Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Right To Protect Yourself

Have you ever noticed how politicians will stand at the microphone and tell how we need to give up our guns. They want to create a state where they have total control. Taking away people's firearms is one of the primary methods to weaken the populous. It was effectively used by dictators throughout the last 200 years. Now, we are seeing it in the United States.

Of course, there is total hypocrisy with what the politicians are saying. For example, when the President stands up and says that we need more gun laws, he is doing so while surrounded by a dozen armed guards. So it is alright for him to have protection but not us.

Naturally, not every political leader has the Secret Service looking out for him or her. Sometimes that person will have to take matters into his or her own hands. This is a free exercising of the Constitutional rights afforded each citizen. Kirsten Gillibrand is a Senator in New York. She is also one who owns shotguns as a means of protection. This last week she had to move the guns because their location was leaked to the press. I applaud the Senator for using her rights to protect her family. (here is the article)

Now, you can guess what is coming. The Senator is facing a challenge for her seat from one who wants more gun control. There is a faction of the population that wants to remove all the guns from every law abiding citizen. The claim they are taking it out of the hands of criminals but that is not the case. A criminal, by the very definition, does not abide by laws. That is why he or she is a criminal. Buying a gun requires no license, waiting period, or anything else when you are doing it on a street corner. Cash is the only proof one needs.

Yet, this point seems to be overlooked by the anti-gun lobby. They are so foolish. Another of their arguments is that it protects the children. Let me ask you, how many children are killed each year by guns? I dont know the exact number but I recall reading a stat a few years ago that mention it was a couple hundred. Do you know how many people are killed by automobiles each years? I know the answer to this: it is around 40,000. Perhaps we should outlaw cars.

Here is the bottom line. Gun ownership is a right guaranteed by the Constitution. That means one does not have to earn it or qualify for it. It is inherently given to that person. This is no different than the right to vote. That is given to every adult in the United States simply because he or she is a citizen. We get our rights by default. Now, they can be removed if we are convicted of a crime. But short of that, every adult has the right to bear a firearm.

This is just another example where the rights of ordinary citizens are being trampled upon in the name of protect. Society seems so concerned with the "greater good" that it is destroying the very principles it was founded on.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

This is fantastic. I am grew up in the country where we all own guns, but I am now going to college in a primarily liberal town and I have multiple times had this very argument with my classmates who promote gun control. I told them the same thing: A criminal is already NOT a law-abiding citizen, so what makes you think the gun laws will be any different? The only difference then will be that the man he is robbing will now have no methods of self-defense because the government has taken away his guns.
This post is excellent, thank you!