Monday, January 26, 2009

Long Term Recession

I just finished watching the talking heads on t.v. covering what the politicians are doing to stimulate the economy. After listening to these yoyos, I can only conclude that we are going to feel the pains of this recession for a long time. Nothing these morons is proposing is going to make a bit of difference. The stimulus package is more political nonsense designed to fulfill campaign promises.

Certainly this is going to seem like an attack on the Democrats. Well, get use to it. This is their game. Presently, there is barely a Republican to be found in Washington. That is what happens when your party gets destroyed in an election. Now, the Democrats have a shot to fix things. Alas, like most political figures, they are going to fail miserably.

Obama said we are going to spend our way out of this situation. That is the craziest notion ever proposed. When things are going bad, is that the time to spend? Take a business. If sales slow, does that company go on a spending spree (only if you receive bailout money)? Of course not. How about if you are an individual? If you lose your job, is that the time to spend recklessly? Again, the answer is no. Then why does the government think that we should spend our way out of a recession? Because our leaders have no clue what makes the economy go.

Obviously, I have no faith in the government. It is a corrupt institution that is destined to fail. Presently, the American people are overtaxed to keep up with the excessive spending of the Federal government. Now, we are seeing the largest expansion in spending this country has ever seen. I only hope they can print the money fast enough to keep up.

Prepare yourself for double digit inflation. This will stifle an chance at rapid recovery.

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