Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Dead Rise Again

The environmentalists proved over and over that they care more about their agenda than they do about human beings. No matter what the cause, whether it is a bird, salmon, or tree, the needs of people are second fiddle to the environmentalists. Of course, with the advent of the still unproven 'manmade' global warming, these people now have a new religion. These people are as bad as any fundamentalist Christian.

We continually hear the mantra of how man is destroying this world. This is something that was drilled into us for the past 30 years. Yet, we are now finding out that these people are nothing more than misguided folk who drank the 'kool aid' completely. Listen up Owl Gore, here is another fact that gets in the way of your inconvenient truth.

It now appears that research revealed that 1/3 of all species that go extinct come bad to life. Oh shit. Now these zombies are going to ruin a perfectly good lie by proving the radical environmentalist wrong. This is not going to sit well with all those Hollywood Sierra Club bimbos. Of course, I have no doubt these people will just continue to lie just like Gore never let the truth get int he way of his profits.

The fact is that these people spread dogma of another kind. These individuals do not think for themselves, thus are very dangerous. Our global warming mentality is a prime example. Do they ever take the time to consider that the Earth might have a self correcting mechanism that prevents it s destruction. Certainly, the Aussies are now proving that a couple hundred species thought extinct since the 1500s are still roaming the planet. I guess they didnt see Owl Gore's movie. Because of that, I will not accuse these species of senseless dogma.

Remember this article the next time some environmental zealot is spouting off about how we are wrecking this planet and all the damage we do. Simply mention to that picklebrain the facts that you read here and ask him/her about these 187 species who wont die. Seems that nature is a bit more resilient then we thought.

Damn I hate when it does that.

For those interested, here is the article.

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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Disease In Washington

We live in a country where are leaders are now the enemy of the American people. This is a statement of fact. Numerous polls are showing that many of the policies signed into law by our Fascist in Charge are not popular. Obamacare is such a dud that candidates who voted for it are not mentioning it on the campaign trail. Of course, Nancy Pelosi, the spacecase from San Francisco still says that it is great for America.

Here is the truth: all these people are liars. When are Americans going to realize this and stand up to these idiots? Sadly, I am not sure the day will come anytime soon. Another fact: the American people are just plain idiots. If stupidity was a capital offense, most of the populous would be dead on the street. The average American Idol moron knows nothing about anything. These people should not be allowed to vote. In fact, lets get a little Islamic and cane then 100 times for wasting oxygen.

Does this sound to harsh to you? Well good because it is reality. If you underestimate the ignorance of America you are going to get your ass handed to you. Look at what happened the last election when we got this pussy for America Hating Son of A Bitch in office. People feel for the hope and change thing. Yeah, a nice slogan really qualifies someone to be President. Dumbasses.

Of course, John McCain is not worthy of any praise either. The worst part of this election cycle is that his stupid ass is going to return to the Senate (evidently his only real challenge was in the primary since the Democratic candidate is a cupcake). Now we have to listen to his ass for another 6 years. John, thank you for what you endured in Southeast Asia. Now go home. Go live your remaining years in exile not fucking things up more.

All these people are diseases. They need to be stopped either by ballot or by bullet. I really feel this country is coming to a breaking point. Anyone with an ounce more sense than Sean Hannity (who is up the Republicans ass) knows that neither party is worth a cramp. Even worse, the majority of people in each party are outright corrupt. They care about nothing but themselves. For this reason, I am hoping for an Islamic attack on the Capital when Congress is in session. Wipe all the bastards out at one time. Now that is a nirvana thought.

They are the disease. What is the cure? My belief is the only way to take care of this is to starve the bastards. When will America realize that your tax money is getting a shitty return on investment? I imagine a full fledged tax revolt might be around the corner. Picture the struggle they would have if 5 million people refused to pay their taxes? Are they going to throw that many in jail? Perhaps but there will be a line forming after all those poor 27 who refuse to purchase health insurance.

It is time for America to wake up. Look around you. If your neighbor is a dumbass, perhaps it is time to do something about it. That person votes. Take your dog over and let him shit on his/her lawn. Take that crap and wipe it on your neighbor's door. Do your part to start anarchy because that is what this country sorely needs. The solutions to our problems is to eliminate the weak. Those who want to continually take need to be ridiculed and beaten. Let them know they are slugs not worthy of any pity. Remember, they are living on your dime.

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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Government Intelligence

This is a question for all you out there who invested in stocks at some time in your life. Please think about this question a bit before you answer it because it requires a great deal of thought. I am going to present a scenario that is going to really put you on the fence in terms of a financial decision. Nevertheless, I want you to draw a conclusion.

Here is the scenario: Blockbuster today announced that it is entering into bankruptcy. The company, at least temporarily, will continue operations while they reorganize their debt. It is anyone's guess if the company will emerge and what it will look like. Nevertheless, my question is would you buy this stock today? Before you answer, let me add to the mix and ask if you would pay $30+ more per share than the highest price Blockbuster ever traded at?

If you have even 1/10 of a brain, the answer is 'no'. What moron would invest in a situation like this? I will give you the answer: you did! You are a proud owner of a percentage of General Motors thanks to the tremendous decision making process of our corrupt government leaders. A recent report emerged stating that the government will need to sell GM stock for $134 per share to just break even on the money it gave them. This is over $30 more per share than the highest stock price GM ever had.

Can you see why government is the enemy. Everyday it steals from people like you to fund these asinine projects. In this instance, Barack Obama, the genius with no business background whatsoever, made the decision to pander to the unions. These corrupt goons had a large part in bankrupting the company in the first place. And, our President rewards them by taking your money and forking it over to them. This is treasonous and this bastard out to be brought up on charges (along with almost every other member of Congress). The people belong in jail.

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Burn Them All

Why was everyone upset that the minister in Gainesville, FL wanted to burn 200 copies of the Koran. I thought it a wonderful idea. Of course, I think he should be fair and offered to burn 200 copies of the Bible. If the burning of the flag is deemed a legitimate form of protest against a the government, then burning both books is equally a good way to protest religion. Anyone who is willing to do this is one that I can stand behind.

Religion is the single greatest force of indoctrination in the history of the world. Man's history is littered with episodes where millions of death resulted as arguments over dogmatic beliefs. The Crusades are a prime example of what can happen when this gets out of hand. We see this same truth forming today with the 9/11 events. Muslims are pissed off at the tyrannical reign of the 'infidels'. Of course, the Middle East is riddled with conflict between these same Muslims and the Jews. The Jews are pissed that a Mosque exists where they want a Temple. At the same time, the Muslims hate the fact that the Jews even exist. Each side concludes its stance based upon the dogma professed.

What gets these people so rabid? Quite simply it is the religion. Each week sermons are preached about the evils that exist. Anyone who doesnt believe the same is considered evil. While the major religions of the world preach tolerance and love (turn the other cheek), their actions show a different mindset. Religions promotes intolerance and hatred. God is a convenient figure to kill for. The Bible, Koran, and Torah, all written by men, are the sacred texts which substantiate this behavior. All claim to be the divine works of God. What garbage.

Protesting religion is the first step to freedom. Few are willing to admit that God did not create man in his image but the other way around. Man, because of his need to control, created a deity that determines one fate in the afterlife. This offers hope to those who 'lose' at the game of life. All the unfairness that one suffers in the world is rewarded in 'Heaven'. At the same time, those who were rewarded through unethical actions will receive the same just due by visiting the state of eternal damnation. Fiction at its best.

Religion is nothing more than mythology. The Greeks and Romans developed systems of spiritual beings in the skies to satisfy their curiosity. Of course, they had the excuse of lacking scientific knowledge. Their 'Gods' served to answer questions about nature that were beyond their comprehension. Today, we know more about the world and universe we live in. We know that rain doesnt come from the 'rain god' but rather is the result of a series of events which produce rain. The sun is not controlled by the 'sun god' as much as the result of an orbital path of the Earth. Therefore, there is no need for these gods nor the mythology they were created upon.

The same is true for religion. We need to accept that it is nothing more than mythological beliefs to explain something that is unknown to us. People need to have hope for an afterlife because people do not want to believe that when they are dead, that is it. At the same time, the thought of never seeing their grandmother's face again is unbearable. So, they hold the polyanna belief that 'we will meet in 'Heaven'. Of course, the individual presumes that grandma is already there. What is she was a hooker in her earlier years' maybe she is spending eternity serving at the feet of Satan himself.

My point is that unquestioned dogma leads people to kill. If people truly wanted peace, they would start by taking copies of the Bible, Koran, and Torah and burning them. This would tell the major religions of the world that we are not into mindless dogma that is used to justify the slaughter of millions of people. Naturally, most cannot do this. Is it any wonder that the followers of this institutions are called sheep, lambs, and flock? Sadly, the world needs some more wolves.

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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Recession Ended

Did you notice the headline yesterday that the recession officially ended in June of 2009. That means we are roughly 16 months into the post-recession period. Are you kidding me? This just shows there are people paid to do nothing worthwhile. Economists seem to be a waste of human life. Who cares what the theory states, the fact is this economy is crushing people.

We have a pantywaste government that is spending money that it doesnt have. There is a President and Congress that ought to be tried for treason for the debt they are incurring and placing it upon the future generations. Now we know the radicals in charge are worthless slime so we are going to place the Republicans back in charge. Of course, we know they are no better. Once they get their hands on power, they are just as corrupt. Remember, the Republican Congress and Bush administration spent money like drunken sailors also.

We have almost 20% of the population underemployed. What that means for all you morons who believe the U-1 number, underemployed are those people who took part or reduced hours work so as to make some type of income. These people arent technically 'unemployed' but they are not employed to the degree they would like (or need). This means that there are a crapload of people hurting. And we have a political environment made up of idiots. The President proclaimed we are going to 'spend our way out of this recession'. What an idiot. What fundamental financial theorem is that following? Maybe that is what all the underemployed people should do. Try that and email me to let me know how it works out. The bank will take your house if it already has not.

We need to remember that government is typically at the core of many of these problems. It is not a problem solving mechanism but a problem creating one. Dependence is what it breeds and that is fatal. Look at all the people who are on the government dole in one form or another. There are somewhere near 40 million people receiving food stamps. This means that all these people are incapable of providing for themselves one of the most basic necessities in life. Of course, perhaps we should check in and see if they have cable television. If they can afford $100+ for t.v., maybe they ought to put that towards their food bill. But, the government pays money without regard.

America is a becoming a bunch of meatheads. Just look at the mentality of the average person. Barack Obama is one who tapped into the mindlessness of the masses. He looked good, was a smooth talker, and conned almost 60% of the people. Most are surprised to learn he has some radical views. Wake up you morons. What about his life and those he interacted with would ever lead you to conclude that he was a moderate? Turn off America Idol and think.

So now the headline is that the recession is over. And that is suppose to make people feel good. I presume those who still have a job yet walk around with their heads up there ass will now conclude that everything is wonderful. We will probably see this when the union contracts are up and it is time to renegotiate. The union bosses will state how the recession is over so their contracts should be increased 10% annually because that is what people deserve.

The bottom line is that you cannot believe anything that comes out of the government or any of its crony organizations. For example, the inflation figure released conveniently excludes food and energy prices. That makes sense since food and energy are the two things people cannot do without. Do I really give a crap if the prices on big screen televisions dropped 15%? Does most of the country? Not really. I am much more concerned about the fact that a gallon of milk jumped $.50.

Who cares if the recession ended? The truth is things suck and they are not going to get better anytime soon. We have a political body that is clueless about anything than other ensuring their own power. The radical transformation is only moving us more towards a nanny state. In the end, someone has to pick up the tab. These morons refused to learn that the recent credit crisis was driven by government and is the result of 30 years of poor financial choices. Nevertheless, instead of changing behavior that will better the situation, the leaders follow the same pattern. The recession might be over but another one is on its way.

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Monday, September 20, 2010

A "Witchcraft" Senator

Hey I think it is great that Christine O'Donnell dabbled in witchcraft. Perhaps this is exactly what the United States Senate needs. There are too many corrupt people who have no spine to do what is right. Therefore, maybe putting a full blown witch in there will straighten some people out.

In all seriousness, this goes to the core of what is wrong with the politics of today. I regularly write how little the people in Washington care about how the average person is affected. Instead, they, with the assistance of the media, engage in these petty games. I mean seriously, is it important that this woman mentioned 11 years ago that she "dabbled" in witchcraft? I think her extreme Christian views are more pertinent to the voter.

Of course, we see this same thing brought up with Barack Obama. The term "Muslim" is thrown at him. Maybe he is, maybe he isnt. Who cares? I dont give a rats ass if he is a Muslim, a Christian, or an Atheist. I think he is a politically corrupt scheister who is an extremely weak leader while doing terrible harm to this country. His religious connotation, in my view, is nothing more than for political gain. So who cares what he is termed.

The truth is that the majority of Christians refuse to admit that their brand of religion is just as fanatical as the Muslim. All religion is poison of the is that simple. It is a dogma meant to prohibit freedom and scare the masses. Individuality is not taught but instead blind adherence is regaled. Overall, it makes people weaker instilling guilt for things beyond one's control (original sin comes to mind).

Therefore, I would vote for a self-proclaimed witch. Of course, that person might have to fight Nancy Pelosi for the broom.

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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Accounting Tricks

I recently read an article in the NY Times (relax, it was linked to me via another site) that spelled out some of the tricks that states are now using to balance their budgets. This is a maneuver that relates to the pension plans. What these states are doing is cutting the future benefits to new employees. While this is a wonderful concept which will net savings in the long run, we are seeing the political hacks manipulate this for present gain. A slight of hand accounting trick is enabling these corrupt public servants to take the future savings in the present budget years, in turn, balancing the budgets.

Once again we see the political class rear their corrupt heads. The problem with his deal is the simple fact that most of these pension funds are underfunded as we speak. In layman's terms, the simply do not have enough money. Of course, the states are in a quandary since cutting any present pension payments results in union lawsuits. Therefore, they need to suck savings wherever else they can. Yet this maneuver allows them to bypass the step of having to cut the present budget. Once again, votes are more important.

We need to step in and straighten out all politicians. The 'kicking the can down the road' should no longer be tolerated. Anyone who sits back and watches this occur is a felon. These people are screwing the present and future generations. This hack in the White House is so bad he belongs tied to a pole and facing a firing squad. Madoff is a said compared to these people. The same holds true for the members of both houses of Congress. There is a body where 535 of individuals should be tried for treason. (For those of you who dont understand that number, that encompasses members of both parties)

The politicians will use any trick to fool the public. Only in government can people argue of the size of the deficit and feel that less bad is good. At the same time, these people are immune from any negative consequences. We need to change that. If jailtime is not in the books for these corrupt people, then we need to look at alternative measures. The revolution is quickly approaching.

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Nations of Wussies

The United States has become a nation of wimps. And this is a trend that is only getting worse. The stupidity of this country is growing at a rapid pace. While most of the country is taking notice of American Idol and Lindsey Lohan, they are missing the important fact that there are fascists in Washington who are raping the American public. These people believe government is the answer to everything. This is no different from many other empires throughout history.

Nature dictates survival of the fittest. Unfortunately, politicians, in their effort to win votes, promise all kinds of handouts to the illiterate. Of course, most of them are too stupid to understand that this comes with a price. The truth is that people are electing to live as slaves. Every freedom that is granted to one is rapidly being eradicated and people have no clue. Talk about selling your soul to the devil.

The truth is that people choose their path in life. If you want to better yourself, there never was a time that it is easier than now. Consider all the information that is free to anyone with an Internet connection. Yet most failed to learn in school so to expect them to continue their education after the fact is unrealistic. That is why many of them are destined for a life of failure and misery.

Our political class likes to call them "less fortunate". We are suppose to feel sorry for these people because they are "unlucky" in their birth. Well, my answer is bullshit. Poverty of any idea starts in the mind and that is where these people live and die. They have no motivation to move forward and make no effort to improve themselves. Thus, the politicians bribe these individuals with all kinds of handouts.

That is why I started posting on this blog again. The real injustice is the thievery committed by a political class that is corrupt. I, for one, hopes that all the bastards and bitches are voted out of office this November. Make them all private citizens and indict them all. They are corrupt and deserve to be jailed (or hung). Treason is an appropriate charge.

It is time for the people to stand up and be adults. Get off you ass and do something with your life. If you want to live as a slave, do not be surprised if people whip you like one. That is how the natural order of things is.

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Saturday, September 11, 2010


Today is the 9th anniversary of the 9/11 slaughter of 3,000 innocent people. Please take some time today to give some thought to what it all means. In short, because of dogma, 3,000 people lost their lives on that fateful day. This is shows the power of beliefs.

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Friday, September 10, 2010

The Burning of the Koran

Have you seen this fruitloop in Gainesville, Florida? Here we have a preacher who wants to burn the Koran (or however the hell you spell it) who wants protest the activities of another religion. Of course, this has all the loons from overseas all upset. The religious factions are drawing the lines in the sand.

My question is why does anyone care what these idiots think? Here is a moronic preacher from a church with an equally moronic clergy looking for attention. These fruitloops are all acting in the name of God.

As I often state, dogma is dogma regardless of the institution that it comes from. What kind of person allows him or herself to be brainwashed by an individual such as this? It must really take a feeble mind to believe this is what God wants. Obviously, there is a church full of these people.

We see a grand controversy brew over the erecting of a Mosque in New York near Ground Zero. All the "patriots" are up in arms that the Muslims are erecting a monument celebrating their conquest. Well, so what. Let them build their building. If you are so Biblical, heed the eye for an eye. Blow the sucker up the day it is completed.

In the end, we are seeing a huge religious war developing. We are now living in a modern day Crusades. Throughout history, no entity caused so much bloodshed as the topic of God. More blood was shed in his name than anything else. Religion serves as a wonderful platform to hide hate and bigotry. This nutcase in Gainesville is no different the Reverend Wrights of the world. They all preach the same hated masked under the guise of religion.

My opinion is to be open about things. If you hate, hate, Do it openly and freely. Shed the dogma that espouses lies. We do not love everyone we meet. Hatred is part of the human condition. Man loves to hate. It is that simple. Allow the free flow of hate and let the fittest survive. This is the true state of affairs. In the real world, the meek get eaten alive.

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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

They Only Care About Power

So the Republicans are going to take back the House and, perhaps, the Senate. Well, whoopie. Does anyone really think things are going to be different? Outside of Sean Hannity who is just an extension of the Republican National Committee, is there anyone with half a brain who believes that things will be different?

Here is the truth: politicians do not care about you nor do they care about what is best for their constituents. They only care about remaining in power. Period. Remember that the next time you vote.

Along the same lines: there is no difference between the two major political parties. Voting for a Democrat is almost the same as voting for a Republican. While their issues might be different, you will find they are the same in the end. What is the difference between Joe Lieberman and John McCain? NOTHING.

Sure, you can make the argument that Nancy Pelosi and John Boehner are miles apart. I would agree. However, when the Democrats are in charge like now, Boehner disagrees. Come January, when Princess Nancy is out on her boney ass, she will be turning up the Nay votes. But, do not forget that each is about maintaining (and growing) power.

The government spends too much money. Obama is hammered for running his deficits. Of course, Bush went through plenty of money himself. What is the difference if the spending is on pork like studying some stupid owl or giving it to Haliburton? Both take money out of your pockets.

As a sidebar, the Republicans cast themselves as the party of smaller government. They like to point to their idol Ronald Reagan. Lest we forget, Reagan spent huge sums of money on defense. Again, it matters none what it is spent on, in the end it comes from working people who pay taxes.

Ultimately, we need to kick all these bastards out of office. If you think you are being represented, then I want to drink your Kool-Aid. In the end, we are all being screwed in the interest of special interest. Taxation without representation. Seems I heard that mantra before.

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Monday, September 6, 2010


I do a lot of reading about financial/economic news as a means of finding investment opportunities (yes I do my own investing...personal responsibility). One of the overriding themes is that this country has lost its manufacturing base over the last 40 years by entering into free-trade agreements with other countries. Of late, China seems to be the beneficiary of our overseas movement of jobs. Their manufacturing base exploded over the last few decades.

The reason why I write this is to counter all those who are posting about how terrible this is. Am I the only one who knows anything about what happened throughout history. Evidently so. Well, I am about to enlighten you. Write this on your forehead so you do not forget it. Work always flows to where labor is cheapest. This is a factoid that seems to surpass many people.

History is riddled with slavery. The reason being is slave labor is the truest for of "cheap labor" there is. You cannot beat receiving work in return for a minimal standard of living. Many countries throughout history created empires by importing slaves. The United States is no exception.

Why are people of today amazed that companies would export jobs to places where it is cheaper? This is man's model. Whenever something can be created less expensively, it is in a companies best interest to follow that path. This often results in lower prices and higher profit margins. And, yes, higher profit margins are a good thing contrary to what the bleeding hearts will say.

People want to try to interject a governmental system into the natural order of events. The belief in the power of the imperial government is misguided. History reveals that government only serves to steal, oppress, and screw things up. It implements laws that impede the natural progress of things.

The simple fact is that work goes to where labor is the cheapest. Get over your resistance to this fact. China benefited for a number of decades. Of course, now since they experienced inflation and the cost increased there, they are finding that manufacturing is leaving for other parts of Asia. Am I the only one not surprised?

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Saturday, September 4, 2010


"What luck for rulers that men do not think" -Adolf Hitler

This is a statement that sums up the masses of all time. We see that now in this country. The argument from the left is for more government while the right holds their Christ dear. What each side doesnt realize is that dogma, regardless of the entity delivering it, is meant to control. While the right feels the growth of government is infringing upon their freedoms, they fail to realize that the religious dogma already imprisoned them.

Dogma is for the weak. It is a methodology that is used to control the masses. People feel they need to be taken care of. For centuries, they turned to the Church. That was the organization that made people feel good. It gave them strength to persevere in times of weakness. Now, we are seeing that people in the U.S. are becoming dependent upon the government. Recent reports have over 35 million people receiving food stamps. Here individuals are relying on the government to provide the most basic need.

Of course, the situation keeps getting worse. Throughout history we saw how cultures imploded. Never was a great empire (read World Leader) conquered from the outside. Instead, they were overtaken by the ills from within. In our time, we see how the oligarchy at the top is ruining it for everyone else. The mindless sheep follow without questioning.

I recently had a discussion with a friend over church and religious dogma. She is a true follower...mindless to the nth degree. Everything they told her she swallowed hook, line, and sinker. She is doing all she can to reach the eternal life for herself. All the time she is missing the present. It is really pathetic to watch.

Slavery is something that most will say they abhor. But, in reality, they actually love it since almost all people are living according to a particular dogma presented. Life is not about "survival of the fittest". Instead, it is about being a wussy and turning to something outside of oneself for help. Grow up. History shows that greatness is something that one finds within oneself. Personal development and responsibility are the anti-thesis of dogma.

We are a weaker nation because of broken belief system. The qualities that made this country great are now passe. Unless the masses wake up, we are creating the same environment that allowed Hitler to rise to power. Fascism, regardless of who is in charge, is nothing more than the masses living as slaves. I fear we are rapidly heading down the same path.

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