Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Media

The national media in the United States is obviously a group that leans to the left. This is a well known fact that is not even disputed by most of them anymore. Organizations such as The New York Times, CNN, and NBC are examples who have no partiality anymore. They spew forth their viewpoints under the guise of news.

To me, this is okay. If one does not like what is being said, turn the channel. That is personal responsibility. It is not up the to government to censor what comes over the airwaves. I feel this way whether we are referring to the left or the right. When the Christian nutcases want to get up and want to ban violence on t.v., I say the same thing. Take responsibility for what is on in your house.

However, there is a new issue that is really concerning to me. It seems the L.A. Times (part of the liberal media) has a tape of the Presidential candidate Barack Obama at an event with know supporters of PLO leader Arafat. Evidently, some pretty harsh things were said against America and Israel (are all the Jewish readers listening). Let us be clear: these people want to wipe Isreal off the map and Obama felt comfortable sitting there listening to this stuff. Perhaps he liked the food too much to leave.

What is most concerning about this situation is that the L.A. Times refuses to release the tape. Here is a matter that could be of national interest and a news organization is refusing to let the public know about it. Can you see this occuring in the days of Walter Cronkite? Of course not. A news organization is suppose to uncover news for the people. Yet here, a news organization is hiding it.

It is time to overthrow the media. Personally, I get none of my news off the mainstream media. I have never watched Brain Williams or Katie Curic. If I want the liberal view on things, I can go to the DNC's website. The Internet is greatest frontier for the flow of ideas. Checking with a few different websites allows me to get a clear picture of what is transpiring. Of course, now there are reports that governments want to censor this medium. A report today has Australia looking into it.

Where will it stop? We are at the crossroads in our history. Unless something is done, there will be a major uprising. Blood will be shed. The world's history is wrought with stories of how oppressed people rebel against those in charge. The way I see it, this will start in Washington.

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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Is this really happening?

This election is really starting to scare me. The recent events of the government were enough to make me realize that our society is going in the wrong direction. However, nothing is comparing to what I am witnessing now.

Obama's true colors are really starting to show through. There was an audio uncovered that he recorded on PBS a number of years ago. It seems that he feels the Supreme Court never properly addresses the issue of wealth redistribution during the civil rights movement. Are you kidding me? Who is this guy to question what the Founding Fathers put together.

It appears some feel the Constitution is limited and there are some who are excluded by it. This is such a bunch of crap. This document was created for all Americans regardless of ethnic makeup. The fact that it does not give preferential treatment to anyone is upsetting to some. Well, I have a perfect solution for you. Get the hell out!!!

It is time that we took our government back from these type of people. If we wanted a socialistic system, we would move to France. The fact that we are here shows our belief in capitalism.

The government seems to think it is alright to take your money. Anyone who tries to do that in the private sector is guilty of theft. Yet the government can do it legally. And the bastards (bitches so as not to be sexist) have no problem digging deeper into your pockets at will. If they need money, they take it.

Now, Obama proclaimed himself to be the best steward for society. What a bunch of crap that is. Where does he get off thinking that he ought to take money from anyone to give it to another? That is not public service; that is thievery. It is time we call it like it is.

Anyone who thinks the government is your friend is a fool. I only hope America wakes up before it is too late. If not, there is always Mexico.

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Monday, October 27, 2008

Another Crooked Politician

Click here to read the story.

What a surprise. We have another crooked politician on our hands. This one, however, was caught with his hand in the cookie jar. He took "improper" gifts. To me, that is a nice term for "payoff" (kickback or bribe also works). This is an example of the corruption at it's worst.

So what does this say about the people in our government? Some will try to proclaim this was only a "bad apple" among many fine individuals who adhere to the rules. What a bunch of crap that is. If you do not believe that all our fine leaders are on the take, then answer how those same people can enter office with modest wealth and exit rich. This on a salary of $130,000-$170,000. The answer is they cannot.

A politician convicted of 7 felonies fails to surprise us. It is interesting to note that this guy was in the Senate since 1968. We had a crook running our country for the past 40 years. My question is if he was convicted of these 7 counts, what else did he do that we missed? I am certain, in the course of his distinguished career, he received many more "gifts". Chalk it all up to politics.

In my view, this individual betrayed the public's trust. For that he ought to receive double penalty. It is like when a police officer turns crooked and betrays the people of the community. That individual ought to be jailed in the general population. Maybe that would deter the next one.

So what do we do with the esteemed Senator Stevens? Make his life living hell. Take everything that he owns and leave him (and his family) completely broke. We know his wealth was build off ill-gotten gains so we should remove it. Then, we ought to put him in maximum security until he dies. Since he is 84, that will not be too long. Let's make an example of this criminal. Nothing is too harsh for him.

America has tolerated the behavior of crooked politicians for too long. It is time that we tell those in charge that we will not accept this anymore. Perhaps it is time to form a good ole fashioned posse. The time is getting close.

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Who Is Responsible?

We hear a lot of the blame game being played, especially with the recent financial crisis. It is amazing how nobody in power will stand up and state how he or she messed up. Well, maybe it is not amazing. Perhaps that is just how politics is.

Fortunately, the truth cannot be hidden from us. Here is the skinny on who is at fault with all the circumstances in this country.

The United States has roughly 300 million people in it. However, the ones with all the power is limited to 545. Everything that pertains to the United States is because of the decisions of these people. All of them are responsible and entitled to the blame.

Here they are:

The President of the United States 1
Members of the U.S. Senate 100
Members of the House of Representatives 435
Supreme Court Justices 9

This is the 3 facets of the United States Government. Here is the representation of the executive, legislative, and judicial branches. All told, these 545 people decide all that occurs as it pertains to the United States.

Do you grasp the weight of this idea. The lives of 300 million people are affected by the actions of 545. And if you do not like what happens with one branch, you can appeal to another branch. However, notice that you are bouncing between the same 545 people.

Some will say the lobbyists are at fault. While they are part of the picture, they have no influence unless one of the members grants it to them. A lobbyist could offer $100 million yet nothing happens until the Member of Congress accepts it. Talk radio is often blamed for things. Again, that body cannot institute laws. Neither can the educational systems or "think tanks". Not one war or military conflict was at the request of these bodies. Everything comes under the jurisdiction of these 545 people.

Consider this the next time some politician is on television blaming others for America's plight. The war in Iraq is the decision of these people. We are suffering a financial crisis because these people allowed it to happen. Foreclosures mount because they allow it. Any law that is written is because that is how they want it. And, any change that occurs, is only because of them, not us.

This is the reality of life in America. The political system is one that is solid in it's foundation. However, the people who are at the helm bring nothing but corruption and deceit. Even if they enter the fray with a degree of ethics, the environment that exists corrupts. The only way to solve this situation is to remove all that are there and begin with a new cast. Yet this will not happen since those in power are not going to hand it over.

Therefore, it must be taken from them. This is the major premise of the concept of revolution. It is time that these 545 people answered to us instead of us answering to them. There is a visible resentment brewing among the American people towards our government. Factions will come together for a common cause. In this instance, the cause is the elimination of those who are responsible. And to find them, look no further than those who have the power.

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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Visualization of the United States Debt

I found this blog that has a wonderful visualization of the debt that we now have. Unfortunately, I couldn't copy it over so a link is all that I can provide. This is what the politicians in Washington have done to us. And, it shows that how screwed we are in terms everyone can understand.

Visualizing The National Debt

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This Says It All

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This is an issue that was at the core of the American Revolution 230+ years ago. The American colonies rebelled at the taxes imposed upon them by England. Their motto was "taxation without representation". Our countries independence was sought after because of the taking of their money which benefited those in Europe.

Fast forward to our present era. We now have a Vice Presidential candidate who feels it is patriotic to pay taxes. What an ass he is. It is patriotic to go serve on the battlefield. Paying taxes is something we do to sustain the necessary services that society needs. At least that was the initial intention.

We also have a Presidential candidate who feels that we need to "redistribute the wealth" (actually, both want to do that in their own way). This shows how clueless these morons are. The concept of "protecting the less fortunate" is a myth. Our government has protected them to the point of dependence.

Personal responsibility is non-existent. The overwhelming idea is that the government is responsible for punishing success. It likes to spew "tax the rich". History shows the only one who gets screwed are those who are trying to make it. Teddy Kennedy is rich. So is John Kerry. Do you think they pay their fair share of taxes? If you do, you need your head examined. The Kennedy fortune is stowed away in family trust and shelters all which are exempt from taxes (and litigation). The rich protect themselves.

Without going into the absurdity of our tax code, my main question is "do you feel you are represented properly on the tax matter"? The answer is "no"! Everyone in Washington has their hand out. While they might want to cut taxes, they do not want to give up the power that comes from them. Redistributing the wealth is nothing more than a power play.

People need a wake up call. The average individual works into May just to pay taxes. Upwards to 40% of the average person's pay goes towards taxes of some kind. This is an absolute crime. Those who are responsible ought to be stoned to death. And the one that is at fault is the government.

We are in a new era. This election is critical for one reason: the winner will determine the pace which we implode. Obama, with his tax and spend policy, will throw the economy into a depression. He, along with his liberal cronies in Congress, will move us into a socialistic state overnight. McCain will take a little longer but he will get us there also. With him, bailout for corporations will occur with regularity. Suddenly, every business is of national importance.

Remember the lessons of the past. The events of the 1700s can easily recur. It is time that people realized how close this situation is to erupting.

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Friday, October 24, 2008

The Start Of The Financial Crisis

The current state of our economy might be in worse shape then at any other point in our history. Many believe we will eclipse the Great Depression. I, personally, do not feel we will end up going to that length. However, the economy is battered beyond comprehension.

What started this mess? It seems impossible to decipher from the media. Both parties are going back and forth playing the blame game. Nobody is willing to take personal responsibility for what occurred. That is not how our leaders behave.

Here is what played a role in setting the ball in motion. Before going any further, this article is not absolving the liars and cheats on Wall Street of their part in it. Nor am I overlooking the total ineffectiveness of members of the Bush administration's economic team (Cox and Paulson in particular). However, I am going back to the basic foundation that allowed for greed and dishonesty to occur.

Someone came up with the ingenious idea that making home ownership available to everyone was a good idea. It was not. There was a little know act passed under Jimmy Carter called the Community Reinvestment Act which was expanded under Bill Clinton. Basically, this act told banks that they had to lend money to people even if they did not qualify. Failure to do so would result in penalties under law.

I want to stop for a second and examine that. Here, in America, the government told private businesses that they had to engage in an activity which was bad business. I doubt this is the concept the Founding Fathers were after. It sounds closer to Marxism to me.

Anyway, private companies had to lend to people who were not able to repay the loans. This was the mustard seed that started it all. It created a new market of loans called "subprime". Most of these loans ended up being owned by Freddie and Fannie, the organizations which were taken over by the government recently.

Many will claim this assertion is hogwash. Do not believe them. They are the ones who have an agenda. They want to place the blame elsewhere so they can retain power. That is how politics works.

If you want to check the validity of this point, do your own research. Here is a hint: follow the money. That will usually help get you to the truth. Who did these organizations donate the most to. Research the election contributions records. Then look to see who was protecting these organizations while others were calling for reform. This process will uncover more of the facts than you will receive watching 1,000 hours of television news.

Remember this insight the next time you hear someone blaming Wall Street or Bush for all the countries economic ills. They are only partially responsible.

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Over The Top

Are you one of those who feels that I am too "over the top" with my views. Many want to describe me as a radical extremist. I laugh when I hear that comparison. People are consistently trying to put me in a box politically. Because of my detest for socialism and communism, they believe I must be a conservative. Yet when I attack the religious nuts, I am a liberal. The truth is I am neither. What I am is angry at the way things are going.

I have news for everyone, this country is going to crap. If you fail to see this, you are blind. I know, this sounds like the typical rhetoric from someone aging that the world isn't the same. Hell, they thought society was ending when Sinatra came around. And Elvis. According to some, we needed to pack it in then.

In actuality, this situation is different. I am not talking about the moral fabric of this nation. What is happening is that we are moving from a successful system that rewarded risk, ingenuity, and achievement with one that promotes laziness and welfare. This is the reality of the circumstances of today.

I read a stat that stated roughly 43% of America receives some type of assistance from the government. This is not something that I doubt. Also, this is a number that will increase with the retirement of all the baby boomers in the next 10 years. What does this all mean?

It means the end of life as we know it. The great society that we called the American Dream is dead. We will see a shift over the next few decades towards our demise. Socialist ideals are almost too powerful to overcome. The political landscape is securing this.

How do I arrive at this conclusion? Simple. What happens when the people dependent upon the government passes the 50% mark? What campaign promises are politicians going to make to get elected? The answer is more handouts. A society that has more than half it's people relying on the government for support is on the socialistic path.

Those who believe this is a good thing were absent during history class. Consider what happened in a couple hundred years. We went from non-existent to the most powerful country in the world. We did this in the areas of politics, finance, and military. Countries which are 10-20 times older were surpassed by us. The system and qualities fostered in our system created this success.

Where were the socialistic countries? During WWII they were getting overrun by Hitler. It took our involvement to save their asses. What about their economies? Who rebuilt Europe after the War. The good ole U.S. of A.

The liberal economic policies work in theory. Actually, they are more effective in theory than capitalism. However, in reality they fail. The absence of the profit motive removes the ingenuity and creativity. If you want an example of a country without this, look at Italy since the end of WWII.

What does this all have to do with being over the top? It starts with the great need to get your attention. You are asleep at the wheel. The media and politicians are hoodwinking the people they are suppose to serve. Unless people wake up, we will soon be at the point where there is no turning back. This will certainly cause an upheaval by many. History proves that when the gap between rich and poor is too great, uprising occurs.

It is time to take this country back. Begin by re-evaluating all that you believe. Your mind is clouded by lies and misleading concepts. Think about the consequences of your decisions.

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The Advantage of the Economy

I am grateful that the economy is the major issue of this election cycle. It is horrible that people have to suffer because of the ineptitude of others. Our leaders let us down at every level. Sure, they all claim they saw it coming while trying to warn others. Both McCain and Obama stated they proposed legislation to reel in Freddie and Fannie. If they knew it was such a problem, why weren't they standing on President Bush's head until he listened? Well, that is a matter for another post.

The economy is front and center. It is the sole topic that made everything else secondary. The reason I am grateful for that is the religious right is finally negated. At the moment, nobody gives a crap what the Bible thumpers think. I, for one, am ecstatic to have an election without gay marriage being a subject. Really, who cares? How does this affect anyone other than the gays and the nosy religious freaks who want to push their morality down our throats? The truth is that it does not.

How about abortion? This is another one that is a favorite of these same people. They tried to bring it in with the nomination of Palin. Fortunately, other than stating what her stance is, there is little mentioned of it. Here is a clue people. The Supreme Court has so far legitimized the procedure. Get over it.

I always commend people for being passionate about their views and following them. Frankly, I could care less if someone wants to spend his/her time promoting the criminalization of abortion. What I take exception to is the constant ramming of it down our throats like anyone is going to change their mind. This is an issue that people are resilient in their beliefs. People on both sides of the equation are solid in their choices.

Those who want to instill their morality upon me need to be slapped. I have read the Bible enough to know that religion twists the initial meaning. They use fear to control the general population. Someone once said that "religion is the opiate of the masses". Nobody proves this better than the present day religious right. They want to legislate all the moral choices you make. To them I say, mind your own damn business.

The bottom line is there is always a silver lining. Our country is going to crap but at least the religious nuts are quiet. To me, it is almost worth the trade-off.

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The Talking Heads Are At It

How stupid can some people be? It amazes me how ideology makes total fools out of seemingly intelligent people. Here is a news flash: there will be no tax breaks for anyone in the coming years regardless of who wins. The best that might occur is that McCain holds the existing tax cuts in place (if he wins). Most likely, since the Congress will be overwhelmingly Democrat, he will be pushed into a tax increase.

The government bailout screwed all of us since we spent so much money. Yet all the pundits believe the talking points of the campaigns. Get real. We blew threw $1.45 trillion in the last month. There are only a few choices left: raise taxes, increase the deficit, or go back on campaign promises. Which will they choose? My guess is a combination of the above.

It makes me want to puke when these morons on t.v. and the radio believe the outright lies of the candidates. I understand how the politicians delude themselves. Sadly, they think they are going to do what they say. In reality, they do not. This is a fact of politics.

So what are you voting for? It comes down to who is lying to you least. The pathetic part is that the people in the media believe the talking points. This is sad since there are so many intelligent people who cover these elections. Yet their ideology cannot allow them to see the truth.

The bottom line is that we are all being lied to. Our fearless government led us down a path of destruction. It promised us lots of handouts that we are now having to pay for. Recent estimates have the debt at $500,000+ per family in the country. Does anyone believe this amount can be made up? Of course not. It is impossible for us to pay back $10-$12 trillion.

Perhaps it is best if we start all over. Throw everyone who is responsible for this mess out of office (and into jail) while wiping the slate clean. This is what happens during a revolution. We are rapidly moving towards some drastic action.

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People Are Going To Die

Whoever thought the United States was not the world leader was completely mistaken. For all the fluff about China's rise, the cohesion of Europe, and the growth in the Far East, the recent events show that we lead all other countries. The only problem is that we led them into a recession.

Politics is making a big deal about Joe the Plumber and whether he can buy his business under Obama's economic/tax plan. On the surface, this seems like a legitimate issue. In reality, it is lip service. The truth of the matter is that people are going to die.

Much of this chaos was caused by the leadership of the powerful institutions. This includes governments, executives of financial institutions, and other world leaders who failed "the people". I believe they are the ones with the blood on their hands.

It is politically incorrect to issue a call for violence. In many areas, it is crime to incite people in that manner. Yet the government, by their decisions can kill millions without recourse. These people need to be held accountable.

Food prices shot up over the last 6 months. This is a vital component of life. Since this increase, it is estimated that more than 100 million people worldwide entered into poverty. Surely, this will increase over the next 12 months. Many of these people are going to die. Of course, they are a long way from Wall Street, Washington, or London.

Even in the United States, there is a fair amount of poverty which will be experienced. It is always interesting to notice how the ones the government is suppose to protect are always affected negatively by them. Perhaps McCain and Obama could learn to understand what people are confronting by foregoing food for a week or so. Let them experience what their political games really cost people.

There is a revolution brewing. If things get much worse, we will see people start to take decisive action. The most dangerous person in the world is someone with nothing to lose. Starving people will take drastic action. Therefore, we will see an uprising out of the lower levels of society. At some point, they will awaken to the fact that the government is their worst enemy. A concept that the rest of us realize.

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Thursday, October 23, 2008

The True Terrorist Threat

For the last 6+ years, we heard how we need to fight the "war on terror". First we started in Afghanistan before moving into Iraq. This was done in an effort to hunt down and kill those who meant to do the American people harm. I agree that you cannot negotiate with these nuts, so kill them. They are willing to die for their beliefs so it is up to us to accommodate them.

However, they are not the truly terror that most Americans face. There is an organization that is far more powerful and destructive than anything outside our borders. It is the government, specifically, the United States Congress. This institution is doing more to harm people than all the attacks on America combined; including Pearl Harbor.

The external terrorists can never win. Our military might is just too great. They might get a few victories such as 9/11. Yet in the end, we will wipe them out. There is literally no where for them to hide that we cannot get to them. Iraq showed that even a government protecting them is no match for the might of our military.

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the internal terrorists. This is a group of people who are patient. They wage a war on another front. Violence is not their mode. They utilize thought control. It all started with the indoctrination of young minds in school. Over the last few decades, these terrorists have gain more power over the general population. It is remarkably similar to the tactics used by Adolf Hitler.

Not only did they train young minds to believe a certain way, they also work on the adults by controlling the media. This is another trick used by Hitler. He took control of the media, thus allowing him to take over Germany without firing a shot.

What is this threat going to do to you? It will grow in size and scope until it controls every aspect of your life. If you question this, please explain your position on personal privacy. It does not exist anymore. Do you have representation or are you just getting taxation? These are ideas which you need to think about.

Each time a politician tells you about the threat from the terrorists outside our border, think about this article. How come nobody is mentioning the terrorists in Washington, D.C.?

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Modern Day Slavery

Slavery was outlawed by the Federal Government over 150 years ago. Nevertheless, there is a new form of slavery that exists. This time, instead of a rich plantation owner, it is the government that is the slave owner.

I dare someone to tell me the difference between the slave owner of yesteryear and today. They both had control over the people under their power. The slave was dependent upon the plantation owner for food, clothing, and shelter. This sounds a lot like the present welfare system.

The masses are falling for it big time. Politicians promised to help the lower bracket of society for decades. Has anything improved? Of course not. Improvement is not their concern. Controlling the masses is what they desire. Handouts are the perfect mechanism to do this.

Self reliance is something these politicos abhor. Someone who can take care of himself or herself is not under their power. Therefore, they need to beat the person into submission. They try not to do it literally but the cases of police brutality show otherwise. Nevertheless, economic power is what they wield.

How long will people fall for it? I think they will keep buying into the idea. The concept of "something for nothing" holds great allure. After all, they are owed this. The income tax system shows how the sharing of wealth is at the core of it all. It is all done in the name of power.

Sadly, the "slaves" of today don't know what is happening. At least the ones who lived in the 1800s had a clue when they felt the end of the whip against their skin. Today, the masses are clueless.

Why is a different tax structure resisted by politicians when different systems are proven to be more beneficial? There are instances in Eastern Europe where the flat tax is producing thriving economies in the old Soviet-bloc countries. The answer is power. Without the "Robin Hood" storyline of taxing the rich to give a leg up to the poor, these people would lose control. Therefore, they push for the status quo so that they can fight against "tax cuts for the rich". What a bunch of crap.

How do you feel reading these words? Do you resist this notion thinking it insane? If so, get a clue. Look around you to see what is going on. What do you think the inner city is? It is nothing more than a modern day plantation all funded by the government.

I am awaiting the day when the government pushes too far. Mark my words, there will come a time when there is an uprising in this country. The only question is where the new revolution will start. We will have to wait and see.

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America Is A Socialistic Nation

I read a blog this morning where the writer mentioned that America turned into a socialistic nation. This is a point that I will not debate because I feel it true. What struck me is this individual felt that it was a good thing and that we should just "deal with it". This is the point that I differ from this individual. Sitting back while happily accepting the shift to a failed system is not what I do.

Anyone who learned a bit of history knows that we became the richest country in the world in a few short centuries. We eclipsed all of Europe and Asia, nations that were around for thousands of years. The reason is because of the values of hard work, independence, and free market systems. Socialism contains none of these aspects. Under that system, the government provides all for the people. It might work in a country with 15 million people. However, when there are 300 million people to take care of, this is a recipe for disaster.

In my view, socialism deters personal responsibility. Since the government is the provider of all, it is the one responsible. Personal decisions are greatly reduced. We are seeing this here. The existing welfare state models this. For the check received each month, people are told where to live, what is appropriate food, and how much one can earn. The personal profit motive is removed.

Why do I detest this system so much? The reason I do is because I value freedom above all else. My belief is the government is inept at running things. Regardless of the people who are in office, the system is rigged for inefficiency and failure.

The recent bailout of the banks epitomizes how the government operates. We saw it fail to oversee the events occurring on Wall Street. This led to a crisis which costs the taxpayers billions of dollars. The fact that it happened with a Republican President shows how socialistic everything is. They are the party who promotes free enterprise, at least in theory. Sadly, the ones stuck paying for this mess are those hard working individuals who make the economy go. Do you think the welfare recipients are going to kick something in? Certainly not.

There is no accountability in government. An individual serves a particular term(s) only to ride off into the sunset. The wreckage left behind is not a concern to them. Often, they believe they did a terrific job. Do you think Jimmy Carter believes his Presidency was a disaster? Did Ronald Reagan think that his supply side policies would come back to haunt us 20 years later? I doubt it highly.

As for me, I am refusing to accept the recent swing towards socialism. This country was founded by people who took a stand against tyranny. We are witnessing the same thing today. However, this version is made up of King George, Queen Nancy, and Prince Harry. These are three of the most powerful people in Washington and the blame lays at their feet.

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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Biggest Liars In The World

This was a tough one for me. When thinking of who the biggest liars are, it is hard not to point to the politicians. These are the folks who are knows for being professional liars. "Promise one thing and do another". This is their motto. That being said, I believe that there is another group that surpasses politicians in their dishonesty: the media.

Fox News claims to be fair and balanced. Another wants to deliver "all the news, all the time". They all are lying. Each network is full of talking heads who want to promote some type of agenda. It matters none whether they are left or right wing. Both sides skew stories to the point that they do not reflect reality.

Why does the media get the liar award? Basically, because they are organizations that are suppose to deliver the facts to us. Do we really care what Sarah Palin spends on clothing? How does this impact her ability to serve as VP? The Obama campaign spent over $400,000 on food? I know this is imperative to his capabilities as potential leader of the free world. Are you serious? This is all garbage.

Perhaps it is because these networks need to fill up 24 hours a day. To me it does not matter. The media's dishonesty is becoming more apparent with each day. I am glad to see the major media outlets losing viewers. They have a long standing policy of contouring to the Hollywood elite. Being out of touch with the average American is what is causing them to lose the trust of viewers. Look at Katie Couric. Is anyone confusing her with the second coming of Walter Cronkite? Of course not. He was trusted and admired because he delivered the facts. These pukes on television skew everything to their ideology (this includes talk radio too).

The bottom line is the major media offers no truth. Believe none of what it says. It is the biggest liar in the world.

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Congress Bears No Personal Responsibility

Our government let us down. We live in a world where our leaders bear no responsibility for what occurs. The name of the game is "blame". Regardless of who is in power, there is always someone else at fault. This is how our pathetic excuses for leaders are. They delude themselves by their own false virtues.

This was exemplified by our present Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi. She was asked if Congress bore any responsibility for the recent financial crisis that is plaguing the United States (and the world). Her response was that they had no part in it. Are you freaking kidding me. The damn Speaker of the House is claiming that the United States Congress is innocent of all that occurred to create the largest financial crisis since the Great Depression. This is asinine. Here is a woman who needs a good dose of reality.

Another is that pathetic excuse for a leader Barney Frank. He is a very powerful man on Capitol Hill. His job was the oversight of Frannie Mae and Freddie Mac. For those who are unaware, the taxpayers had to bail these organizations out to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars. Of course, Congress bears no responsibility for this collapse either. To believe that, we need to overlook the fact that Frank had a long-term affair with the head of one of these institutions. Is it any wonder why he resisted any attempts to reform these colossal failures?

America ought to be raiding Washington with rakes and pitchforks. It is time to wake up. If our leaders cannot show personal responsibility for their actions they need to be tossed out of office. The above examples happen to be Congressional Democrats. The same behavior is witnessed by members of the Bush Administration and Wall Street executives. These people are pathetic excuses for representatives. We need to do whatever we can to hold them to the fire.

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