Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Environmental Insanity

The more I delve into this subject called "global warming" (now changes to climate change since it appears to be a farce), the more I realize how badly we are misled by those in power. If you listen to the political morons we elected, you would think that the world is going to melt in the next few decades. And, of course, man is the cause of this chaos. This viewpoint is re-emphasized by the media who love to show how hurricanes and earthquakes are increasing, even if they really are not.

Yet, when we see studies done using science instead of computer models, we realize there is an entirely different situation occurring. The Earth is now in a cooling period. This was the case since 1998 when the temperature flattened out after a rise for the previous 2 decades. It seems that since 2000, the number of sunspots decreased to a low level at present. This is an indicator of a coming decrease in global temperatures. (Read article here)

Naturally, we are going to hear Al Gore and his cronies tell us that man is the cause for the cooling period also. This is a total bunch of crap. Over the past few years, Gore has raked in millions of dollars from this hoax. Why would he ever want to see the true results revealed? He would not. It is in his best interest to keep the facade going.

Al Gore padding his pocketbook is the least of our worries. What is truly scary is the trillions of dollars world organizations are going to spent to try and prevent manmade global climate change. Obama has named a Harvard geek who is a big warming proponent as head of his science team. This is outright dangerous. These idiots are going to get us into expensive agreements. All this over nothing.

This is just another example of why we need to radical shift the people who are leading us. Most of the politicians in Washington are already signed onto this charade. They need to be removed from office as soon as possible. Every law that is enacted to support this madness is another screwing of the American people. And now, President Obama is the ringleader. His ideas are going to cost trillions. This insanity has to be stopped.

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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Call Someone A Racist Enough...

Nobody can say that the sitting Governor of Illinois lacks balls. This guy really is a piece of work. Already under investigation for allegedly seeking to "sell" President-elect's Senate seat, Blagojevich stunned everyone by appointing a replacement. This led to the Democratic Senate Leaders to state they would not seat the appointment since it was made by Blagojevich. Before anyone goes off the deep end, they made the statement a couple of weeks ago claiming that they would reject anyone who he chose.

Of course, this did not stop the race card from being immediately played. The Governor chose Roland Burris, a black man who served as Attorney General for that state. Personally, I have no idea of this guy's qualifications although I do believe that he certainly is more prepared than Caroline Kennedy. After watching interviews with people who know Mr. Burris, it seems that he is a decent man who served a long time publicly while keeping his nose clean. I am not here to debate whether this is a good choice or not.

What I am here to dispute is the playing of the race card because Burris is black. This is the epitome of what this culture has become: anytime a person of color is negatively criticized or forbidden to do something, the people doing it are racist. Already, Congressman Rush threw out the accusation towards the white Senate. (Read article here). Of course, what can we expect from an ex-black panther?

Here is the deal: this situation is not about Roland Burris and certainly has nothing to do with his skin color. This is the United States Senate flexing their muscles against a corrupt Governor. I believe Democratic leadership is corrupt but they are not racist. Again, this has nothing to do with Burris' skin color.

Yet, we are once again subjected to the race card. How dare the Senate deny a black man an opportunity to serve? Since they came out against him, it must be because they are racists. This assertion is a complete load of crap. Harry Reid is a Senator from Nevada, not some southern sheriff from Alabama. I believe adjectives like stupid, corrupt, inept, and sleazy fit him. However, racist does not.

This is just another situation where it shows that anything said or done against a black is racist. If you do not give him a job it is because of the skin color, not because he isn't qualified. The same is true for sports, politics, business, or social circles. Quotas are set up to level the playing field. This is the politically correct solution to this historic tragedy.

Well here is some news for everyone: when the pendulum swings too far in one direction, the result is a forceful pulling the other way. We are going to see that in this country. Political correctness and all this other bull crap is getting old. It is getting close to running it's course. In the next few years we will see a backlash that might return things to the way they were 50 years ago. If you call someone a racist long enough, he might just turn into one.

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Monday, December 29, 2008

Global Warming Debate Over?

We all heard Al Gore spews his garbage about the science regarding man-made global warming being "beyond consensus". To him, the science is clear. The only question I have is "who are these scientists that Al Gore is talking to?". It seems that his surveys were conducted with politicians, Hollywood celebrities, and old hippies. The true "scientists" are having a dispute about the validity of the global warming theory.

Christopher Booker writes in the Telegraph that 2008 witnessed the end of the debate over this subject (here). It seems that the true science is revealing that the Earth entered a cooling period. The absurd claims that the "alarmists" made regarding global warming simply are incorrect. This became a political issue more than a scientific issue of the past few decades. Science shows that the planet naturally goes through cycles and this time period is no different.

We saw no climate change from 1997-2007 when we witnessed a cooling period. This erased any gains in planetary temperature since the end of the 1800s (about 7 degree C). The planet is now the same as it was 110 years ago. At the same time, the polar ice caps recouped most of the mass lost during the warming period of the last 30 years. Since 2006, a mass the size of Texas was added to these sensational sights. Finally, the Pacific Ocean has now entered it cooling phase which oceanologists have shown to trend in 25-30 year time frames. It just so happens that we are ending a warming phase that started in the mid 1970s.

So where does this leave us? We are stuck with a President and political leaders who are 100% behind this myth. They are ready to commit billions to fighting something that does not exist. In fact, the trend is the opposite direction. People are starving and Obama wants to put a "cap and trade" on everything. What a jackass!!! The politics continue to screw the American people who are stuck footing the bill for this.

Money is driving this entire venture. In the next year, the UN will spend over $40 billion on global warming related programs and research. This means a lot of people are being funded by this farce. Do you think they are going to disprove something that provides their paycheck? Not likely. Have you ever wondered why the American Cancer Society never cured cancer despite millions of dollars spent on research? Because it is not in their best interest.

We are going to see the same garbage out of the global alarmist that we witnessed the last few years. Al Gore will stand up and tell us how wrong we are to use regular light bulbs while he flies around on a private jet. Our government, and those around the world, are going to spend billions in an exercise that amounts to trying to "prove Santa Clause". However, we will see more science revealing exactly how inaccurate the alarmists are.

The only thing I can say is to bring a sweater: the next few decades are going to get colder.

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Ponzi: The Government's Favorite Scheme

The "Ponzi Scheme" is getting much attention with the arrest of Bernard Madoff. His fraud (alleged) is going to total billions of dollars. However, while it is illegal for an individual to run a scheme such as this, it is apparently the government's favorite financial tool. When one looks at things closely, the Frederal government is really operating a number of giant Ponzi schemes.

Before getting into detail, I copied this from Wikipedia to define what the scheme is:

"A Ponzi scheme is a fraudulent investment operation that pays returns to investors out of the money paid by subsequent investors rather than from profit. The term "Ponzi scheme" is used primarily in the United States, while other English-speaking countries do not distinguish colloquially between this scheme and other pyramid schemes.

The Ponzi scheme usually offers abnormally high short-term returns in order to entice new investors. The perpetuation of the high returns that a Ponzi scheme advertises and pays requires an ever-increasing flow of money from investors in order to keep the scheme going.

The system is destined to collapse because the earnings, if any, are less than the payments. Usually, the scheme is interrupted by legal authorities before it collapses because a Ponzi scheme is suspected or because the promoter is selling unregistered securities. As more investors become involved, the likelihood of the scheme coming to the attention of authorities increases."

I already wrote about the ruse that the Federal government call Social Security. This is nothing more than a glorified Ponzi scheme. (Read it here)

There seems to be a new system that is going to be structured in the same way. It is the proposed Universal Healthcare System. This is something that you all have heard about. The Federal Government is going to provide insurance for everyone who is not presently covered. This sounds wonderful until one asks "where is all the money going to come from?". The simple fact is that there will not be enough money coming in to cover the expenses that are going to need paying out. Of course, initially, the funds will be available. However, over the decades, we will see the deficit grow to cover this. This is no different than Social Security.

If we want to take this one step further, we can expand this to mean the entire Federal Government is nothing more than a Ponzi Scheme. The existence of this entire institution is based upon money taken in today. However, the services are paid out immediately with no future certainty that those services will be offered to those stuck with the future payments. This seems very similar to what MAdoff did.

Simply put, we are receiving the payouts today based upon the continual investment by others. Sooner or later, when the incoming money doesnt cover the expenditures, the system collapses. That is the present fate of the American government. This is an entity which will implode because of the excessive spending. Our children will not be able to pay enough to cover all the payouts presently promised by the existing leadership in this country. Hopefully, the American people will wake up to this ruse before it is too late.

Bernard Madoff is going to jail. However, he is not the only one who belongs there. Each of the individual Congress people, President, and anyone else who is involved with this illegal system of government should be there with him. They are willing participants in one of the greatest crimes mankind ever witnessed.

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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Seems Management Isnt The Only Ones With Perks

Now, the truth is coming out. We were led to believe that the management at the automakers were wasting company money on perks that were senseless. At the same time, Ron Gettlefinger pleaded with Congress for money to save jobs and the workers. His concern is for the people.

It now appears the UAW had their own perks. Read story here.

The Union has their own golf course. Of course, they are defending it as an investment which is used to train members and hold seminars. Unfortunately, it is losing millions of dollars each year. I guess golf courses aren't the money makers they use to be.

Once again, we were misled by those in power. Everyone knows that the management of the Big Three totally missed the direction of the marketplace. Nevertheless, the Union head proves himself to be a snake in the grass also. The impression that the Union is only concerned about getting as much as they can is now reaffirmed. And I won't even mention the "end around" that Bush pulled in bailing these idiots out. They are all culpable in this.

This is just another example of the corruption that those in power are fulled with. This takes us one step closer to the needing a massive uprising.

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Land Speculation

Land speculation is a fabulous way to create wealth. In our nation's history, thousands, if not, millions used this technique to improve their family fortunes. Some of the richest men in our country made their money by purchasing land. Over the years, it is the one thing that seems to go up consistently.

Excessive investment is what creates the problems. We saw this with the dot com bubble in the early part of the 2000s. Everyone was putting money into a tech company in belief they would receive a huge return. For years, many people did. Alas, the day eventually came where the party ended. The crash hurt thousands of people who lost millions (or billions) of dollars. The easy money was over.

That brings me back to real estate. Land speculation led to the run up in prices. People were buying a property and mortgaging it to the max. They did this to buy more properties. Everything is fine as long as the values keep increasing. However, when they stop, people find themselves overexposed. Suddenly, millions of people find themselves unable to pay their mortgages. Banks are forced to foreclose which leads to a fast drop in the real estate prices. In short, everyone's property is worth less. This inevitably leads to a deep recession that affects the entire country.

Recent events might lead you to believe that I am referring to the time between 2003-2006. Actually, the situation I described occurred in the 1830s. At that time, the land was being sold by the government. In 1824, it raised $4.9 million. By the end of 1836, it rose to $24.9 million. This enabled the government to get out of debt and realize a $20 million surplus. Alas, the party had to end. The result was a crash in 1937 that led to an economic recession that lasted a number of years.

Many believe that President Andrew Jackson the cause since he issued the Specie Circular which made people buy land with gold or silver. Obviously, this cut out the speculators altogether. Without them, prices turned downward instantly since there were no buyers. However, the events the last few years show that Jackson only forced the inevitable. The boom could not continue at the same pace. Like this century, it had to burst at some point. Today, like in 1837, we are feeling the effects of this quick run up.

Remember this idea the next time you hear our leaders blaming each other for the situation. Also, you will now have the ammunition to laugh at any idea that the government is going to fix this problem. They were not able to fix the recession in 1837, nor were they able to get us out of the Great Depression. The only thing the government can do is pile up more debt to throw money at the problem. Building infrastructure might seem like a worthwhile venture, yet Roosevelt proved it does little for the economy.

The commonality between the land speculation of the 1830s and the real estate boom of the 2000s is that the government was asleep when it occurred. In the 1830s, the government was the one selling the land. It was their greed which caused them to allow things to continue. Increasing the supply would slow the process while avoiding a huge price run up. This time, the leaders at the Treasury, Fed, Congress, and White House mostly ignored the problem until it was too late. A lack of monitoring of the banks led to them making bad loans that were destined to go bad. The government only compounded this problem by passing legislation forcing the banks to make subprime loans. In reality, this is what started the entire mess to begin with.

So there it is. Two examples spread over hundreds of years where the government was a large reason for an economic recession. Did they learn from history? Of course not. The government is worse than any alcoholic or drug addict. Those people believe "this time will be different". Every new Congress or Administration believes it will be different with them at the helm. It is not. Therefore, since a massive investment in public works did not work for Roosevelt, why does Obama believe it will work for him. Have another drink Barack.

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Friday, December 26, 2008

This is how ridiculous it has gotten

A woman in Pensacola is claiming that she was fired for saying "Merry Christmas" when she greeted callers. Naturally, the company is denying the accusation. Nevertheless, legal action is following. (Here is the story).

Now, I will start by saying I have no idea why this woman was terminated. Her guilt or innocence in this particular instance is not the issue. The idea that something like this does occur shows the mindset we have as a culture. Also, later in the article, that dogpuke of an attorney tells of how "the smartest choice might be ignoring the season". He ought to be kicked in the head for that statement.

Here is the 411. Most of the American population is made up of people with Christian backgrounds. By now most of you know that I am not a religious zealot. Other than a wedding or funeral, I cannot think of the last time I was in a church. Nevertheless, I do understand that many people choose to practice their faith in that manner. And, Christmas is the highlight of their religious devotion.

I do not know why we have allowed the blatant attacks on Christianity. It seems that being offensive to Muslims is the least of our worries. Besides, they make up then less than 5% of our population. Thus, if they do not like it, tough. Isn't that what democracy is about? If the majority want it a certain way, that is what rules. Since the majority are made up of Christians, then they have a right to express their beliefs as they see fit.

Besides, what about Christmas offends the other religions? Is there a massive "offending" of individuals or is this a weapon used by the media and secularists to further their agenda. Perhaps the Muslims and Jews could care less when in reality it is the atheists who are offended. Well, tough crap. Get over it.

Who says we need to contour our actions when other people are offended? Right now, I am offended that we have corrupt politicians running our country. Nancy Pelosi offends me. So does George Bush. Dick Chaney too. Let us not forget Barack Obama. And, of course, Barney Frank. They are all liars, cheats, and greedy for power. I think they all need to be exiled to Elba along with the rest of Congress and half the Supreme Court. They are offensive to me. Yet nobody seems to want to help me with this dilemma.

Personally, I say the hell with saying "Happy Holidays". The tradition in America is to say "Merry Christmas" and that is what I say. Again, you will not see me in church celebrating the birth of Christ but I do respect those that do. Of course, if those people want to shove their beliefs down my throat, I am perfectly happy to take their Bible and beat them over the head with it. I respect others choice of faith while expecting them to respect mine.

What this all boils down to is the political argument over the separation of church and state. Of course, this is another one of those nifty lines created by those who want to get God out of all aspects of the government. Once again, these people took the thoughts of the Founding Fathers and turned them all around. The idea was that the government does not have the right to mandate any national religion or restrict the choice of any individual. This was one of their complaints against England many centuries ago. Nevertheless, they did not feel that we were to establish a government devoid of any Deity. It is obvious the individuals who founded this country were deeply religious individuals.

Where does this all leave us? For this woman in Pensacola, she will be in court. If she did suffer an ill-fated termination because of her beliefs, I hope they bankrupt the company. However, if she is filing another frivalous lawsuit, I pray the judge throws her in jail for a month to let her think about her lies. As for the rest of the country, this is another barbaric attack by a few on the wants of the majority. This is no different then that sleazy maneuver Bush pulled with the Auto companies. The wishes of a few overrode the desires of the majority. It is sounding a lot like 1776.

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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Bailouts Renamed!

The American people are getting fed up with the government bailouts. Surveys indicate the majority of the people were against the intervention into the auto industry. Since Bush ignored the wishes of the people, and the votes in Congress, I think that just added to the lack of support. This is an "end around" in what I deem an abuse of power.

Now, we are going to get another wave of bailouts under Obama. However, he is terming them "economic stimulus". His idea is that huge influxes of cash by the Federal Government will get the economy going again. Of course, everyone seems to ignore the $175 billion stimulus implemented over the summer and how little that did.

What is interesting is that they are already lining up to get into the action. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the heads of the largest retailers sent Obama a letter asking him to include them in a stimulus package. It appears they want to have 3 tax free days to help their sales. They believe that people will spend more money if they do not have to pay sales tax. What a farce. (Here is the article).

Anyone who reads this blog knows I am anti government and against all kinds of taxes. However, the idea that people will spend more because of a removal of sales tax is absurd. Florida does this every year during the "back to school" shopping period. From what I can see, the results are mixed at best. Of course, it is a situation where people are spending since children need clothes and supplies for school. The belief that people will take money out of their pockets and spend because of a 6% sales tax removal is asinine. They will not do that. Period!!!

Nevertheless, the government opened up Pandora's Box with the bailout mentality. We are going to see every organization with representation (i.e. lobbyists) knocking at the government's door. Wasn't this something that Obama and McCain campaigned to put a stop to: the power of the lobbyists? Well, with such a bad precedent set, we are going to see more of the same. And, once again, the American people are screwed in the process.

It is time to put a stop to this stupidity.

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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A Waste of Manpower?

Over the last week, the little town that I live in arrested 10 prostitutes for solicitation. They were "streetwalkers" who were caught in an undercover sting. Now, all of them face prosecution for this "crime".

We have witnessed something similar with regards to Craigslist. There are undercover cops who are portraying prostitutes in an effort to catch men trying to pick up prostitutes. At the same time, there are those who are undercover pretending to be Johns looking to trap someone soliciting. From what I read, they are fairly successful at this.

Why are we doing this? If you consider all the terrible crimes being committed, how does prostitution rank high on them? To me, it looks like a terrible waste of time and money. When you think about all the hours that are spent arresting, booking, trying, and jailing these people, it is insane; especially when compared to the real crimes that are committed.

I think Internet police is a wonderful idea. However, instead of going after Johns and prostitutes, why not take all that effort and put it into chasing child molesters. How about those who engage in "kiddy" porn? Nail their asses to the wall. They are the ones who really do harm to society.

The religious right still wields great power. Our government still feels it ought to legislate morality. Therefore, it creates a law banning certain activities. It is senseless. If the government did everything else well, I could see it getting into this arena. However, until it can teach our children properly, it ought to leave the hookers alone. Use the resources for a more productive purpose.

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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Another Senator Kennedy?

What is the value of a name? If that name is Kennedy, it seems that it is worth at least a Senate seat. Qualifications matter none if you have the proper surname. As long as you can raise money and wield some power, that is all that is needed. Who cares if you haven't really done anything substantial in your life.

I suggest that you go to Dick Morris' site to read an excellent article about this subject.

Rumors are that the Governor of New York will appoint Caroline Kennedy to replace Senator Clinton who is moving into the Obama administration. Dick Morris doesn't agree with this assessment, yet it is the prevailing wisdom. The Kennedy name is still a powerful tool in politics, capable of raising tremendous amounts of money.

So where does this leave the people of New York? I would surmise that they suffer in terms of knowledgeable representation. Kennedy spent most of her adult existence in the City while having limited, if any, insight into the rest of the state. Also, being from a wealthy family leaves her unable to identify with the average person. I mean, what does she know about the plight of someone in Binghamton or Syracuse? Does she even know where these places are? I think it is highly unlikely.

We are seeing more distant between the viewpoints of our political leaders and the people in general. This only stressing how things are going. The appointment of Caroline Kennedy will be nothing more than an entitlement selection. What is sad is that she will accept it. This shows how her mind things. There is absolutely no regard to whether she can do a good job.

I think it a disgrace what is going on. This is something that the Founding Fathers found to be distasteful about the British style of government. And, here we are, 200+ years later, replicating the same system. There was a fight over this point at that time; perhaps it is time to replicate that same action. A revolution is at hand.

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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Voting Based Upon Race

As you can guess I was never a fan of political correctness. To me, these "marys" ought to pull up their panties. Get tough and stop acting like a little girl. People get offended so easily it is pathetic. Oh poor baby.

But in keeping with the harmonious nature of society, I will play along for a moment. This election showed us an interesting tidbit: it is okay to vote for a President based upon the color of his skin. Before Obama, it was racist if you did this. All candidates were expected to be voted upon because of their merits. This is no longer true. Now, we can just vote someone because they are a particular color.

A fair portion of the votes that Obama got were because he was black (unless you were voting for the white part of him). His qualifications had nothing to do with the decision to elect him. It was because he was black-plain and simple. Here is a video put together by John Ziegler showing the mindset of the Obama voter. These people have no clue about anything that transpired in the political world. Yet, they were still eligible to vote.

We now can thank Obama for allowing us to return to the days of yesteryear. We had come so far with civil rights and the changing of the "white" mindset. However, since we preach equality, it must be okay to vote for a candidate just because he or she is white. What works for Obama surely must work for the rest of the country. This is another nail in the coffin of political correctness.

*If anything written here offends you, get a life you sissy. Somebody needs to slap you upside the head to help you think.

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Saturday, December 20, 2008

This really sums it up

Here is what the politicians are really saying to each other.

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Political Agendas: Leading Us Down The Wrong Path?

Once again it seems that the leaders we have in power are going to screw the American people. This time it is with the assistance of the media and the environmental movement. Their alarmist attitudes cause them to overlook blatant evidence to the contrary which will impact the average American negatively.

Recently, 4 leading climate scientists gathered to discuss the merits of global cooling. What I found interesting is that they all have theories about the condition while coming from 4 entirely different fields of science. To me, this is something that is worthy of attention. Nevertheless, the mainstream media, liberal in their bias, ignore this viewpoint altogether. This is an action which ought to make every clear thinker stand up and take notice. There obviously is an agenda being presented by them.

Here is a link that recaps the outlook of these 4 experts.

Contrary to the popular notion put forth by Al Gore, there is not consensus among the minds of science as to what is occurring. Many take the alternate view of what is popular. Sadly, it seems that those who do not believe the link between man's actions and global warming are viewed as heretics; similar to those who go against the tenets of the Church. To me, this is another sign to research further.

Anyway, the idea that caught my attention was put forth by the conference's host, Andy Weissman. He made this statement:

“If we’re about to shift into another natural climate cycle, we can’t do it without coal-fired generation. So the policy debate has to change,” he said. “Coal has to be back on the table if we’re ever going to meet our energy needs.”

The political debate regarding the climate is causing our leaders to defend their position instead of determining what is happening. Obviously, it they are trying to protect the world from global warming while we are in a cooling period, then we are in for a rough time. While it appears that the leaders would not be able to reverse this trend anymore than the movement towards warming, there are consequences for this obtuse thinking.

If Weissman is correct, we are in for a horrible energy situation. This one might make the events of the past year with the run up in the price of oil seem tame. Environmental pressures ensured that fuel choices such as coal are being reduced. The attacks in the name of man made warming are certainly having an effect. We are now conditioned to look at these choice of oil and coal as "dirty" and "evil". Again, contrary to the popular voice, the debate is not clear.

What is of concern is that we will have to pay for this mistake. If massive energy is required to meet our needs because of a cooling of the planet, I would think that is something that a responsible leader would want to prepare for. Of course, the present leadership believes that warming is the danger. Sadly, instead of science, this is driven by ideology. And, we, the people, are going to be the ones to pay.

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Friday, December 19, 2008

Bush The Savior

George Bush went ahead and gave the money to the automobile makers. He was determined to save the industry believing that the economy could not stand the collapse of this industry. It is the government's job to ensure the solvency of these companies.

My opinion is that Bush is a misguided fool on this matter. He is just delaying the inevitable. The United States auto makers are going to fail unless a radical shift in business practices is undertaken. Now, there is not much incentive for the management to change anything. At the same time, the unions will resist making any concessions of pay. In the end, we will be in the same situation again.

Bush was lamenting this week on his legacy. This is a dangerous thing to be doing when there is a major crisis on the table. Naturally, Bush does not want to be known as the President that let the automakers fold. This certainly went into his decision. Bush secured his legacy at the expense of America.

One of the contingencies of the deal is that a workable model needs to be in place by the end of March. If not, all the money given needs returning. That makes total sense. These companies come to the government because they do not have the funds to get through the next 30 days but they will be able to return billions at the end of the first quarter. Does Bush think they are going to put it in the bank and earn 1% interest. Of course not; they will blow through that money like water. They will be broke in the next 90 days.

So what is Bush's legacy? That he achieved a state of socialism within a 120 days period, thus wiping out 230 years of democracy. The fact that he went against the wishes of the elected officials in Congress shows that Bush is a rogue dictator. Everyone who resisted this argument by the left should now be convinced that Bush cared little for the legalities of our society. He made a decision that might help his legacy but will screw the American people. Thanks George, you putz.

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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Tobacco Like Hoax

In my last post, I opened up the can of worms about the global warming debate (yes contrary to what you heard there is still a debate). Therefore, I will go on this tangent a while and give the Federal government a break for a while. Rest easy, I will hammer them if anything important arises. In the meantime, this subject will go nicely with Christmas.

I came across this article which talked about the money ExxonMobil paid to fund research to study Global Cooling. The idea is that there is a tobacco-like campaign of disinformation put forth by the oil companies to discredit the science showing the merits of man-made global warming. Simply, the accusation is that ExxonMobil is paying for it's "scientists" to research a predetermined conclusion. The tobacco companies pulled this stunt for decades with false reports of "scientific study" which proved that smoking was not bad for your health. Of course, this is untrue.

So, according to the accusations, the oil companies are pulling the same stunt. Or are they? On the surface this argument makes sense. However, further insight reveals that perhaps there is more to this than meets the eye.

Here is an article with a link to the report:

This is the part of that article that struck me as odd.

"According to the report, ExxonMobil has funneled nearly $16 million between 1998 and 2005 to a network of 43 advocacy organizations that seek to confuse the public on global warming science."

Does this make sense to anyone else? According to the accusations, the revelation of man-made global warming as a result of emissions of carbon dioxide is attacking the lifeline of the oil companies. With this knowledge, legislature needs to follow which will create more friendly alternatives to the planet. This means that these companies are literally fighting for their survival.

This is where the argument goes awry: don't you think that if a company was faced with it's extinction, it would throw all resources at it. I mean, wouldn't you commit all your earnings for a year to save the company and ensure future operations? Most would do that. However, ExxonMobil committed $16 million over 8 years (an average of $2 million a year). This sounds like a lot until you consider their profit last quarter was over $10 billion. Not exactly the type of numbers you would expect for a company facing its demise.

Now that we know what this oil company spent, I wanted to learn what the global warming proponents got. It seems that the US government's annual budget for global warming research is $45 billion. That is a large difference when compared to the money spent by ExxonMobil. Seems to me that a lot more people are supported by the presence of global warming than the other side. Maybe it pays better to go along with this idea.

What is interesting is that I write this while the Northeast is getting hammered with a tremendous snow storm. We saw snow in Malibu and Las Vegas yesterday. Research showed that 2007 was the coldest in the last 120 years and this year might surpass it. The article I just referenced was written in January 2007. It appears that Dr. McCarthy was right that the facts would prevail. Two years later, warming is not on everyone's mind. And, ExxonMobil is not in the fight for their lives based upon the research money they spent.

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Global Warming?

Has anyone else noticed the temperatures recently? Yesterday, Las Vegas got snow. This is a city that is in the middle of the desert. And it got snow. Malibu got snow also. For those of you who do not own a globe, that is near Los Angeles. Southern California got snow? What the hell is going on here?

All across the country we are seeing conditions such as these. What makes this incredible is that we are sold a bill of goods by our politicians and the media that we are being threatened by global warming. How is this warming? To me, it is obvious that there is some cooling taking place.

This got me thinking. I am always skeptical when most of the politicians and the mainstream media agree on anything. That usually means we are in trouble. And, when I hear someone like Al Gore say "the debate is over" when it pertains to science, I really sit up and take notice. Getting scientists to agree on anything is impossible. It is like trying to get economists to see things the same way; they never will.

So, what is the truth? To be fair, I will admit that I have studied this subject in some detail. I am not a scientist nor do I profess to be. I only looked at this subject because much of what I heard defied common sense. This led me to look at this closer myself. And guess what I found. We are being misled by those in charge. Is anyone surprised?

Evidently, the Earth goes through periods of warming and cooling. It is a natural cycle that occurred for millions of years. Recently, we notice that the Earth is operating in 25-30 year cycles. The cycle of warming just ended and now we are seeing a period of cooling. This is why we are seeing temperatures in certain areas that haven't occurred in 100 years. Some are believing that we are at the beginnings of another "Mini Ice Age". That is a far cry from the catastrophic warming we are told to fear.

Why so much misinformation? It is simple. MONEY!!! Global Warming is a giant money maker. Everyone is funding it because it is impossible to say "no" to. All the governments around the world are buying into it as is the UN. With Obama in charge, we are now going to see the United States on board. Welcome to the party.

I will write more about this in following posts. However, one thing that is interesting is how the name of this occurrence changed the last few years. Anytime this occurs, I see some fancy shenanigans be played. This is a move the political and media establishments do to us all the time. So, I really took notice when "global warming" because "climate change". Now why do you suppose that happened?

This is meant to drive home a point of how manipulated we are by those in power. If you feel this is not a correct assessment about the global climate, I challenge you to do some research. I want you to prove where there is no debate about the direction of the Earth's temperature and the link to man causing it. Do a search on "global cooling" to see what results you get. You will find some highly qualified scientist who have researched this topic. Interestingly, they do not have the huge research grants of the warming crowd. Again, that in itself ought to make you wonder.

Follow the money if you want to get to the truth. Or if you are in Las Vegas, just look out your window.

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Raise The Gasoline Tax

Did you know that Stephen Chu is going to be Obama's energy secretary? I didn't either. In fact, I can't tell you who is the present energy secretary. The only time these people become relevant is when there is a major screw up (i.e. Chris Cox) or they say something really stupid. It seems that Chu falls into the later at this moment.

He believes that Obama ought to raise the gasoline tax over the next 15 years so that we (the people) have an incentive to buy more fuel efficient cars and shift to alternative fuels. Isn't that lovely? They want to mandate how we behave by placing incentives, or punishments, in front of the American people. This guy ought to be beaten with his Nobel Prize for saying that.

Fortunately, Obama used some common sense and nixed the idea. Raising taxes in a time of economic crisis is not a good idea no matter what your political affiliantion. New York will realize how much their revenues decrease because large tariffs the governor is proposing. What is most irritating is that a large portion of the problems we now are confronted with are due to the government's intervention. They caused it while we are stuck paying for it. This is the new American way.

I say the day of taxation without representation has returned. This was one of the foundations of the first American revolution. We are nearing the time when the second one is in order. Stay tuned.

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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Insane Spending

How many of you live in California or New York? Of those who do not, how many of you like your tax dollars going to bail out these states? Presently, I live in Florida and do not like the idea of any of my money going to either of those two states. My feeling is "let them suffer".

It is no secret that those two states are some of the most liberal in the country. I am amazed that a Republican could get elected governor in New York (I dont consider the governor of California to be a Republican just because there is a "R" next to his name). Their legislatures repeatedly vote for more spending in spite of gorwing deficits. California has teetered on the edge of bankruptcy for years. Now, they need Federal money to bail them out. Screw them. Go hit up all the Hollywood types. Let Schwarzenegger make another Terminator movie and give the hundreds of millions in proceeds to the state. Their debt is not my problem.

We have become bailout happy. What ever happened to personal responsibility? I guess that is a dead animal in this world. For the last few years, states spend like drunken sailors (as did the Feds) and now they are suffering because revenues are down. Sorry, but it is time they got themselves out of the hole they dug. Let them cut services that they promised along the way. It seems that no politician is willing to admit he/she cannot afford something. The government is the only entity that does that. How about massive layoffs of government personnel? If private companies can lay off thousands to ensure their solvency, why can't these states follow suit?

Perhaps you noticed the governor's solution in New York. He proposed a budget that implemented 80 new taxes (New York is already one of the highest taxed states). This is a necessary move along with spending cuts to avert a $50 billion deficit in the future. What gets me about his deal is that in spite of this, spending still increases 1+%. The idea of "we cannot afford all this" is still not registering. If you running a serious deficit, it is time to seriously cut spending. I fail to see how increasing the total budget is going to avert future disaster. It is not.

One thing about the government, they always go contrary to fundamental principles. Only a government entity could expect to reduce its deficit by still incurring more expenses. That is like you expecting to pay off your credit cards while still senseless using them. Even with a second job, if you spend more than you take in, you will fall further behind. Yet, it seems this does not apply in this situation. Once again, let some of those rich New Yorkers who support these bozos pay for their mishaps. Why should I fund them? I didn't vote for them.

Someday soon the country will wake up. Here is a 411 for you: we are broke. If the nation was a corporation, we would be in Chapter 11 at a minimum (more likely Chapter 7). The fact that the printing press is running around the clock will come back to haunt us. Inflation is going to jump up to the levels of Jimmy Carter. However, this time I do not see us pulling out of it. We are in too deep and the entitlement mentality is too ingrained. Serious pain needs to be felt by this country.

It is coming. Get ready.

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One Benefit To All Of Us

I read an article that Dick Morris posted on his website ( about the recent collapse in the world economy; more specifically, about the drop in oil prices. This is putting great strain on some of our enemies around the world. He goes on to break down how the downward freefall of oil prices is crippling many of these economies. Well, it could not happen to a better group of people.

We all know that most dictators hold power through a combination of fear and handouts. Fear is a wonderful way to keep people in line. However, it works much better when you can appease the majority of the population with handouts (sound familar-if not wait a year and you will know what I mean). The collapse in the economies is putting dictators in Iran and Venezuela in grave jeopardy of losing power. There is a stirring within their countries which could create an overthrowing of the government. To me, this is a wonderful idea that might be warranted in this country (lighten up! it was a joke..maybe).

Russia is experiencing similar circumstances. These oil dependent nations are now faced with receiving $20-$40 less a barrel than they planned on. At the same time, production is having to be slashed since global demand is still plummeting. This really warms my heart. Today, we say the price drop 8% in spite of OPEC announcing a cut of 4.5 million barrels a day. Again, it couldn't happen to a finer bunch of people.

We are too beholden to terrorist nations which hate us. Our dependence on foreign oil causes us to fund their initiatives which they use against us. Notice how all the terrorist caught in the last 10 years were from the Middle East. While it might purely be a coincidennce, it is not likely. That area is a hotbed for terror and Anti-American beliefs. Giving them $700 billion per year so that we can drive around in SUVs getting 14 mpg is ridiculous. At least now that figure is cut to $300 billion and going lower. A drawn out recession could totally cripple some of those nations, which survive solely on oil. I, for one, hope our government is not going to offer them a bailout.

Economies go up and they go down. I remember the outrage in the 80s when the Japanese were buying up everything in sight. They invested in anything they could get their hands on. If it had a famous address attached to it, bet the ranch some Japanese company owned it. I remember the tipping point when they bought Rockfeller Center in New York. Everyone watched the lighting of the Christmas (screw off you secular bastards; it's Christmas) tree knowing everything around it was owned by the "hated" Japanese.

Fast forward 20 years. The Japanese economy crashed and is mired in a decades long recession. They cut interest rates to zero (now you know where we got that idea from) to no avail (a sign for us that we won't heed). They had to sell or walk away from all their holdings. Now, proportionly speaking, the Japanese own very little within the United States.

Today, it is the Arabs who are the purchasers. They had all the money from the incredible oil run over the last couple of decades. Well, that is all coming to a crashing halt. We are going to see a repeat of the Japanese; they will have to liquidate their holdings to support things back home. Of course, then we will have to find another suitor to purchase our country. Perhaps one of these days American assets will actually be owned by Americans.

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By The People and For The People

What a crock of you know what!!! Have you noticed what is going on with all the vacant Senate seats. Of course, the scandal surrounding Obama's seat is well publicized. However, there are antics among the others also. Jos Biden's seat was taken by a handpicked crony to hold until Biden's son returns from Iraq and is old enought to take the seat. And, we now are seeing that Caroline Kennedy is going to get Hillary's seat in New York.

None of these people were elected. Obviously, there are procedures in place when a Senate seat is opened. However, the games being played show how the powerful are free to manipulate these situations without answering to the American people. Of course, the media seems to be involved in the entire ordeal too.

So how do we change it? As you know, we here are for radical overhaul of the entire governmental system. All who are in power these days quickly become corrupt. It is a "rich man's" club run entirely amok. Now, since they are intent on following a failed policies like the FDR programs or the European model of government, we need to stand up and say enough. The Founding Fathers wrote "by the people and for the people". This is completely lost today. Those in power feel they are entitled to do what they do. This entitlement mentality leads to blatant corruption across the board.

In the 1770s, the fearless leaders decided that it was time to shop for a new form of government. Well, I believe we are fast approaching that time again. Our system is completely broke and those who we entrust to fix it only abuse it more. It is time for everyone to stand up and say "enough".

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Christopher Cox: The Only Man Among Them

Christopher Cox is the only stand up guy in the entire financial mess. Throughout this entire crisis, he was the only one to admit fault. Once again, he is the one standing up and taking blame for the errors under his watch. The Madoff scheme is another bludder of the SEC that occurred while Cox was in charge. I admire the guy for standing up to face the heat.

Of course, Cox is completely incompetant. He proved that on numberous occasions. With his track record, his next position ought to be sweeping Wall Street instead of overseeing it. However, character is so rare among the leaders today. If you have a tough time believing that, name me one other person who said that their organization had a hand in the financial mess we are now in.

Barney Frank, the Congressman who oversaw Fannie and Freddie, says he is innocent. Nancy Pelosi feels that Congress had no part in the financial meltdown. Paulson offers up another bogus plan instead of saying where the Treasury screwed up. Obama and McCain stated they warned everyone about this back in '94 and '95. They must have been in the men's room at the time since their prognosis didn't make it into the media. Not a one of them stood up and said, "our organization screwed up and it hurt people. None other than Chris Cox.

It is a shame that Cox was so bad at his job. However, since I believe that more than the SEC is at fault, he is not the only incompetant one in this ordeal. There is enough blame to go around. Yet everyone is deflecting it. That is why they all should be stepped on like the cockroaches they are. It is time to get rid of every single one of them.

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Bush The Socialist

George Bush, not Barack Obama, will go down as the President who started the trend towards Socialism. It was under his command that the largest government intervention took place. Who would have imagined even this time last year that the Federal government would have controlling interests in the banks with the possibility of acquiring stakes in the automobile manufacturers. To those who believe in the principles that made the United States the world leader, this is nausiating.

The Bush Administration will be known for their incompetance. They failed miserably in leading this country. Everywhere one looks, there are signs of another failed Bush nominee. The latest revelation regarding Madoff once again shows how the SEC was non-existent. At the same time, Paulson is running the Treasury like it is his own personal checking account. These two entities are at the heart of the financial mess.

Now we get Obama. I give him credit; he doesn't hide his Socialistic beliefs. He never denied his high regard for the Marxist professors in college. Obama is a believer in big government. He also thinks it is the only entity which can solve problems. Sadly, he is completely mistaken. The governments track record is one of failure. This is the latest in a series of programs that do not work.

What went largely unnoticed (or ignored) by the mainstream media is that Bush gave oversight to foreign entities at the recent summit with the other world leaders. Now, they can probe into United States insitutions to decide if we are operating properly. This is a radical move towards a world government. I do not believe this is what the Founding Fathers had in mind. Welcome to the New World Order.

So, what can we expect to have happen? Have faith that no matter what Obama and Congress set forth, it will not work. They are trying to solve economic issues by throwing money at it. We have seen this movie before. By this time next year, life in America will be radically different. If you want to see what it is like, go look at England or France. This is the model our respected leaders will follow.

Socialism is on the agenda and we have George Bush to thank for starting that movement. Another 60s child bites us in the ass.

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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Are You Getting A Raise

What do you think your chances are of getting a raise if you were viewed as only 10% effective? If you are like me, you will agree that remaining employed would be a bonus. The idea of a raise is unheard of in those circumstances.

Or is it? There is one entity which is going to receive an extra $5000 per person annually starting Jan 1st. Can you guess who it is? Of course, it is our wonderful United States Congress; the organization which made George Bush's approval ratings look stellar. I find it amazing that 88%-90% of the American people think Congress is doing an awful job yet Congress, itself, feels entitled to a raise. You have got to be kidding me. They all should be hung just on this basis alone.

Remember this little known fact when you hear one of these talking blowholes mention how that everyone needs to sacrifice. How about them? Here is my idea: for the next 4 years, we reduce the annual pay of each member of Congress to $42,000. That savings of $100,000 per person can go directly into the Treasury to help offset the massive spending the government is doing. After all, everyone needs to sacrifice. It is time for Congress to follow suit.

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Monday, December 15, 2008

Another Bailout

The banks were not enough. Add the automobile manufacturer's who presumably will get something. Nope. That still is not enough. Now, it appears that the American (bailout) government is going to help those who were duped by Bernard Madoff. The people who lost untold billions (estimated at around $50 billion) are going to have their money secured by the taxpayers. Isn't that nice?

What is irritating is that the Feds are the ones responsible for this mess. Unlike the other failures where they could claim plausible deniability, this one lays right at the door of the SEC. Where the hell were they when all this was going down? Asleep at the wheel like usual.

So, once again the hardworking taxpayer is stuck bailing out a mess created by the irresponsible government morons. This has got to stop. Maybe now is the time where we start to hold these people legally responsible for their actions. It seemed this was an acceptable idea when it pertained to the CEOS of public corporations. Remember, a CEO now has to attest that the annual filings are correct or he/she can be held personally liable. At stake is his/her freedom.

It is time we do that with the inept and corrupt government personnel. If you screw up in your oversight in a matter like this, you go to jail with the offender. How could the SEC turn a blind eye to this matter? Someone needs to pay in addition to the corrupt Mr. Madoff.

How much more of this bull crap are we going to take? America better wake up before it is too late. If this trend continues, we are going to experience similar situations to those in other countries where the powerful and corrupt run amok (think of Russia for a moment). And by the way, don't think for a second that Obama is going to do anything about this situation. He is right there with them in terms of corruption. One who excels in Chicago politics does not do so cleanly. Take that to the bank.

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McCain Says...

Did you catch John McCain on ABC yesterday? He was on there chastising the GOP for going after Obama over this Senate seat scandal. Of course, this is no surprise from an appeaser like McCain. Now don't get me wrong, the GOP is scandalous by it's very existence. However, someone has a responsibility to push the corrupt politicos from Chicago into talking. I am miffed that all these people feel they do not have an obligation to reveal their connections.

We demanded to know about Ollie North/Contras, Bill Clinton/Whitewater, and George Bush/Big Oil. Why should this incident be any different? Because Obama's hands appear to be clean? What about his Chief of Staff? The FBI transcripts indicate there might be a bit closer relationship there between him and the Governor. Nevertheless, it is worth us looking into it.

So, once again, Mccain, for all his talk of being a "Maverick", is protecting the system. It stands to reason since he is well entrenched in that system. His idea of moving forward onto the more important issues is absurd. What is more important than the potential selling of a Senate seat? That is something which goes to the very fabric of American democracy. But, like with most things, McCain misses it. Sadly, he took one too many blows to the head at the hands of the North Koreans. Senator McCain, we thank you for your military service. Now go home and stop disgracing us.

"It is the responsibility of every citizen to question authority" -Benjamin Franklin

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Sunday, December 14, 2008

$1 Trillion Dollars

Say that number and let it sink in. One Trillion Dollars. That is a lot of freaking money. It is also the low end estimates of how much the terrorists in Congress and Obama are going to spend over the next two years to TRY and kickstart the economy. Are we stupid or what? Do we think these morons have any clue how to revive this situation?

The cornerstone is a massive public works project that will put people to work. Our new administration is going to take a page out of the FDR playbook during the Great Depression. Sadly, it is the part of the playbook that did not work. For all the insane project FDR put into effect, it was the entering of World War II that got us out of the Great Depression. Nothing else.

So, our impeccable leaders in the White House and Congress are going to spend $1 trillion (which in government terms means 3 or 4) to revive the economy. The deficit is going to reach record levels with the backing of those in Congress. I find that interesting since Barney Frank told us for 8 years how bad they were. Now, he is a fan of them. I wish someone would kick that fat ass in the teeth to shut him up for a while.

The American Revolution was fought over the unfair tax policies of the British. It seems to me we have a remake of the same situation. The tax and spend mentality of the government needs to be stopped. Either they can do it willingly or there will be a massive uprising. Do not forget, at some point the government will need to raise the money. The only way they know how is to tax. They will tell us they are going after the rich when in reality, it is always the "little guy" who gets stuck with the bill. If you dispute this, read a history book.

Spending money is always the government's answer to every problem. With $1 trillion, you ought to be able to fix a lot of things. However, it is important to remember that thus far, the Feds spent over $1.5 in title 1 money for education. That seems to work well considering we have a bunch of idiots getting out of school these days. $1.5 trillion and our kids cannot read. That is the government in action.

Someday people will realize that the government is not the answer to any of their problems. The government has a perfect record screwing everything up. Get them invovled and it is all downhill. Social security-broke. School lunch programs-a disaster. Education-abysmal. Bank and automaker ownership-TBD.

Perhaps it is time to shut off the video games or reruns of Seinfeld and read a history book. This scenario played out 200+ years ago. Am I the only one who sees the similarities?

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Iran Insulted?

An article appeared in a British newspaper that mentioned how insulted Iran is at a new movie Mickey Rourke just released. It seems that during the movie, the character, a wrestler, waves the Iranian flag before ramming his opponent with it. Evidently, the Iranians find this offensive.

My answer to that: GOOD!!! I think we need to ratchet up the offense to the government of Iran. These people are pukes. They deserve to die. I think it a gross injustice that Bush failed to support Israel's plan to bomb Iran. Turns out Bush is a liberal wimp after all.

As I mentioned quite often, the days of being nice to these bastards is over. Our government needs to take a strong stand against the evil forces in the world. Of course, I am not holding my breath since the same evil forces presently occupy the seats in Congress. They are just as intent on destroying America as the radical Muslim terrorists.

I wish people would get their heads out of their asses with all that is going on. If the events over the last few months don't tell you how much corruption that exists, then there is no hope for you. Oh yes I know. Obama is going to clean it up. Yeah right!!! He might surpass them all in the corruption department.

At least I can take solace at night knowing that a Mickey Rourke movie pissed the Iranians off. That couldn't happen to a better group of people.

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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Chicago Corruption

Is anyone surprised at the corruption that emerged this week regarding Barack Obama's senate seat? Certainly, if there is an area of the country that is ripe for this type of gross corruption, it is Illonois. The Chicago political machine is wrought with scandalous people. One of the products of this system is moving to Washington to live at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Is this something that we should be concerned about?

There were attempts during the election to make character and relationships an issue. Since the media was in the bag for Obama, people such as Reverend Wright and Bill Ayres were glossed over. In effect, Obama got a pass on them. Now, it seems there is another scandal lurking around the corner.

Naturally, as of now, Obama is accussed of doing nothing wrong himself. However, his new Chief of Staff is being mentioned as having some ties. That is not surprising since he was the one who replaced the ill-fated Governor Blogojevich in the House a few years back. Trust me when I tell you the relationships in Chicago politics run deep.

Obama mentioned that he casually knew Bill Ayres "from the neighborhood". This was shown to be a lie and that he knew Ayres at a deeper level. Now, Obama is claiming to barely know the Governor. Yet, we know that he supported Blogojevich in both is gubnertorial campaigns. Seems there is more than just a casual relationship.

Of course, we cannot omit the other tie to this situation; Jesse Jackson, Jr. There is believed to be FBI evidence that his people somehow were involved in trying to secure the Senate seat for Jackson. The number of $1 million is being bantered about. Again, I ask if anyone is surprised at this. Jackson, along with his father, are products of this corrupt system. Evidence shows they are perfectly willing to engage in the quid pro quo game that is so prevelant in Chicago politics.

Where does this leave Obama? That is the question that will be answered over the next few months. Evidently, from the transcripts released by the FBI of the wiretaps, Obama separated himself from the bribery game by offering the Governor nothing more than appreciation. Yet, the thread of corruption runs deep among Chicago politicians. Is it possible for someone who excelled so well at it to have done it without getting his hands dirty? Time will tell.

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Wall Street Corruption

Wall Street was shaken with the announcement of the arrest of Bernard Madoff for securities violations. It is now evident that the hedge fund he ran was nothing more than a glorified Ponzi scheme. He survived the last few years by using "smoke and mirrors" to hold it together. Ultimately, like all Ponzi schemes, the money from new investors dries up. That is what occurred in this situation.

The tipping point came when investors requested withdrawals from the fund in the total amount of $7 billion. Obviously, this money was not there. Typical of schemes like these, the investors who got in last are the ones left losing. Everything moves smoothly so long as there are new funds coming in since money is raised to pay off previous investors. When the new investment ceases, there are no profits to pay the investors.

Madoff is being charged and will most likely spend the rest of his life (since he is up there in years) in jail. He lost billions of dollars. Many affluent people are now realizing they are broke. This is a crime which destroys many families and deserves ample punishment. I have faith that Madoff will get his due.

Ponzi schemes are illegal for obvious reasons. It is a system which is not sustainable after a certain period of time. The concept of taking in new money to pay older obligations is not what the government feels is appropriate. Therefore, they outlawed this type of system.

But did they really? They made it illegal for a private citizen or corporation to utilize. However, the government believes that it has the right to run Ponzi scheme. It has no problem taking new money in to pay for old obligations. This is where it tells us that it is taking care of us. We are led to believe that a failed system is in our best interest.

What is the Ponzi scheme I am referring to: Social Security. This is the grandest of all pyramid schemes. We are now confronted with a situation where this mechanism is going broke since there are not going to be enough people paying in as compared to those making withdrawals. Sound familiar. It got Madoff into a bit of hot water. This makes me think perhaps the Justice Department ought to arrest those involved in this corruption also.

This is how our government operates. An activity which is illegal for the average person is undertaken by the powerful in government. Social Security is the epitome of this idea. The government engages in an illegal activity all for the "betterment of the people". This is a bunch of garbage. We ought to jail everyone involved in this with Madoff.

One final thought, now that you know that Social Security is a Ponzi scheme, is it any wonder that it is going broke?

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King George?

Congress decided to pass on the bailout of the Big Three and the UAW the other day. This is a testament to how our system works. We elect our representatives into Congress to represent our interest. According to many polls, it appears that the majority of the American people favor letting the automobile manufacturers go into bankruptcy. Simply, they are against the bailout and the decision of Congress reflects this idea.

Enter George Bush. He decides that Congress is wrong and these companies need the taxpayer money. Together with Paulson (our #1 prospect to hang), they determined that some of the money approved for the financial institutions should go to Detroit. Where does the President get off thinking this is acceptable? Is this anywhere remotely close to what is Constitutional? Of course not.

Consider what is going on here. This is remarkably similar to the events of the mid 1700s. Have you every heard the phrase "taxation without representation"? I believe we are witnessing the same thing. The morons in Washington feel they can spend taxpayer money at their whim; all without consequence. Now, Bush has moved the Presidency closer to a monarchy. He decides what is best for the country.

Maybe Dennis Kucinich was right when he proposed impeaching Bush. Or should we call him King George?

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