Friday, January 9, 2009

Baltimore Corruption

There is another dirty scoundrel in our presence. The events of the now fabled governor of Illinois resulted in his impeachment today. However, that is not the only filthy trash to emerge. We now have the honorable mayor of Baltimore indicted on 12 counts. Wow, they nailed her on a whole bunch of stuff. (read story here).

Sheila Dixon is now charged with using her position to award favorable contracts to friends and family. Well, if that does not beat all. This is something out of the Huey Long days. I wonder if she was handed money in a plain white envelop in a supermarket parking lot.

This is just another piece of evidence which shows that our leaders cannot be trusted. They are inherently corrupt. If they get into office with a shred of decency, they quickly lose it. Power goes to people's head and we are far too tolerant of this behavior. It is time that action is taken.

What can be done to prevent this? I think the answer is rather simple. People in public office need to be held to a higher accord. If you abuse your position and betray the trust of the people, we are going to abuse you. The answer is to levy sentences so severe it will deter anyone from breaking the law.

How would this work? For Ms. Dixon, a jail sentence of 20-30 years is appropriate. The same goes for that piece of trash governor in Illinois. He deserves to get a life sentence. Make these people pay for their actions. Of course, if we want to get Biblical about things, we could reinstate crucifixion as a penalty. Either way, we need to diminish the likelihood that these rats will keep screwing us over.

At present, Ms. Dixon is denying the allegations. Her people say it is an overzealous job on the prosecutor's part. I remember hearing the Mafia saying the same thing about Rudy Giuliani when he was investigating them. Remember folks, where there is smoke, there is fire. This is not a case of overzealous actions Ms. Dixon. Rather, it is a case that a corrupt rat was placed in a position of power. For that, you ought to be crucified.

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