Saturday, February 28, 2009

History Repeating Itself

We have reverted back to the 1700s. They say those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it. I believe we are witnessing the beginnings of a struggle which was fought over 200 years ago. Unfortunately, the political leaders in Washington are no different then the King of England during that period. It seems many are feeling what the colonists felt.

There was a group of brave protesters in St. Louis who staged a revision of the Boston Tea Party. (Read article)

Taxation is not the immediate cause of unrest. It is spending. However, if anyone thinks that Obama is going to pay for all this mess without taxing the middle class, they are insane. Already we are getting estimates that his tax on energy is going to raise the average electric bill by 6% while a gallon of gas will go up 12-15 cents. This is on top of the increases at the state and local levels. People are going to pissed when the new taxes hit.

People are also outraged at the fact that their voices are not heard. The politicians do what they want without consequences. Take the bailout of the auto manufacturers as an example. The polls showed the majority of Americans were against it. Yet, even after Congress voted against it, Bush went ahead anyway. Ditto for the stimulus. Contrary to what the politicians say, polls showed the majority of Americans were also against that bill. Again, it went ahead. Now, we have a $3.5 trillion budget which will saddle future generations with debt. What are the chances this passes?

Once again we are at the point where the people are being screwed. It is sad there is not the national outrage against those in power. The people in the government are destroying this country and everyone is standing by allowing them. This will certainly come back to bite them in the ass.

I applaud the people in St. Louis today. Good for them. Hopefully we will see more of it in the future.

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Geoff said...

Are you purposefully ignorant? Or just retarded?