Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Ones Really In Control

America was established by the Founding Fathers as a country "by the people and for the people". Here we sit 200+ years later realizing that idea is dead. The United States of America is a country by the lobbyists and for the lobbyists. They are the ones who wield the power, not the people. The recent stimulus/spending package proves that.

According to reports on the newswires, there are enough votes to pass the bill in the Senate. The total amount is still be discussed but it is believed to be between $780-$820 billion. This is a considerable sum. However, according to pollsters like Rasmussen, the majority of Americans have reservations about this bill. Most do not believe that it will stimulate anything. Instead, it appears to be simply a massive spending project to appease the far left contributors.

Many are going to take exception at that last statement. Tough. It is the truth. Economists estimate there is somewhere between 9%-15% of stimulus in this package. The rest is pork. Nancy Pelosi wrote up a bill to appease her allies (lobbyists). Who is going to benefit? Liberal states that drove their budgets into the ground with their reckless spending and teachers unions camouflaged as education spending are prime candidates. Now, do't get me wrong. If the Republicans were in control it would be the NRA, pro-life groups, and the religious right. Either way, it screws the American people.

Once again, the government used a crisis to steamroll the people. This was what happened after 9/11. We were told it was for the sake of safety and in an effort to combat terrorism. Now, it is to prevent complete economic collapse. The truth is that neither situation was as dire as it was advertised. Things are tough but we will get through it. However, now we have another $800 billion debt to pay back.

One final note on this point: the Congressional Budget Office even said this was most a pork package, containing little stimulus. This is the accounting arm of the United States Congress which the politicians ignored. If they will not even listen to their own Budget Office, who will they listen to? The answer: LOBBYISTS.

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