Friday, January 9, 2009

Government Failure

For those of you who are stupid enough to believe the government is going to get us out of this financial mess, here is an article that details how much of a failure our government really is. We entrusted the corrupt morons with educating our children. It now appears that 20% of the people in the state of Florida are illiterate. While there are some of you who can read but lack math skills, that means 1 in every 5 people cannot read a basic article. And they are proud products of our (as Neal Bortz calls them), government schools.

Let me ask you: what kind of future do these people have? The only qualification is a profession where they ask "do you want fries with that". These people are doomed. Their quality of life is wiped out by the government. Now, they are guaranteed to remain on the government dole.

People often take exception to my point that slavery is alive and well. The government is the almighty master and we are the "niggers on the plantation". Look at the illiterates. They will most likely spend the better part of their life receiving government aid in the form of welfare, incarceration, or government paid jobs. They are qualified to do nothing else. THEY CANNOT READ. Do you understand what that means? And, THE GOVERNMENT WAS RESPONSIBLE FOR TEACHING THEM. Is any of this sinking in?

The bottom line is the government is a failure in all it does. With Obama looking to expand the dole, there will be more people let down. You want another example. Look at the blacks (screw that African-American crap: none of them ever lived in Africa). Here is a race which was given all by the government for the past few generations. Yet, this is the one group that overwhelmingly under performs in every area. The government promised but screwed them along the way. When will they ever learn?

Now, everyone else is following that model. People want the government to provide for them. At least the rapist might kiss you while he is screwing you. The government does not even send a thank you card. They just take your money, waste it, then come back for more. Anything it promises is a total lie. The people who are in office are all corrupt only seeking to keep their positions by increasing their power base.

I have said that Robert Byrd and Teddy Kennedy are the biggest slave owners in the history of the country. These two pushed trillions of dollars of government programs to control the people and put them under their power. The civil rights legislation is a guise to expand the plantation. Isn't it ironic that the government loving liberals in the Senate refuse to allow entrance to a Constitutionally appointed black man like this was 1950? And they have the balls to call other people racist.

Anyway, I am sure the 1 in 5 who cannot read voted for more government programs when they went to the election poll. Everything we heard on the campaign trail was about increasing the government support. Of course, they have done such a marvelous job teaching them to read, why wouldn't they be able to sustain them in other areas. Wake up you fools.

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