Sunday, February 1, 2009

Another day...

The nice part about the nomination process for cabinet positions is that we get to see how corrupt the powerful truly are.  It is something that we all know about.  Yet, the process that nominees go through, especially Cabinet members, unearths a host of activities which were covered up.  This go around is no different.  Now, we have the Tom Daschle revealing that he did not pay all his taxes.

This is the second go around for Obama in dealing with tax cheats.  He had this issue with his Treasury secretary.  For whatever reason, these guys seem to think they are exempt from the rules the rest of us operate under.  That is the mindset of the powerful.

When Geithner owned up to cheating the government, everyone jumped to his aid saying it was a mistake.  Are they going to do the same thing for Daschle?  According to this report, Daschle paid $140,000 in back taxes.  Is anyone going to claim this was an error in bookkeeping?  I can see $50 being considered a mistake, but $140,000 is not. 

The truth of the matter is that Daschle tried to get away with cheating the government.  This is something that I can't blame him for since I know they are only going to waste the money.  Yet Daschle is one of those who feels the government is better to run our lives then we are.  Also, he got caught.  If you are going to try to cheat on your taxes, you deal with the consequences when you are caught.  The fact that he showed himself to be unrustworthy should shoot down his nomination for office.  He is not qualified.

Corruption is something that is spread throughout our government.  These people are not fit to be our leaders.  They do not represent the vast majority of people.  For whatever reason, there is a mindset which tells these people that they are exempt for the same laws that we operate under.  Ted Stavens is a prime example.  He is going to jail (or should be) for taking what amounts to payoffs.  The same with the Governor of Illinois.  Both situations, while extreme, reveal the basic mindset of the corrupt.  They feel they are above the law.

And to Mr. Daschle I say, "better luck next time".  You do not belong in public service since you are an umntrustworthy liar.  Go screw someone else over.  Leave the American people alone.

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