Thursday, February 19, 2009

Management Style

Barack Obama is an excellent campaigner. He is so excelled at that trait that he wooed most of America into overlooking his lack of experience (the media helped in this also). Unfortunately, it seems that Obama has failed to realize there is a time to campaign and a time to govern. And, part of governing is managing.

Here is an excellent article which talks about Obama's management style. It raises some valid questions.

Does Barack Obama have any idea what he is doing? This is a valid question which I think many Americans are beginning to wonder. Leave aside the left wing pukes who are only there to defend Obama no matter what he does. Other then them, is there anyone who believes this guy is successful so far.

Everyone understands the economy is in rough shape. Most even would believe that the administration is facing something unprecedented in the state of the banks. However, it seems that Obama has failed in at most of what he tried.

The stimulus package is in great question. Even if you believe massive government spending is going to salvage the economy, you will question this bill. Pelosi and Reid drafted it. Why is that? Perhaps Obama is willing to be just a figurehead as President. Therefore, this is the toughest situation that Congress ever faced since they are leading.

Perhaps the economy is too tough a situation. Okay. Let's look at something a bit easier: cabinet appointees. Every President has trouble with some of their appointees. However, they usually encounter major obstacles when the other party is holding Congress. Obama has Congress. Yet, he was tripped up on a number of occasions. In fact, he was wrong more than he was right (on the major positions). You would think that finding someone who paid their taxes would be fairly easy.

There are many who believe that Obama has not been assertive enough. I agree. However, do not think this will change. Obama's m.o. is that he is a hider. How many times did he vote present while in the Senate? Voting present is akin to saying "I dont know what to do so I will just say I was here". One does not have that luxury as President.

Can anyone ever be fully prepared for the pressure of the Presidency? Probably not. However, this guy is so ill-equipped to deal with anything that he has seen so far. Imagine if one of our "friends" in the Middle East starts misbehaving. What then? Will Obama hide underneath his desk.

It is time that Michelle (or Nancy Pelosi) gave the President his testicles back. The country needs them.

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