Thursday, February 26, 2009

Nobody Is Profiting

Capitalism is now dead. I got this straight from Jim Cramer, the host of the popular show "Mad Money". Cramer, on his show, said he believes there are no stocks which can profit from Obama. This is something that I never witnessed in my life. There is always a sector which should move based upon the new President. Republicans typically favor defense so that those tend to rise after he takes office. At the same time, alternative energy companies and healthcare often jump when Democrats win the White House.

Obama is a friend of nobody other than government. He is a fan of huge government and an enemy of business. This is a man who believes that business is bad. People who succeed in the private sector are evil according to his mindset. For this reason, he is doing everything that he can to crush the private sector.

I have mentioned that, based upon his early decision, Obama will go down as the worst President in history. He is so left of center that his decisions are alienating the rest of the country. Yet, I doubt he cares very much.

Does Obama believe he is doing the right thing? I believe he does. Of course his ideology blinds him to the most basic of facts. And, just because one believes it doesnt make it so. Charles Manson believed he was doing right by mutilating another human being. It doesnt make it right.

$3.6 trillion. That is a number which is astounding. I do not care what the circumstances, there is no justification for that type of money. Obama is a madman who has no place serving as dog catcher let alone President.

And for all of you who voted for him, go look in the mirror to see what a total jackass looks like. You are the real morons of the country.

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