Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Geithner Confirmed

We are seeing the level of corruption expand. The leaders in Washington are using the economic collapse as a means to push through legislation and people we ordinarily would reject. The head of the Treasury is a prime example.

Obama wanted Geithner confirmed quickly so that he could start working on "saving" the economy. Because of the critical need, Congress mostly overlooked the fact that Geithner failed to pay taxes over a number of years. In some circles this is called a "tax cheat".

What is dismaying about this situation is how the American people are forced to accept someone in a position who is corrupt (or stupid). Geithner claimed that his not paying the taxes was a mistake. Horsecrap. We all know when we are trying to cheat the government. Nonetheless, if a person is capable of a mistake like this, he is not fit to run the Treasury. Sadly, I do not accept this to be true. I believe Geithner is smarter than that and this was not a mistake. He was trying to cheat and got caught. That makes him corrupt in my opinion.

Geithner is not the story here. What is important is how those in power are force feeding us corruption and legislation because of the perceived emergency. The TARP program was a prime example. Paulson (another nimrod) told us that without the $700 billion, the financial markets would collapse. Well, $350 billion went in without changing much. Actually, they have no idea where most of the money went. That is government at it's best.

You are going to see a huge spending package (they call it a stimulus bill) passed because of rising unemployment and the need to create jobs. It is interesting to note that the present unemployment figure stands where it did during Bill Clinton's first term. Yet, he proposed $16 billion in stimulus spending. Has inflation jumped that much where $16 billion in the early 1990s, became $1 trillion a couple of decades later? Of course not. This is just an excuse for more government spending.

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