Monday, February 16, 2009

States Going Broke

Which state is going broke the quickest? If you guessed California you are wrong (although that is a good guess). It is Kansas. The facts are being revealed that the state is in jeopardy of not being able to make payroll in the next week. Presently, there is not enough money in the state's bank to cover the payroll due the state employees. To my knowledge, this is the first state in this predicament.

How did we get to this point? What happened to all the tax dollars the state collected from the citizens who reside in Kansas? I will tell you what happened: the politicians in charge of the money spent it recklessly. We are seeing this same situation all across the country. California. New York. Massachusetts. And Kansas. Politicians spend money like there is no end to it. Yet, when it runs out, they are surprised.

Of course, this could be part of the reason for the massive spending bill (sorry but to call it stimulus would be lying to my readers). It contained "bailouts" for the states which blew the budgets to all hell. Personally, I think those in power ought to be forced to resign before one dime is given to them. It seems that the Feds have no problem pushing their will on the companies on Wall Street. Why dont they take the same approach with the different states? Because they are all in the hopper together.

Corruption is corruption. We are faced with an economic crisis because of reckless actions on the part of many. Now, we are seeing how the actions of the state representation was just as corrupt. Many lost their jobs on Wall Street. I think it is time some of these governors and state representatives of the states who are broke need to suffer some also. It is time to call for their immediate resignation.

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1 comment:

KV Abbott said...

Right On! I'm with you. Going broke here in New York. The s--t is about to hit the fan.