Wednesday, February 11, 2009

This woman is a piece of...

I purposely withheld writing about this situation until the facts were revealed. Many jumped on the bandwagon on both sides early on. However, now I believe enough facts are out there to draw a conclusion about this woman. And, in my opinion, she is a piece of crap.

Who am I referring to? Why the infamous mother of the Suleman octuplets of course. You all know this story. A woman on welfare who already has 6 children goes in for fertility treatment and has 8 more. Of course, everyone is wondering who financially fund this woman's decision?

We now have the answer to that question. And, is anyone surprised to find out that it is the taxpayers of California who are already footing the bill. According to an AP article, the state is already covering the costs of the hospitalization for the premature children. They also will most likely have to pick up other forms of supports such as food stamps and other forms of welfare.

If you will recall, California is the state that is presently facing a $40+ billion deficit. The state is a total mess. Fortunately for them, the state is not responsible for creating this situation. Unfortunately for them, they will be stuck footing the bill.

Where does this insanity stop? I might be somewhat sympathetic if the woman got pregnant with her husband (or significant other) and was surprised to find out that she was carrying so many babies. That is not what happened here. This woman, who was unable to provide financially for her existing children, made a choice to have so many more children. This is reprehensible in my opinion.

Something needs to be done about it. Sadly, nothing will come of it. The state will end up paying for the children through all kinds of public assistance. That is why California is broke. The liberal government gave handouts to everyone who asked. Nothing is overlooked in California. Hell, you dont even need to be a citizen to get assistance. So I feel little sympathy for that wacky state.

Nonetheless, this situation could be solved easily. The 8 children who were just born are taken from the mother. She has proven her inability to be able to provide for them. The state, since they are going to have to pay for them, removes the children and tries to find other homes for them. This will send a mandate to those in the state that if you have more children, you will not get more money. It should send the notice that this bull crap is going to end. If the bleeding hearts in Hollywood have an issue with that, let them open their wallets and pay for the babies. Perhaps move all 8 of them in with Sean Penn. He can afford to support them.

This situation strikes at the core of the mindset which got this country into such a tragic state. Our politicians lead the way by placing the blame on everyone else. Personal responsibility is absent. We are quickly becoming a nanny state. Mark my words, this will all blow up here shortly.

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