Monday, February 23, 2009

What A Fraud

Obama has no clue what he is doing. Personally, I thought we would never see anyone who was as inept as Jimmy Carter. I was wrong. This guy is going to make Carter look like Abraham Lincoln. Mark my words, the Obama administration (and the morons in Congress) is going to screw this situation up that it will take us a generation to unravel.

Once again, the stock market crashed following the remarks of the esteemed President. His gurus are now thinking of buying 40% of Citibank. I dont know about you, but the idea of the government owning one bank while the rest are struggling is not a good thing. Not only will the shareholders suffer, but the system is going to dive at this idea. We are already seeing it.

Besides, what makes these morons think the government is able to solve any business problem. Let us look at the entities the government is involved in. The United States Post Office. Losing billions. Amtrak. Ditto, billions in loses. Fannie and Freddie. Total collapse. Do you get the point?

Obama campaigned as a problem solver. The truth is he is a talker when it serves him. At the moment, Obama is talking down the economy. If you believe that to be right-wing rhetoric, then check all his speeches the last month. He makes speeches that are self-serving without regard for who he is hurting. Obama, as all politicians, are out for themselves. Maintaining power is the focus. And he will do anything for that end.

For weeks we heard how crucial it is for his "stimulus" bill to get done. Forgetting the fact that this is the most obvious liberal spending platform ever, it increased the debt by almost $1 trillion (closer to $2 trillion when interest and all the rest is factored in). That was bad enough. Now, suddenly, this moron suddenly feels that deficits are dangerous (read article). Yeah, no shit Sherlock. Of course, saying that before we spent $30 million studying the mouse in San Francisco (courtesy of Nancy Pelosi) was not in the cards.

Obama is a total fraud. He is someone who is totally unqualified to be President of the Boy Scouts, let alone the United States. He is a liar from the corrupt Chicago political establishment. He is showing himself to be a say anything to get elected type but do none of it. His administration is filled with lobbyists and tax cheats (and it would have more if he could have gotten them through). In short, he is pathetic.

The end is closer than we believe. Obama is going to screw up the United States so much. We are closing in on the time when the revolution will take place. Remember, you Presidential piece of trash, you work for us.

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