Sunday, January 25, 2009

Trusting The Government

The nation is moving towards a time when the majority of people are dependent upon the government for at least part of their income. This will come in the form of social security, unemployment, welfare, or other devious cons the leadership sells us that makes us believe it is for our own good. Each time Congress approves a new spending program, the number of dependents increases.

Bernie Madoff made headlines by running one of the largest Ponzi schemes in history. His scam caused the loss of billions of dollars while harming thousands of people. He is a crook that deserves to be punished severely. Life in prison is too good for him in my opinion.

That being said, let me ask you: would you trust Madoff with your money at this point? In other words, would you turn your life savings over to him? No. Why not? Obviously because his record is for letting people down and not delivering what he promises. Also, Madoff showed himself only to be concerned about himself as opposed to looking out for the best interest of his clients. Only a fool would support Madoff at this point.

Yet, we see fools everyday supporting the government. They defend the policies that are proven to deliver nothing of what is promised. Every couple of years, the people send back the same morons to screw them further. The track record of the government is awful. It is the greatest liar, cheat, and scammer in the last couple hundred years.

You think I am kidding. Look at Social Security. That is the classic definition of a Ponzi scheme, taking in new money to pay the initial investors. Guess what? Social Security is broke because the undisciplined, corrupt, and greedy politicians could not keep their hands off it. Can you imagine if the head of a charter school diverted grant money intended for one purpose to another area? That school would be shut down in a matter of days.

Speaking of education, we entrusted the government to teach our children. What a fine job they are doing there. American consistently is falling further behind in areas of math and science. Fields like engineering, medical, and research are seeing an influx of foreigners because we have nobody to fulfill these positions.

Reading a bit of history will awaken you to the lies and deception the government traditionally is involved in. Do you remember the "concentration" policy? This was where the tribes of the Plains Indians agreed to occupy a certain territory in exchange of annual payments and cash gifts. The intent was to cut down on inter tribal warfare. Of course, this plan worked until the government realized it wanted more of the Indian's land. When they resisted, it was determined that they would be "housed" on two reservations. This was just another in a series of treaties the United States government broke with the Indians.

So, do you really believe that the government will protect your Social Security? It is already broke, what makes you think they will reverse this trend? By spending more money? How is that ever going to get one out of debt? The truth of the matter is that the government is only going to screw those people who put their faith in it. And those who defend this corruption deserve to suffer greatly. You have been warned.

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