Monday, February 16, 2009

The Government Misleading?

It is the general viewpoint of The Revolution that the people in the government are liars and part of their agenda is to mislead the American people. To accomplish this end, fear is the primary weapon used to gain our consensus. We saw this with Bush after 9/11 and we are seeing it now with Obama. Each used the present circumstances to negotiate absurd agreements which otherwise would have been shot down. The $800 billion behemoth that just went through Congress is a prime example.

Nevertheless, it seems President Obama is taking the fear mongering to a new level. He did it during the campaign and now he is really doing it in his administration. Talking about how bad things are going to get is his favorite pastime. Nothing positive ever comes out of his mouth.

I came across an excellent article which lays out this claim.

By the way, according to most sensible people, the idea of spending your way out of a financial crisis only leads to a worse situation. The government's answer is akin to you personally being in rough financial shape and taking out a loan to redo you bathroom. It simply doesn't make sense.

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