Tuesday, February 24, 2009

An Addiction

Have you ever seen an alcoholic at an open bar? He (or she) is like a kid in a candy store. It is like a license to steal. Drink all you can for free. It is an alcoholics nirvana.

I bring up this analogy because it provides a visual for our current political leadership (the last set of leaders falls into this category also). This morning, I read that our fearless government executives in Washington are proposing another $410 billion in spending. This is coming on the heels of the $800 billion stimulus and the trillions which the banks are getting. We have certainly entered the twilight zone.

This is a royal screwing of the American people. Forget about what the money is used for, at this point none of it matters anymore. When we are dealing with numbers so big, it is impossible to monitor it all anyway. The TARP money is an example of that.

What I find interesting is how immune we suddenly became to the numbers being thrown around. There was a time when a billion dollars meant something. Do you truly understand how much a billion dollars really is? Yet, today we talk in terms of hundreds of billions of dollars. This is a sum we will never be able to pay back.

There is a simple truth which most people fail to understand: money is a drug to politicians. They cannot get enough of it. Their entire power is based upon the money they control. When they control more money, they control the people through the use of handouts. Look at the expansion in the welfare system. The joke of a stimulus package put in stipulations that states received more money for putting more people on the dole. This gives the states incentive to make more people dependent. Hence, more power for those with the money (Washington). It is ridiculous.

Where will this all end up? I am not certain. I hope there is a peaceful resolution to all this. However, my instincts tell me this is not likely. The economic fundamentals simply do not compute. We cannot spend like this and hope that everything will be okay. We are already going to be confronted with massive inflation when recovery does hit. To counter this, the Fed will raise interest rates, which will stunt growth due to lack of lending. Thus, our recovery will be slowed (or stunted) because of the choices the politicians made now.

I believe we are going to see a major revolution in this country. There will come a day when the people who are being handed the tab for all this crap are going to say "enough". The amount of working taxpayers is decreasing. Each time the government removes an independent from the tax rolls while putting them in the dependent category, we see a shift in the amount of people contributing. This means that fewer will have to give a larger portion. At some point, people say "no more". It is time those morons in Washington paid attention. But, alas, they wont.

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