Monday, February 9, 2009

Government Healthcare

As if the government has screwed up education and other things it is involved in enough, now we are heading for a time when there is going to be government healthcare. Obama, showing his true socialistic colors, is pushing ahead with this initiative. And, sad to say, many American support them. The truth is that most Americans are too foolish to realize what they are getting themselves into.

The simple fact is that no country offers unlimited health resources. There is always a limit as to how much can be spend. Look at those on welfare. They are only given a certain amount to spend on food or housing. Those amounts cannot be exceeded. Another example is education. Look at all the teachers who have to buy their own supplies because the school districts have no money. And now we are getting into heathcare.

Canada is probably the closest to the United States in terms of wealth that has socialized medicine. For those who were not paying attention, the Canadians are known for coming to the U.S. to pay for procedures that are either free in their country or not available. This is common knowledge to most who read more than the NY Times. However, here is an article that describes what America is going to face with rationalized medicine.

Notice how the government made decisions about the health of these particular individuals. The choices of the doctors were ignored. This is how rationalized medicine works. Those who are deemed "unworthy" of the treatment are rejected. )How would you like to be the guy with the brain tumor? I bet he feels worthy of that surgery.)

America really needs to wake up and quickly. The left is hijacking this country. Of course, the ones they pretend to be "harming", the rich, will get around anything the government sets down. It is those who believe the government will help them that ended up getting screwed. Just ask people living in public housing in most major cities how they like their neighborhood. Simply, the government failed them.

Mark my words, the Obama Presidency is going to end up asa one of the worst on record. They are going to mess things up so bad that it will take generations to recover.

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