Friday, January 30, 2009

Rioting In The Streets

America is the land of the free and the home of the brave. We are a relatively young country as compared to the Far East and Western Europe. The United States became the world leader in less that 200 years. Our economy grew faster and longer than any other nation in history. Presently, we are the longest standing government in the world. Yet, our political leadership seems intent on bringing us closer to a model that is used by the governments in Europe.

As I write this, they are rioting in the street. At the meeting in Davos, the trade unions are protesting the fact that leaders missed the economic collapse which led to the current situation. Well, too bad. What did the leadership of the unions do about it? Where was their warning? Obviously they sat back while the circumstances unfolded also.

If we want a glimpse into what our future is going to look like, we only need to look at those countries in Europe. Germany and France are experiencing national strikes. Britain is having the same thing in addition to a forecast that says their recession will last until 2025. Gee, this is something that we want to move towards.

Labor traditionally was the avenue people used to overthrow the government. It happened in Germany in the last century. Hitler got the labor people behind him which catapulted him to power. How did that work out for them? Seems like this is going to repeat itself.

Here in the states, we have seen labor play a large role in the destruction of the automobile manufacturers (notice I didnt give them full responsibility). Their negotiations of contracts which were not fundamentally sustainable is what doomed the Big Three. Yet, you will never get a labor guy to see that. Alas, that is one of the reasons why the Japanese auto makers are kicking the crap out of the American companies.

At the end of the day, labor is one of the monkey wrenches in a viable economic system. They want to share in the rewards while assuming none of the risk. A union negotiates a guaranteed contract in an effort to protect its members. Sadly, this stifles creativity and individuality. Sameness is the objective.

Personally, I cannot wait until people here in the United States are rioting in the streets. Widespread rioting is exactly the wake up call this country needs. Sadly, with the corruption of the media, the anger will not be focused in the proper area. People will get angry with the big, bad corporations instead of with the cheating politicians. They are the ones who are causing most of the damage.

It is time people started to wake up. A revolution has already started. Which side are you on?

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