Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Environmental Insanity

The more I delve into this subject called "global warming" (now changes to climate change since it appears to be a farce), the more I realize how badly we are misled by those in power. If you listen to the political morons we elected, you would think that the world is going to melt in the next few decades. And, of course, man is the cause of this chaos. This viewpoint is re-emphasized by the media who love to show how hurricanes and earthquakes are increasing, even if they really are not.

Yet, when we see studies done using science instead of computer models, we realize there is an entirely different situation occurring. The Earth is now in a cooling period. This was the case since 1998 when the temperature flattened out after a rise for the previous 2 decades. It seems that since 2000, the number of sunspots decreased to a low level at present. This is an indicator of a coming decrease in global temperatures. (Read article here)

Naturally, we are going to hear Al Gore and his cronies tell us that man is the cause for the cooling period also. This is a total bunch of crap. Over the past few years, Gore has raked in millions of dollars from this hoax. Why would he ever want to see the true results revealed? He would not. It is in his best interest to keep the facade going.

Al Gore padding his pocketbook is the least of our worries. What is truly scary is the trillions of dollars world organizations are going to spent to try and prevent manmade global climate change. Obama has named a Harvard geek who is a big warming proponent as head of his science team. This is outright dangerous. These idiots are going to get us into expensive agreements. All this over nothing.

This is just another example of why we need to radical shift the people who are leading us. Most of the politicians in Washington are already signed onto this charade. They need to be removed from office as soon as possible. Every law that is enacted to support this madness is another screwing of the American people. And now, President Obama is the ringleader. His ideas are going to cost trillions. This insanity has to be stopped.

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