Sunday, January 11, 2009

Everybody's Going To Have To Give

These are the words that Barack Obama uttered on This Week with George Stephanopoulos. He feels that he is going scale back on campaign promises to somehow try and rescue the economy. This is very sound reasoning. With the recent events which sent the world economy into a tailspin, everyone is going to need to alter how they approach their financial affairs. Many, because of the fear of being without employment, are scaling back their spending.

While I agree with the President-elect, I wonder why he failed to mention that Congress needs to partake in this "sharing". In fact, they should be the ones setting the example for everyone. However, after receiving a "cost of living" increase of over $4,000, I fail to see how they are "giving". I see them only taking more.

This shows the corruption of our political/governmental system. Obama is a product of the US Senate, thus I am sure he has a lot of allies there. Also, he is going to need Congress to implement his agenda. Sadly, even if he thinks that Congress getting a raise in this environment is worthy of a high crime, he cannot say anything about it. He is already facing resistance over he agenda. It is in his best interest to keep his mouth shut.

The Revolution believes that we no longer have a government that is in touch with the "people". Our leaders are making choices that they have absolutely no accountability for. It is time to begin the process of change. The day when blood will be shed in the street is quickly approaching. If you think this unrealistic, research what happens each time poverty increases; crime goes up. Mark my words, things are going to get really bad here in the next 12 months.

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