Friday, February 13, 2009

Just keep Their Mouth Shut

Each time one of the morons in our government opens their mouth, the stock market tanks. It is amazing to watch. I am starting to believe the way to make money in this environment is to see the speech schedule of Obama and Geithner and short the Dow 10 minutes before they speak. It is looking like a good theory.

Today, the market was up slightly before Obama addressed a business leader's group. However, within an hour of him speaking, the market shifted to a 40 point loss. This was a nice turnaround for a market that is seeking it's legs. Once again, the trend continues.

Many economists wrote how the economy will fare better if Congress did nothing. Well, I am believing we all would be better off if this egotistical blowholes (and Obama is the biggest) would just shut the hell up. They have nothing good to say. Obama is talking down the economy like no President in history. And, do be a fool by believing the rhetoric that he is being realistic. Please. He is working on his renomination in 4 years.

Obama and the others in Congress prove themselves only to be interested in preserving their power. They have no interest in doing what is right for the present and future generations of Americans. Perhaps we need to instill capital punishment for our leaders. The world would be better off without them.

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