Thursday, January 15, 2009

Morons in Congress

You would think that something right in front of them would make them stand back and re-evaluate their position. But no. Not people in Congress. Once they get an idea in their head, there is no removing it. This is the case with the global warming chaos. We are now seeing proof that global warming is a political rather than a scientific issue.

The esteemed Henry Waxman has promised legislation on climate change before Memorial day. (read article here) Of course, he makes this statement while much of the country is suffering through horrific, freezing conditions. ( see here) Even the inauguration of Obama is destined to see horrific temperatures. However, this does not deter the myth from continuing.

Here is the true scoop on climate: the sun has the power to eradicate the Earth if it just hiccups. All of our power comes from that single entity. This is the force that sustains life on Earth, a planet that is covered by 75% water. Much of what we experience is due to the condensation and evaporation of water. Therefore, the temperature of the oceans has an impact on the climate.

Recently, the PDO (Pacific Decadal Ocsillator) switched from it's warm cycle to its cool. Bear in mind, this is the largest body of water on the planet. This switched can be traced to the lack of sunspots recognized in the last few years. We are at a 100 year low in that area. This leads to a cooling of the oceans which will, in turn, cool the planet. Notice how carbon emissions do not figure into the equation.

Since 2006, the northern hemisphere has seen cooler temperatures. This is a pattern that is mimicing the cycles of the past. We can expect this to continue for the next couple of decades. The recent temperatures are making this shift more noticable.

Yet, we still have morons like Henry Waxman who is too obtuse to see what is in front of him. And he is suppose to be a public servant. He ought to be whipped. The ideas that he is going to carry forward are going to cost billions of dollars while criplling the economy even further. If Wall Street did not put us in a recession, these meatheads in government will. All because someone was too near-sighted to see what was in front of him.

It is time that people start to wake up. Global warming is nothing more than a tool to redistribute wealth. The global concept is that richer countries (the carbon emitters) will pay the poorer countries for their suffering. Of course, this is backed by the United Nations since that is headed by people from the poorer countries. Any organization that chooses a leader from a nation in Africa ought to be ignored. It is nothing more than a political farce.

So, once again, the dimwits in Washington are playing politics on your dime. This fiasco is going to cost us billions so that these people can claim credit when they finally acknowledge that the Earth is cooling. However, until the legislature is passed, they will continue this facade. Only then might we hear how their decisions are working and reversing the global warming trend.

Welcome to fantasy land.

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I'm Hernadi-Key said...

come on join with us to FIGHT GLOBAL WARMING..

i've a lot of article about GLOBAL WARMING..

therevolution said...

What are you kidding? You are part of the myth promoters who are scare everyone with this crap.

I notice your site fails to mention anything about the extreme decrease in subspots over the last 15 years. Also, where is the fact that the PDO is changed to a cooling trend. Finally, who believes anything that the GISS puts out since it is run by that hoax promoter, James Hansen. If you will recall, this was the organization which used the September '07 temperatures in its reading for October that year, thus leading to the conclusion that October '08 was the warmest on record. Wrong.

Get your facts straight chico. You are a purveyor of the lies just like that professional con man Al Gore.