Friday, February 13, 2009

Tax Cheats Haven

If you are a tax cheat, where do you go? Conventional wisdom would say to prison aka Leona Helmsley. However, it now seems that if you cheat on your taxes, you get nominated to the Cabinet or put in charge of powerful committees in Congress. The corruption that we are now witnessing is astounding. And, we have a President who stands by while saying nothing.

Charles Rangel got nailed for not reporting $75,000 in income; he is in charge of the committee that writes the tax code. Tim Geitner, one of our favorites, is in charge of the IRS. His tax situation is well documented. Tom Daschle failed to pay $140,000 in taxes from a free limo provided to him; this derailed his nomination for secretary of health and human services. Nancy Killefer "forgot" to pay taxes on domestic help. And then there is the husband of Hilda Solis, labor secretary nominee. Her husband had several tax liens filed against him.

This is quite a list. Obama could make an impression on the American people by decrying their actions the same way he has hammered the crooks on Wall Street. Yet, the President chooses to stand by these people. He issued statements telling how people make mistakes and they were corrected. This is horrific. Obama is supporting those who are cheating the system. All credibility that he gained during the election is rapidly dimishing.

Mark my words; this will go down as one of the worst, corrupt administrations ever. It will make all the Clinton instances look mild. We already have tax cheats occupying powerful positions. Obama is intent upon spending massive amounts of money for pet projects even though he declares there is no pork in the stimulus package. This shows how blind he really is.

Obama promised change we can believe in. Well, the only difference is that we have a President who is half black (no he is not 100% black-so get off it). He is showing how he is willing to overlook the lies and corruption under his nose. Obama is not only unprepared to occupy the position he is in, he is also a total farce. But at least he talks a good game.

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