Saturday, February 28, 2009

Just Like A Drug Addict

'"We are all Jonesing now for money", Mr. Ammiano said...'

Money is like a drug to the government. Once they get a little, they want some more. To them, there is never enough. They are like a heroin addict.

We are seeing how this addiction has caused the nation to go into crisis. States like California have spent money like there is an endless supply. This is typical of most states who were run by tax and spend politicians (which most of them are). These people feel entitled to the people's money. It is their belief that how much they spend is of little consequence.

What is amazing is when one actually admits to their addiction. A recovering drug addict will freely tell of all he or she went through to get high. It often is not a pretty story. Here is an article which tells of some of the things that one political leader went through to get more money out of the taxpayers. The analogy is almost eerie.

Now that there is financial turmoil, the politicians are looking for new ways to raise money. Everything they can tax will be taxed. It is that simple. A heroin addict will steal your television to score some dope. A politician will tax the hell out of the people so they can keep spending. It is like it is in their DNA.

This is going to occur at every level of government. The local governments are going to increase property taxes while the states are doing all they can to up their portion. And, the Feds? Well they are running a $1.75 trillion deficit. Do you think that 95% of the people will see a tax decrease? This is pure propaganda. We are in the middle of the largest redistribution of wealth this country ever saw. There is no way for it to be avoided. Money is going to move from the private sector to the government doles quicker than ever before.

This is highway robbery; plain and simple. These people belong in jail. If they were in the private sector, they would be facing prosecution. Perhaps it is time that our political leaders were held accountable for their actions.

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