Monday, February 2, 2009

Nobody's Perfect

Are you kidding me?  This was the response by press secretary Robert Gibbs about the tax cheat Tom Daschle.  Obama is standing firmly behind his choice of this cabinet nominee.  Once again, the corruption shows throught.

Obama promised change.  For 8 years, there were charges levied about how corrupt the Republicans were while they were in charge.  Obviously, guys like Ted Stevens proved this point. Now that the Democrats are in charge, they are proving they are just as corrupt.

The bottom line is that Tom Daschle should not be in the Obama administration.  He is someone who tried to defraud the government.  We elect our leaders not only to guide the country, but also to set an example of what is proper behavior.  The fact that Obama has not backed away from this choice once the facts came to light shows that he is tolerant of lies and corruption.  Well, he is part of the Chicago political machine so that is part of the way business is done.

It is apparent that our political leaders believes that personal responsibility is not a value to have.  Obviously, when one claims to "forget" to pay taxes on over $250,000 income that this quality is not held in high regard.  It is more important to place the blame elsewhere instead of owning up to what is actually true.  This is the message being administered by the Obama cronies.  And this is "change?

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