Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Tax and Spender

The ruse is over. For anyone who actually believed that Obama was a centrist or was going to govern from the middle, your world was shattered last night. If the fact that he signed the largest spending bill in history did not convince you, his speech to Congress did. Obama is a liberal in the truest sense of the word.

So what are we confronted with? We have a leader who is the atypical tax and spender. Obama believes that government is the answer. He likes it bigger and bigger. The more power the government has, the happier he is.

Obama is going to get his wish. He has the most liberal Congress that I can remember. Any organization that is headed by a representative from San Francisco is going to be way out there. And this one is.

I believe most people understood that Obama was one who would say anything to get elected. Hell, what politician won't? However, there were some who actually believed in "change you can believe in". What a ruse that is. He is no different then any other power hungry politician. Everything that he is doing is par for the course with Washington. Lobbyist in the administration is nothing new. Neither is unscrupulous people serving in the cabinet. Overall, Obama is atypical of Washington.

After last night's speech, my beliefs were confirmed. Forget the rhetoric of slashing the deficit in half. This guy is going to waste so much money over the next few years that the debt will grow by 50%. He will make Bush look conservative and he spent like a drunken liberal.

The issues confronting California and New York will be confronted by the country. Those two states have been run by tax and spend liberals for decades. Now, they are broke. This will be the United States in a couple of years. The only thing saving our asses right now is the fact we can print money. Wait until nobody has confidence in it. Then all hell will break loose.

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