Friday, February 13, 2009

These are our servants

We send our leaders to Washington to do our work. These are our elected officials. Yet, they repeatedly want to keep us in the dark about things. The events of the last 24 hours is no exception.

The United States Congress is embarking on the largest spending package in the history of this fine country. President Obama's "stimulus" bill is totaling almost $800 billion while taking up 1,100 pages. The negotiations between the House and Senate ended late last night.

Now, the House already passed the bill. As I write these words, the Senate is taking this bill to vote with passage expected. The historic event is going to occur within the next few hours.

Here is the million dollar question: Who can read 1,100 pages in 18 hours? How many of the Congress people and Senators read the contents of which they are voting? The answer seems to be none.

Here is a video of one Congressman protesting this very point.

How can these people vote for a bill without knowing the content? Simply, because they are corrupt politicians only concerned about their pet projects. Arlen Spector got his $6+ billion from the bill in exchange for his vote. According to reports, Nancy Pelosi got her $30 million for research of mice. And the list continues.

This is just another example of the corruption of the present political system. We are witnessing the largest increase in government spending for nothing. Under the guise of stimulus, the American people were duped into agreeing to political paybacks. This is corruption at it's finest.

We need to write down the name of every person who voted for this bill and remove them from office. The 2010 elections ought to see the removal of every single Democratic House member. This is what that criminals deserve.

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