Monday, February 9, 2009

Is This Still America?

Illegals are taking over. Have you heard this one? An American is being sued by a group of illegal aliens who claim that he violated their rights while they were crossing his property. It seems that he captured the trespassers at gunpoint to turn over to the border patrol. (read story here)

An American citizen is being sued by a bunch of illegals.  This is ridiculous.  How can that happen? We are now seeing what happens when you allow the fruitloops and bleeding hearts to run the country.  The welfare of people who are not citizens is more important than those who live here. This is something that has to stop.

In every border town across the nation we see crime rates, especially violent crimes, escalating at an incredible pace.  And, yet, the government sits by and watches are rapes, murders, robberies, and assaults take place.  I will tell you this is laying the foundation for the revolution. People cannot stand by and allow this to happen.

My advice to Mr. Barnett and those like him protecting their land: the next time, shoot them all and let God sort them out.  Dead people cant sue.

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