Monday, February 16, 2009

The government feels it is all theirs

Have you noticed that the American government feels that everything is theirs? This was the mindset when we started as a country and it has not changed. If you remember back in the 1700s and 1800s, the government "sold off" non-settled land. By default, since the property was never titled, it was owned by the government of the United States. This entity feels it is entitled to make money off anything that it chooses.

What is the present day land sale? Well, we know it as the Internet. It is the new frontier of expansion. And, just like a couple hundred years ago, the government feels entitled to profit from this medium. Politicians who spend like drunken sailors simply cannot keep their greedy hands off things. Anything that they can gain tax revenue on is fair game.

Unfortunately, this mindset is not only at the Federal level. The states now believe they have the same rights. The idea of sales tax being charged on purchases over the Internet have been circling for years. It seems we are getting closer to that ultimate end.

Here is an article detailing what the governor of New York is proposing.

This is another instance where the lack of financial discipline created a deficit. New York is one of the worst states for this along with California. Their tax rates are already astronomical since the legislature cannot control its spending. Now, it wants to tax the Internet as a means of raising more money. This will lead to a domino-effect where all states follow suit. It is only a matter of time.

The states are already being "rewarded" by Obama's joke of a stimulus package. Politicians at the state level were recklessly spending for years. Now, instead of enjoying the "fruits" of their labor, they are being bailed out by the rest of us. This angers me. It is completely a case of taxation without representation. The fact that my tax dollars are going to an elected official whom I did not have a chance to vote for is unconstitutional. If the governor of a state cannot pay the bills, let that state deal with him or her. It is not my business. I have the leaders in my own state to monitor.

Once again, we are seeing another step in the eroding of our freedoms. There will come a time when the people stand up and say "enough". The further this goes, the quicker that time will come.

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