Of course, this devalues the money out there.

So what really changed? When you get past the fluff and surface garbage, you realize nothing. The American people will get screwed over the next four years by the elitists in Washington. Obama is not the one who will move the country towards socialism. Rather, it is the voters who are asking for all the handouts. In reality, the politicians are only giving the people what they want.

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The Demise Of Democracy

I wrote about The Demise of Democracy the other day. Judging from you responses, it obviously struck a chord with most of you. we are witnessing a changing of what we base the election of our leaders on.

Yesterday I wrote about the lack of personal responsibility on the part of the American people. This article, along with the video of an Obama supporter, shows how the mindset of America is already at the socialistic levels. I like to blame the politician for all their corruption, which is accurate. However, the population is doing this to themselves.

I have a friend who lives in England. Obviously, they are a bit further down the socialistic road than we are. She relates stories of what goes on there. Fortunately, I am getting a preview of what we have coming.

Any government that exerts too much power ends up imploding. There never was a great civilization that was conquered from the outside. Look at the Roman, French, and Spanish empires. Each of these fell as a result of their leadership. Eventually, an uprising occurred which weakened the nation as a whole. I believe we are moving in that direction.

Over taxation is the major issue which is going to cause the demise of democracy in our country. The elite who are in control write the laws which favors themselves. Since they are wealthy, they will leave the loopholes to exempt themselves (this is why raising taxes on the rich rarely works). Thus, to compensate for the large increase in government spending, the middle class will have to pick up the slack. This reality is a great difference than our candidates are promising. So much for "tax cuts for the middle class".

We are already seeing the implication of voter fraud in our election process. The events of 2000 really put the process in doubt for many people. Now, with organizations like ACORN being investigated for widespread voter registration fraud, it only compounds the problem. As we keep moving in this direction, we will quickly see how those in power can manipulate the system to further benefit themselves. It will make redistricting look like a fair solution.

Americans feel a sense of entitlement. I reread the Constitution last night to see if our Founding Fathers ever felt that a mortgage and gasoline were considered inalienable rights. Nowhere did I see it. It makes me think that most feel they ought to get something for nothing. These people need to be slapped in the face with reality. The basis of a revolutionary movement is already being laid.

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Monday, November 3, 2008

Is this Personal Responsibility

Here is the mindset of many. This woman has a daughter yet going to an Obama rally is the happiest day of her life because she will no longer have to worry about putting gas in her car or paying her mortgage. Is she for real?

I did like her last statement of "if I help him he is going to help me". Well, this is stupidity at it's finest. Someone needs to go up to this woman and slap her really hard. It is time for a reality check.

Here is a clue for her. Barack Obama is a politician. What he is promising now are termed "campaign promises". Historically, politicians, especially Presidential ones, have tended not to keep their word. Broken campaign promises to these people are as natural as taking a pee after drinking a gallon of water. In other words, it is a way of life for them.

That being said, why should anyone pay this woman's gas and mortgage? Personal responsibility teaches that it is up to you to create your path in life. It is up to you to determine the success you engage in life. The government has the responsibility to ensure that people are given the opportunity to succeed. The Constitution coupled with other laws guarantees that.

This is the sad state of our nation. My comments here are not racially motivated. The clip happens to be of a black person but Obama is going to be receiving 10 millions of votes from other ethnic groups. Many of them feel the same way this woman does. Reality is going to hit them in the face and hard.

I am going to surmise that the new President, most likely Obama, is going to break at least 75% of the campaign promises. For those waiting for the government to stop your foreclosures, I suggest calling an attorney. No matter how it all breaks down, this will require some kind of consent from the banks. So this woman who is waiting for Obama to pay her mortgage is going to find herself in the street. Well, perhaps that is where she belongs. Anyone who trusts the government to take care of you is a total fool.

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The Spin

I watched all the Democratic pundits on television spinning Obama's statements about bankrupting the coal industry. (I wrote about this here). It is amazing how these people can spin the facts.

Their tactic is to reflect the criticism away from Obama. Almost to a person, each of these people, when asked if Obama is going to bankrupt the coal industry, said that Obama's plan is no different then McCain's. That is a diversionary tactic. They never answered a question which Obama himself answered. We have a Presidential candidate who is willing to put private industry out of business and use the power of the government to do that. Did we move to Venezuela and nobody told me? What is next, he will take control of the media?

This is an example of the spin that politicians use. The same is true for those in their campaign. It is impossible to get a straight answer out of any of them. We, the people, are left to decipher between one set of lies and another. That is why it is time for all of them to go.

Judging by some of the email that I get, it seems that most of you cannot handle the truth. Jack Nicholson in A Few Good Men was correct. It is one thing for the one blinded by ideology to fall prey to the political nonsense. However, for reasonably sensible people it does not make sense.

Here is the truth and if you cannot handle it tough. Millions of you will vote tomorrow and are free to choose whomever you like. Nevertheless, if you have anything to do with the coal industry, your life is going to change for the worse. Your company will lose competitiveness with other energy sources since it cannot expand. If you live in areas that are dependent upon this industry, get prepared for your towns to suffer. We are going to see some ghost towns in these areas.

As I stated, this is an election of two pathetic candidates. Neither is worth a crap in my opinion. At best, they are each some of the weakest people their parties could muster. Seeing all the mudslinging that is occurring, I can see why. What respectable individual wants to subject himself/herself to this stuff? It comes down to who is lying to us the least.

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We Survived

The last 20-30 years saw an increase in government intervention to "protect" us. This is no great secret. However, here is something that I wanted to share which reminds us how much things changed. The government is in the process of removing all personal responsibility from individuals.

Here is part of an email that I received which talks about the world most of us over the age of 35 grew up in. Many of you saw this since it was floating around the Internet for years.

This goes out to all those who survived these calamities:

We survived being born to mothers who smoked and/or drank while they carried us.

They took aspirin, ate blue cheese dressing, tuna from a can, and didn’t get tested for diabetes.

Then after that trauma, our baby cribs were covered with bright- colored, lead-based paints.

We had no childproof lids on medicine bottles, doors, or cabinets, and when we rode our bikes, we had no helmets, not to mention the risks we took hitchhiking.

As children, we would ride in cars with no seat belts or air bags.

Riding in the back of a pick up on a warm day was always a special treat.

We drank water from the garden hose and NOT from a bottle.

We shared one soft drink with four friends, from one bottle, and NO ONE actually died from this.

We ate cupcakes, white bread and real butter, and drank soda pop with sugar in it, but we weren’t overweight because

We would leave home in the morning and play all day, as long as we were back when the streetlights came on.

No one was able to reach us all day. And we were okay.

We would spend hours building our go-carts out of scraps and then ride down the hill, only to find out we forgot the brakes! After running into the bushes a few times, we learned to solve the problem.

We did not have Playstations, Nintendos, X-boxes, no video games at all, no 99 channels on cable, no video-tape movies, no cell phones, no surround sound, no personal computers, no Internet or Internet chat rooms….......WE HAD FRIENDS, and we went outside and found them!

We fell out of trees, got cut, broke bones and teeth, and there were no lawsuits from these accidents.

We ate worms and mud pies made from dirt, and the worms did not live in us forever.

We were given BB guns for our 10th birthdays, made up games with sticks and tennis balls, and although we were told it would happen, we did not put out very many eyes.

We rode bikes or walked to a friend’s house and knocked on the door or rang the bell, or just walked in and talked to them!

Little League had tryouts, and not everyone made the team. Those who didn’t had to learn to deal with disappointment. Imagine that!!

The idea of a parent bailing us out if we broke the law was unheard of. They actually sided with the law!

This generation has produced some of the best risk takers, problem solvers, and inventors ever!

The past 50 years have been an explosion of innovation and new ideas.

We had freedom, failure, success and responsibility, and we learned

Consider these events in comparison to what the government is the name of protecting us. This effort only serves to make people weaker.

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Govenmental Interference

This keeps getting better. A recording surfaced yesterday (interesting timing) that had Obama caught on tape talking about what he will do to the coal industry. Evidently, he was interviewed back in January of this year where he made the statement that if a company decides to build a coal plant, it will bankrupt them due to the costs they will incur for the emissions. He went on to say that energy prices will necessarily increase.

Now, this is getting scary. Here is an individual who believes the government has the right to bankrupt private companies. Also, he shows no concern for the plight of the American people. Obviously, the idea that their budgets will be devastated is of no concern to him. This is the typical mindset of the politicians.

Obama was called an "elitist". I think this title fits him. Of course, do not believe he is that different from the norm in that regard. All of our elected officials, at the Federal level, are elitist. McCain is one also. When was the last time he had to budget for the electric bill? Their ability to understand the plight of the average family does not exist.

So, once again we are left with the reality that the citizens are being screwed by the American people. If Obama's ideas go through, every family will incur higher energy costs and by a substantial amount. Also, all those people who make their living off the coal industry have to understand their livelihood is threatened. I wonder what Robert Byrd feels about this idea since West Virginia is one of the largest producing coal states.

If we heard statements like these from another country, we would be ready to go to war. Americans would be irate if Iran, as an example, said that it was going to bankrupt the U.S. coal industry. However, when a Presidential candidate makes that claim, nobody pays any attention. Perhaps it is because many believe that he will carry out nothing that he promised anyway. Hold onto your paychecks; it is going to get ugly.

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Sunday, November 2, 2008

What Is Our Government

We initially were established as a democracy which means "rule by the majority". This might be true back when the Founding Fathers created the new government. Sadly, we are a long way away from this now. Recent events reveal exactly the form of government which exists.

An oligarchy is "rule by a few". This is definitely the case in the era. The other day I wrote how the Federal government is run by 536 people (read here). This clearly shows that the fate of 300 million people is in the hands of an elite few.

However, there is another level that needs to be looked at. There is a classification of oligarchy which is termed "plutocracy". This is "rule by the wealthy". Take a look at the members of Congress and you quickly realize how true this is. Also, with all the money required to get into office, it is impossible for the "average Joe" to get elected. Even a state seat requires hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Another characteristic of a plutocracy is that the degree of economic inequality is high while social mobility is low. The idea of upward mobility is advertised as being available to everyone but, in reality, only a few can do this. Look at the black race. They were poor generations ago and are still in that same situation. As a culture, they really did not ascend in social standing. The same is true of most born into poverty.

We hear a lot about the separation between rich and poor. Inflation is increasing at an astounding rate (do not believe the 2%-3% crap the government claims; 7%-9% is more accurate). This affects the lower income people more than those who are well off. Also, someone with 1/10 the money to invest will need to get 10 times the return to keep pace with the wealthy. Thus, the separation of rich and poor is increasing.

This is the situation as it is now. If you are one who is holding out that you are living in a democracy, wake up. The government is run by the wealthy. We are starting to see the government take over the resources of the country. Our financial system is owned in part by the Feds. Do you think they will ever give up that control? Also, since they are so irritated with the oil companies, I can envision the government getting involved there. Of course, they will sell this by telling us how it is to protect us from "corporate greed". The control of natural resources by the government is another aspect of plutocracy. It is here folks. Accept it!!!

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Every Vote Counts

This is the mantra that we are told. The events in the 2000 election made it seem like this is actually true. If you recall, the vote between Bush and Gore was really tight in Florida. Who can forget the hanging chad? In the end, Bush was awarded the election based upon numerous recounts. But, who really knows if he won or not?

The point of this is not to dispute who won the election in 2000. What is important is how voter fraud can have such an impact. If your vote counts, especially in a close election, then so does every single vote cast by Mickey Mouse.

ACORN is receiving a lot of publicity for it's practice of signing up bogus voters. This very act strikes at the foundation of the American democratic system. Rigged elections occur where there is a dictator in place. Saddam and Castro come to mind. It is amazing they win by an overwhelming majority. Nevertheless, it is not something that we have here.

Wrong!!!! This election is as corrupt as we ever have seen. It is proven that the Obama campaign contributed $800,000 to the coffers of ACORN (actually one of its affiliate organizations). There are millions of dollars in unregulated contributions that came from overseas which is against election law. Finally, the media, supposedly independent, is in the tank for Obama giving him trillions in free positive publicity. So much for a level playing field.

Now, I am only picking on Obama since the Democrats are the ones receiving the advantage. The Republicans would be doing exactly the same thing if given the opportunity. Therefore, you cannot trust any of them. Many believe the difference between them is the party. That is incorrect. The only difference between politicians is that some have tits.

So what can we do about voter fraud? My theory is that voter fraud should be a capital offence. Let's behead those guilty of it. Too rash? Look around you and see how this country is turning into a playground for these corrupt individuals. Also, all voter drive organizations should be disbanned with all their funds taken immediately. Who needs them other than a party trying to rig elections? Registering to vote is one of the simplest things in the world. If you are too lazy to take your ass down to the election office, then you do not deserve to vote. End of discussion. And don't give me that bullcrap about the ill and beridden. They are not the ones who are being registered on these voter drives.

The time is coming where we will see bloodshed. There is a dictator on the rise; we are uncertain who it is. Democracy is dead. We are living in the age of tyranny. Thus far it is not a single individual. However, that will change in the future. Perhaps the Messiah known as Obama will move in that direction. Mark my words, this one is as corrupt as they come.

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Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Demise Of Democracy

A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves largesse from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates promising the most benefits from the public treasury with the result that a democracy always collapses over loose fiscal policy, always followed by a dictatorship. The average age of the world’s greatest civilizations has been 200 years.

-Alexander Fraser Tytler (1747–1813)

Can you believe this statement was made 200 years ago? This sums up all that is happening with the United States political landscape. Based upon this statement, it is time to get rid of our existing government and start over. We eclipsed the 200 years useful life for the world's greatest civilizations. This is why we are promoting the idea of revolution.

Let us look at this quote in a bit more detail.

"...until the voters discover that they can vote themselves largesse from the public treasury". Does this sound familiar to anyone? Our government has turned into an organization of handouts. The politicians promise more to the people in return for the votes. Votes equal power in the political arena. So the people vote for the one who promises to give us them the most.

Here is a newsflash: America is done. If you hadn't heard already, there you have it. All the qualities which made this country the world leader are no longer promoted by our leaders. Instead, they reward laziness and incompetence. And now, with the Party of handouts completely in charge, we are going to see it increase.

I read a stat that mentioned that presently 43% of American citizens receive assistance from the Federal government. If this is true, we are moving rapidly towards the day when more than half the population will receive a check from the government. When this happens, we will see the decline at a quicker pace. Every society that had more than half it's people dependent upon the government disappeared. The retiring of the Baby Boomers in the next decade will take care of that.

"From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates promising the most benefits from the public treasury..."

Obama is promising everything under the sun. McCain is only promising 3/4 of the things under the sun. Notice how there aren't headlines promoting establishing an atmosphere where personal responsibility will prosper. That is because the people do not want that. We are voting for the one who is going to give the most handouts. In this instance, it is Obama.

So, as you look out over the landscape over the next 10 years, begin to think who you would like as a dictator. According to the quote, that is the next part of the process. Doubt this will happen? Who would have guess the wisdom of the first part 50 years ago? History is on the side of America's demise.

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Update: Presidential Crookedness

Here is a total shock: Barak Obama claims that he had no idea that is aunt was in the country illegally. Instead, his campaign is blaming the dirty tactics on the Republicans. Isn't that always the way with these people? When you are caught, you blame someone else.

This is what is infuriating to the country. How can anyone believe anything these people say? Obama will get tens of millions of votes. Many of these people who are blinded by their ideology. The rest prove that they are idiots. Of course, McCain is not better. I truly hope that Barr and Nader get lots of support; that will tell me at least people are protesting the events of the major parties.

Anyway, it now seems that Obama's auntie ignored a deportation order. And he knew nothing about it. Does he think the American people are that stupid? I believe he does. Sadly, he is correct though. The American people are that stupid. They will believe anything that the politicians tell them.

What does this say about Obama? In my estimation, one of two things is going on here. First, either he knew and he is lying through his teeth. Or, he honestly had no idea which tells of his character. How could you have no idea if you aunt left the country after receiving a deportation order? I guess the same way you could sit in a church twice a month for 20 years and never hear the Pastor spew anti-American rhettoric. Again, either he is a liar or an idiot. And one thing Obama is not is stupid.

On Tuesday, America goes to the polls (they actually started already). They have a choice between one who is being proven on a weekly basis to be full of crap and one who is in political office so long he is incapable of telling the truth. Who will best represent this country? As you can guess, in this one America will come out the loser. Fortunately, it will move us one step closer to the inevitable explosion. The clock is ticking.

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Presidential Crookedness?

I wrote the other day about the crooked politician, Ted Stevens. I felt this story epitomizes one of the major things wrong with our political system. For the most part, the crooks are free to roam as they see fit. This is the basic premise behind the new revolution. Somehow we, the American people, need to take back control.

Ted Stevens shows how corrupt some can be. Nevertheless, there now appears to be another example of the corruption and it comes from one of our Presidential nominees. It seems there is a report that his aunt, who is living in a Boston public housing complex, is here in the United States illegally. Are you kidding me? A member of the family of a sitting U.S. Senator is illegally in the country. That is astonishing to me.

Many will say what is the big deal? I am certain this factoid will get little press while doing little to change anyone's mind. Most Americans are blind to what is important anyway. They are like sheep being led to slaughter. Look at the poor's overwhelming support of more government handouts. They fail to realize that it is the government which is keeping them down.

Anyway, what does an illegal aunt have to do with Obama's ability to hold the Office of President? First, to me, it shows how he has no regard for the laws of this nation. He feels that it is okay for his family to break the immigration laws of this country. Secondly, if he is not willing to uphold this standard within his own family, how can we believe that he will do it for the country? Obviously, he condones this type of behavior.

Is one black woman from Africa here in the United States illegally when there are 15 million others who fit into the same category a big story? Yes, when the nephew of that woman is running for President. This shows a great deal about his belief in the importance of laws.

One final thought that crossed my mind: if one receives $4 million from the profits of a book, why does he have an aunt on public assistance? I guess redistributing the wealth does not pertain to his money.

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